EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Star Trek Makeup Designer Burman Talks Oscar, Gorns, and Sequel Klingons Hopes

Makeup designer Barney Burman brought glory to Star Trek by winning the franchise’s first Academy Award earlier this year. Last week Burman also won a Saturn award and before the event TrekMovie had a chance to talked to Burman about his Oscar, and what he wants to do in the Star Sequel.


Burman on Oscar, Klingons, Gorns oh my


  • Burman on winning Oscar for Star Trek: "it certainly has boosted my popularity"
  • For the sequel he hopes he gets a chance to "see what the new Klingons look like, and see if there are any differences, I would like to do the same kind of treatment on them that was done with the Romulans and bring them into the new millennium"
  • Regarding if his new Klingons will have head ridges "that remains to be seen"
  • Regarding newly designed Gorn being different "there is a huge variety on this planet, I figure aliens on another planet can have equally a broad range, so maybe some have a snout and some don’t"



Barney Burman with his Saturn

Photo courtesy of Albert L. Ortega


POLL: The Klingon forehead debate.

If the Klingons are in the Star Trek sequel, should they look like they did on the original series, or should we see more going on in the forehead department?




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