Vancouver Star Trek Con Report & Photos: Shatner, Nimoy, Shimerman, Trinneer & more Trek celebs

Over the weekend Star Trek returned to British Columbia for an official Creation Star Trek convention in Vancouver, headlined by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, along with a number of other Trek celebrities. We have a full con report and pictures of all the celebrity guests below.  


Vancouver Star Trek Convention – June 25-27

Report and photos from Corey Madsen

Creation Entertainments Vancouver Star Trek Convention 2010 was held to the Sheraton Wall Centre in downtown Vancouver last weekend. What else can I say but .. amazing!

Sunday: The Nimoy and Shatner Show + Li’l Spock

The highlight was the finale with appearances from Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner on their own and together on Sunday. Leonard Nimoy started it out, sharing some stories about his new photography ventures and his recent visit to Calgary and Vulcan, AB. He was even sweet enough to bring a girl on stage who had travelled all the way from New Zealand to be there.

Leonard Nimoy at Vancouver Star Trek Con 2010

Nimoy and fan from New Zealand

Soon, William Shatner came out to ‘relieve’ Leonard for a time, and to have this solo time with us.  He gave us a very passionate talk about salmon conservation and how much more we all need to do to help preserve the natural habitats.  Not exactly Trek related, but an important issue here in Canada to be sure.

Bill argues for the conservation of wild salmon

Once they were both out together, the fun really started.  Bill picks on Leonard so much, such as this exchange:

Bill: I was in Calgary two weeks ago…
Leonard: I was just telling them that I was in Calgary about six weeks ago.
Bill: *I* don’t care, I’m talking about *me* here!

Bill reminds Leonard it’s all about Bill!

Bill actually harassed Leonard so much about his trip to Vulcan that Leonard eventually dragged his chair to the far side of the stage to sit alone.  It was so funny to watch them bicker back and forth like an old married couple!  Of course, Bill dragged his own chair over to join him and make amends.

Leonard moves away from Bill

These two are quite the pair really

The original Kirk and Spock had a warm-up act in the form of Jacob Kogan, the young Spock in the new Star Trek movie, and when asked if he had fully realized what it would mean to take on the mantle of being Spock said that he hadn’t expected to be doing things like conventions. It was cute when he talked about how he had a terrible hair cut that he had to go to school with each day. A fan asked him if he was jealous of Chris Pine for hogging most of the trailer time, and he responded, “I got to punch a kid.  He didn’t get to do that.”  Classic!

Jacob Kogan

Friday: Klingons, Connor and the Rat Pack

Going back to the beginning, the con actually kicked off on Friday I missed the talk with the Duras Sisters (Barbara March and Gwynyth Walsh) but I heard it was good. However, I did make it in time to hear Connor Trinneer, who was a lot of fun.

March and Walsh aka the Duras sisters (photo courtesy of Graham Masters)

Connor Trinneer

Friday night was the Rat Pack improv show and what a great time that was. It was full of wit and talent, with a moderate sprinkling of clearly didn’t rehearse. Nothing better than watching people you admire improv a show. The candidness between Armin Shimerman and Max Grodenchik was hilarious, Jeffrey Combs is a show unto himself with Casey Biggs providing more than a few laughs.  Did you know that Vaughn Armstrong plays a mean harmonica?

Grodenchik, Shimerman and Combs at Rat Pack show

Saturday: Klingons, Conner and the Rat Pack

Saturday started with Vaughn Armstrong, telling us about his time as Admiral Maxwell Forrest on Enterprise as well as many more from the other series.

Armstrong – a man of many Trek faces

Max Grodenchik was up next and was soon joined by Chase Masterson. Casey Biggs and Jeffrey Combs followed, and their banter was great.  I just love watching the interactions between these guys who have spent so long on set together.  Magic happens, I tell you.

The Rom family – Grodenchik and Masterson

Biggs and Combs

Armin Shimerman ended Saturday with his talk, stating that he was “the worst bartender to ever be on TV.”.  He claims that 7 out of 10 times he didn’t even pour the liquid into the glass!

Armin Shimerman

A great weekend for Vancouver Trekkies

The convention itself wasn’t advertised a lot, but Creation still managed to sell out the ‘main events’ and had an overall good turn out.  It was a great weekend and  I am told that there will be another Star Trek convention in Vancouver in a couple years.

Good crowd for Vancouver Star Trek con 2010

Costume contest


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1st! Let’s see the video of Shatner and Nimoy!

no video is allowed from the official cons


Oh, that’s too bad! It would have been fun to see them together for one of the last times before Nimoy give up cons. Speaking of which, I’m sure that Bill gave him a hard time about that ‘retirement’ business!

I’m 38 and about ready for a convention now :)

Looks like it was fun. I should go to one of these… again.

Why not have a few of these classic actors in the sequel in some capacity?

I think it would be cool if on the off days (the days that the guest star isn’t speaking) they would dawn their uniforms or whatever costume they wore as their characters. I would totally do that if I became a Trek actor

I trulu miss all those guys! As tedious as DS9 and Enterprise were..I really loved those characters….

The elder statesmen of Trek. All these guys are amazing.

Connor, he so dreamy.

I wonder how much coaxing Shatner had to do with his fingers so he could do the Vulcan hand salute? Because if I remember correctly, he couldn’t do it by himself according to the 25th anniversary special and needed some help during Star Trek 3 when he asked Bones how many fingers he had up.

Wow, Shatner gets around. The Dallas news was reporting he made a surprise appearance this weekend at an Oklahoma convention. Would have gone had I known. I really have an itching to see him again. Thought I’d gotten it out of my system in Chicago four yrs ago. Guess not.

12 – That’s Leonard’s hand, coming around Shater’s shoulder…

This is a great report!

I’d like to use it in the July issue of “Far Beyond the Stars,” the newsletter of Armin Shimerman’s official fan club. Naturally I’ll credit both the reporter/photographer and the web site.

I’d be happy to mail you a copy of the issue if you want to furnish me with a mailing address — PO Box is fine.

The Trek alums look great!

God how I miss DS9. :( It’s positively criminal that Armin Shimerman and the rest of the talented cast are so underused in Hollywood.

I hope the chick with exposed mid-rift from the alternate univere (T-Pol) won the contest.

Yeah, I wish they had advertised it better, I live in Victoria on Vancouver Island, I would have gone if I had known about it, especially knowing that Nimoy is retiring from conventions. I bet Nimoy doesn’t quit all together. Maybe he will do one a year like the big one in Vegas that they do every year.

#17 She came in second

Of course no video, Creation freserves the rights to film their own con and sell it @ a profit to customers. That’s if they have an agreement w/ the stars to give up or be paid their rights to be filmed.

Man, every time I see Connor Trinneer, it just makes me sad how he had an empty death (like Tasha Yar). Trip was one of my favorite characters…it would have been neat to see Connor live at the Con.

I meant “how his character had an empty death”

i think the next movie should be all about the Ferregi and star Armin Shimerman and Max Grodenchik as ancestors of their DS9 characters..

these should NOT be cameo roles but full on villain roles like Khan.

their names should be above the title like an 80s Schwarzegger movie

Shimerman had been get his tux ready…cos we’ve talking oscars.

How sad to only see them together at a con. They belong in a Star Trek movie – together!

Jeffrey Combs never disappoints.

Finally a convention in Vancouver!!!

It was great to have it back in my hometown & to meet Shatner & Nimoy!!

Chase Masterson, however, is a train wreck…scary!

The Vendor tables for this con were practically non-existent; somebody please show up to the next one with a truck load of Merch, because I came to buy stuff!

It was sweet. As a Vancouverite myself, I thought I might never have a Star Trek Convention on my doorstep and then it came! My first one. And what a wonderful show it was. There were top stars each day and a ton of interesting discussion. If another comes in 2 years, count me in.

#24 Admiral_Bumblebee

I couldn”t agree more. Even if they reworked Bob Orci’s Shatner hologram scene. That was just too good to totally waste. If Leonard Nimoy is not in they could still work Shatner in that scene. Perhaps Chris Pine finds it when he has doubts about Spock. Would be awesome to see them both. Of course they may not want original actors in this movie. It also may not satisfy Shatner. I do wish to see them in the movie after I go to or read about the conventions they are at.

You mean Chase CAUSED a scary train wreck… in my pants! :) She was fabulous, as were all the guests. No downsides to this con at all. Keep ’em coming up here.

Connor Trinneer is THE most wasted talent in Hollywood right now!
Imagine him and Jeffrey Combs and Armin Shimerman all together–a POWERhouse of fantastic actors all at once.

Funny the Shat mentioned salmon… I was just watching some episodes of Boston Legal, and there was one where he and Alan interrupt thier fishing trip to crash a trial involving farmed salmon. Good times. :)

I wonder if that story was his idea?

I am desparate – no camera for the costume contest on saturday,,, will PAY IFyou have the second group of contestants on stage.
kathy from Vancouver

Good “catch” (pun intended), CarlG… Shatner became very interested in the salmon cause BECAUSE of that episode.


Totally agreed. It was such a well written scene. So easy to put it in the new movie – if shatner would do it.

And it fits so well with the exploration focus that Orci has sometimes mentioned for the new movie.

Perhaps Spock feels torn between starfleet and his duty to rebuild his culture (after the loss of Vulcan).

This may be what he needs to keep him on the ship.

Please Grand Jury, make it happen!

One problem also is that, no disrespect intended, but Shatner looks VERY different now from the way he looked when Kirk died in Generations. Since this hypothetical hologram would have been recorded before his death in Generations, that’s a problem. I guess they could “unage” him a bit through CGI.


By different, you mean fat. Maybe he was fatter before he died in Generations?

It’s possible…

I actually mean his nose has grown significantly — which is normal, I’m not insulting him.


Has he been lying?

No, it just happens to anyone when you get in your 80s!

The Shat won’t turn 80 until March, 2011!

Anyone here going to the Vegas con next month. I am and looking forward to it.

Is there going to be a meet place for people here?

Seriously I look forward to meeting any of you who are going to Vegas.


I must be the only fan here who thought that holgram recording of Kirk was the most contrived way of fitting Shatner into the movie.

Im sorry but it really felt forced to me.

Trinneer, Combs, Armstrong and Shimerman, these are superb actors who need to be in another successful series, so that we fans can enjoy their awesome work on a regular basis…..cast them already, won’t ya!

That really stinks not being allowed video. Dragon Con in Atlanta was put on video in Sept. These two icons won’t be around much longer and their sit-downs together are so priceless. They should be treasured for years to come not made only for those who can attend. What a waste, not fair to those who live far away and couldn’t make it.

have fun capt neil–luv the vegas convention-went to the 40th anniv in 06–it was awesome-havent been able to afford to go since–only convention ive been 2-


This will be my last one for a few years so going to make the most of the this con.

44 – I coudn’t agree more :)

Vancouver 2010 was my first ever STCon – I am 39. If you’ve never been and you’ve always wanted to go stop wasting time. If there’s a way to make it happen then do so. I had the time of my life. Didn’t know a soul when I arrived in Vancouver. Left with a dozen or so new friends. Qapla’ !!

HAHAA I see me!! In the costume contest pic!
I’m the female Spock in the front row to the left eyeing Data :D

Hey, I was there! It was my first Star Trek Convention and I have never had so much fun in my life! This was the most amazing, awesome, fun experience I have ever had! I went with the best (Gold Weekend Package) and I will do it again when I attend another Star Trek Convention. The guy who was dressed up like Data – he was so cute! I just loved the actors that they had at the Convention – all of them. I was so excited to meet the celebrities – they were all so nice (Bill S. Len N. and the Rat Pack Actors are so gorgeous! ) Anyone who attented the convention, send me a e-mail – I would love to hear from you, really! (