TrekInk: Review of Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge #1 + more Trek comic news

Stardate 7097.3, the Enterprise is visiting a planet with major medical advances. Will McCoy still have a job? Will a redshirt get killed? Will Kirk be able to woo an attractive female? Read on for the review of the first issue of IDW’s Burden of Knowledge. We also have all the latest Star Trek comic news.



Scott and David Tipton, after taking detours through Klingons, Spock’s life, the Mirror Universe, and the Next Generation, make their first stop in the classic Original Series era with their new series, "Burden of Knowledge". The story appears to be set some time after the original series itself, with a stardate of 7097.3 (compared to 5928.5 from “Turnabout Intruder”).

The Enterprise has arrived at Mygdalus 3 in order to verify whether the planet is ready to be admitted into the Federation. Mygdalus 3 is known for its medical advances, something that both Dr. McCoy and the Federation are very interested in. Upon arriving, it appears that not all is as it seems (but would it really be Star Trek otherwise?).

Federica Manfredi works on her first full series (after art assists on "Spock: Reflections" and the first &Captain’s Log" issue, also with the Tiptons) and it shows. Some of the art is solid and gives the feel of the original television show, but some other panels give the impression that she is trying too hard to make the images accurate to the actors, but they come off a bit too cartoonish instead. One of the best sequences in the story is when the away team is transported without their knowledge. Manfredi’s simple changing of the background, but keeping the same perspective lines, is very effective and eye-catching.

Obviously, Spock is a bit more on the ball than Kirk or McCoy… (click to enlarge)

Andrea Priorini provides the color work, his second piece of Star Trek work after the aforementioned "Captain’s Log" issue. His use of the primary colors for the uniforms stands out and brings a lot of life to the issue. The backgrounds on Mygdalus 3 seem just unnatural enough to give the planet more of an alien feel. The last four or five pages of the story are his best with the use of shadows and earthy tones, counteracted by the bright colors of the crew’s clothing.

Neil Uyetake continues his high level of work. The word balloons are easy to read, clean and efficient, and there are even some sound effects through the story to put his talents to further use.

The issue comes with three cover variants, the A plucked from the story itself by Manfredi, the B portraying a classic pose done by Joe Corroney, and my favorite, the Retailer Incentive cover by Michael Stribling. This one looks like it could be a movie poster, and looks to be done with a mix of inks and water colors, showing Kirk and Spock standing side by side as the Enterprise flies out of the page, firing its phasers.

Hrm… this "redshirt" got a name – does that mean that he’ll survive…? (click to enlarge)

As a first issue in this newest series from the Tiptons, they show that they are capable of crafting a solid single story that suggests that it will fit into a bigger picture (unlike the first "Year Four" series a couple of years ago. The biggest weakness in this issue was the inconsistent art through the issue, and I was occasionally pulled out of the story by it. Overall, it appears to be a good start to an original series story, and I look forward to seeing how the Tiptons play things out over the next four issues.

Covers for "Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge"
(click to enlarge)

Issue 1 of Star Trek Burden of Knowledge arrives in comic shops today (Wednesday June 30th). The first three issues are available to order or pre-order at TFAW.









And if you want to get the full series together, you can pre-order the trade paperback which comes out in December.

Tipton Interview

ScottTipton has a new interview at CBR where he talks about "Burden of Knowledge" and the other Trek titles he and his brother have worked on. here is an excerpt:

Our intention with this series was to return to the classic feel of the original 1960s series, to tell a series of exciting, thought-provoking adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew that also happen to tackle some current issues of the day, but in a fun and subtle way. Essentially, in our minds, this was a new season of ‘Classic Trek,’ just maybe with a slightly bigger special-effects budget.


"Captains Log Garrett" cancelled

TrekMovie had previously reported that there will be three more comics in the Captain’s Log series (which has already seen Sulu and Harriman). However writer Bob Greenberger has revealed on his blog that his Captain’s Log: Garrett issue has been cancelled due to "a number of business factors – not creative issues". The Pike and Jellico issues are still expected to be released this fall.

More Star Trek comics sales analysis

TrekMovie’s Mark Martinez recently added an analysis of the sales of Star Trek comic trade paperback’s to his review of the TPB for "Star Trek TNG: Ghosts". Now Steve Mollman has published a more extensive analysis of Star Trek comic book issue sales. It is worth reading, check it out at Unreality-SF.

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Trek comics are cool, but expensive

Is it just me, or does Kirk, in the “redshirt has a name” panel, look like either his head is too small or his neck too long?

#2 Your right, he looks like someone from the movie “Deliverence”. An inbred Kirk, facinating.

You’re right Granite, somethings not right. I also don’t like the collars. thjey look as those they stand up around the neck.

No Captain Garrett issue? weak.

So apparently by this time Bones is a Cmdr. which I didn’t think happend until later. and Kirk is a Capt./Admiral? He has threee solid bars. I don’t think that’s a rank, is it?

Psst: In TOS, they’re landing parties, not “away teams” (*shudder*).

Do Star Wars comics ever face this kind of artistic scrutiny?

@1 I don’t know if you buy any other Comics besides Star Trek. But they cost the same as basically every other Comic Book out there. Only DC and Marvel have some cheaper books, but only because they have a greater market. And the Trade Paperbacks from IDW have a really moderate price in comparison to other companies.

Wow, when I comment that the art looks off, I get chided due to, “artistic license”. Hmm.

I was looking forward to the Garrett ‘episode’ of Captain’s Log.

The Trek comics are always sold out at my comic store except for the Next Gen ones, which I like the least. The Byrne ones are my favorites follwed by all the David Messina ones… I buy all the trade paperbacks anyways. I think IDW is doing a great job so far. I want to see an Enterprise story though…

I think they should adapt the Vanguard series too. They are my favorite trek books lately…