Collectors Pick Up Good Deals At Julien’s Star Trek Auction

The second of this summer’s three big Star Trek auctions happened Sunday. The Julien’s auction was different in that it had fewer actual props and costumes and was mostly the Gene and Majel Roddenberry estate sale, along with a number of items from William Shatner. Overall, the auctions was a success for collectors because of reasonable prices, including the few 2009 Star Trek movie items.


Julien’s Star Trek Auction

Julien’s Star Trek auction on Sunday was part of an entire weekend of entertainment memorabilia. The Star Trek day was broken into three parts, with the Shatner collection, the Roddenberry estate sale and the items from the latest JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

The William Shatner Collection

As predicted the items in the Shatner and Roddenberry portions of the sale all went at low to reasonable prices. The Shatner items were mostly collectibles or gifts, and most were in the $ 50 – $ 300 range. The highlight of Shatner’s items was his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which went for a reasonable $ 8,500, but that still made it the highest priced item of the Star Trek auction.

Shat’s hog went for $8,500 – most expesnive item of the day

There were also a number of props and costumes in the Shatner collection, though I believe these were from other consignors and just put in the Shatner section. The Nemesis Turbolift Panel went for a strong $ 1,700 and the TMP Class D and Class B costumes went for $ 500 each. I won lot # 1386, which comprised two Maroon jacket insignias and a maroon belt buckle. The lot went for only $ 475, about a third of its value. Part of the reason is that the lot was so poorly described..

$475 – a good deal on this insignia collection and belt

The Gene and Majel Roddenberry Estate Sale

It is hard to have an estate sale mixed in with a Star Trek sale. Yes, these were Gene and Majel Roddenberry’s items, but still, you are appealing to two different audiences. Gene’s desk only went for $ 500 and his entire office suite, which was custom made, went for $ 2,500. The most expensive item of Roddenberry estate was $8,000 for a Steinway baby grand piano. Most items went for between $ 100 and $ 500, so were well within reach of most collectors.  But also, they had limited interest, as most Star Trek fans are seeking something from the show itself, not necessarily the house of its creator.

Gene Roddenberry’s custom office suite went for a reasonable $2,500

That being said, all five of Majel Roddenberry’s Lwaxana Troi costumes did fairly well, and all went for prices between $1,100 and $1,900. Still, these are good prices in an auction that was way under market.

Majel’s costumes went for a range of $1,100 – $1,900

Star Trek 2009 items

The highlight of the auction was 17 items from the 2009 JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie. A mixture of props, costumes and set pieces, there was a lot of worry that these items would go rather high due to their being the first items from the new movie to hit the market. As expected, Spock Primes parka was the most expensive item, selling for $7,00, but a Kelvin phaser also sold for the same amount.

At $7,000 Spock Primes parka tied for the most expensive item from the 2009 movie collection – with his torch going for another $750

In the end, the all of the new movie items went at very reasonable prices. Here is the rundown:

  • Lot # 1577 Kelvin Crew Member Costume $ 2,750
  • Lot # 1578 Kelvin Phaser $ 7,000
  • Lot # 1579 Hero Kelvin Bridge Chair $ 1,500
  • Lot # 1580 Klingon Rifle $ 1,100
  • Lot # 1581 Romulan Pistol $ 1,750
  • Lot # 1582 Romulan Rifle $ 2,250
  • Lot # 1583 Romulan Crew Member Costume $ 2,000
  • Lot # 1584 Starfleet Female Cadet Costume $ 1,700
  • Lot # 1585 Enterprise Insignia Badges $ 1,700
  • Lot # 1586 Starfleet Male Cadet Costume $ 2,000
  • Lot # 1587 Starfleet Council Chair $ 500
  • Lot # 1588 Enterprise Data Tablet $ 1,100
  • Lot # 1589 Medical Tricorder $ 2,250
  • Lot # 1590 Enterprise Crew Member Costume $ 2,000
  • Lot # 1591 Enterprise Communicator $ 6,000
  • Lot # 1592 Spock Torch $ 750
  • Lot # 1593 Spock Parka $ 7,000

This Kelvin phaser went foe $7,000 as well

There are a number of factors as to why things were so reasonable for the Star Trek movie items. For one Julien’s has an unusually high buyer premium (25-28%), also this auction comes just a couple of week’s after the Profiles in History Star Trek auction and so there is some buyer fatigue. Also some collectors are saving up for the Propworx Star Trek auction in August [Full disclosure: I own Propworx]. Finally, although this is the first auction of Star Trek movie items, most collectors see this as just the tip the of the iceberg, and are choosing to be patient and are expecting more items to come on the market in the future.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think Julien’s does a nice set up, however a lack of experience with Star Trek was seen with descriptions and a lack of undestanding of Trek collectors. Plus their high buyer’s premium and shipping costs do not lend themselves well to auctions with many low and middle-end items. But still the Juliens Star Trek auction was a good little auction for buyers who got some good deals.

You can read more about this and other Star Trek auctions at my Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Blog.

And for a full break down of all the lots in the Star Trek auction and what they sold for, visit:



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$750,, for a stick !


I don’t recall ever seeing a closeup of the Kelvin-era phaser before. It’s kind of what I was hoping the Kirk-era phaser would look like.

To bad it wasnt in Chicago!!

If somebody bought the torch that Spock Prime ACTUALLY USED in the movie for $750….hey, that’s a score!!

2 – Absolutely!
Can we FIX this, too, in the next movie. Cause, um, the swiveling phaser p’choo p’choo pistol was… um…. gay.

the swivel phaser just needs to go from silver to black I feel, it would help it not look like a plastic toy and more like an actual weapon.

The romulan pistols were the best looking ive seen in a while, not just in Trek, but sci-fi as a whole :)

The Kelvin phaser still isn’t as elegant as the original TOS phaser, but at least it’s more of an homage, design-wise, than the silver ray gun with the rotating barrel. I like it better.

And also, “Julien’s Auctions”? Doesn’t sound very official. Like “Lou’s Bar”.

I bought the auction catalog but I did not bid on anything, even though there was some very nice stuff to had and the prices are better than what we saw at Christies. I just wanted to have the catalog as a collectors items.

I hope that our friends in Vegas got to drop by the display at Planet Hollywood to see this stuff.

I wonder if they will add the items that did not sell to the Vegas ST CON in August. Although it is two different auction houses, it might not be a bad idea.

Love the Kelvin phaser!

The only thing that really interested me was the treasure trove of Lincoln Enterprises film clips from the original series. It went for $1900, which was reasonable, but beyond my means [well …. beyond what I could keep hidden from my lovely wife. :-)]

Scott B. out.

I had no idea a phaser could have a sexual orientation….. douche


What the hell….?