Zoe Saldana Is Engaged To Be Married

Sorry boys, but Zoe Saldana is now officially off the market. The 32 year-old actress who plays Star Trek’s new Uhura is now engaged to be married to her long-time boyfriend Keith Britton.


Congrats Zoe

Saldana’s engagement to Britton is being reported by People Magazine, Us Magazine, and the Associated Press and others with confirmations from a representitive for Saldana. No additional details are known about the wedding plans. Saldana has dated Britton, an actor and CEO of My Fashion DB, for 10 years.

Earlier in the year Saldana spoke to Glamour about her relationship with Britton, saying:

Well, it’s not like he sits around waiting," she said of her hectic shooting schedules. "We travel a lot, which keeps things alive. We’re very private. It’s worked for 10 years—long enough to go to hell and back."

But it is clear she was thinking long term already as when asked by the mag where she saw herself in ten years she replied "I want to be the best daughter, sister, friend and wife I can possibly be." It sounds like she is already on her way.

Congrats to Zoe and Keith.

Britton and Saldana at "Death at a Funeral" premiere in April (WireImage)


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AW, NUTS!!!!

Congratulations you two.
Nice couple!

Don’t worry guys, it won’t last. She’ll be on the market again in 2-3 years.

Awww…. they’re a cute couple! I had no idea they’d been dating for so long. But it’s good that they’ve been together for so long.

May their marriage live long and prosper!

You want to get something done? Give it to a busy person!

Ms. Saldana is certainly one of those, and she exudes talent, class and humor all the way. May her personal life be as rewarding as her professional one, and congrats.

Give us a close-up of the rock! (Can Scotty use it to power the engines?)

As everyone knows. Nobody is off the market until they are Married … Nice fake title there …

I thought she was dating spock in real life

Yeah we all know how long most of these celebrity marriages last…

Congratulations Zoe !!!

Let’s see how long he enjoys being called Mr. Saldana!

(grumble, grumble…)

Conratulations. Much Happiness to both!

[long, drawn out pause]

OK, I *try* to be nice, but I’ve GOT to say it… The CEO of “My Fashion DB”? Wearing *that* graph-paper-check button down? Western Civilization is doomed! (Not their marriage – just Western Civilization.)

Excellent!!! :-)

Lucky guy, this Britton.

Congrats to them both.

And @3: Sheesh…

I thinks Nichelle Nichols is on tha’ market…

Didda’ she not date Gene?

I’ll give her a ring… a telephone ring…

PERSONAL ASSISTANT: Hello, you’ve reached Nichelle Nichols’ private line. You can leave a message with me.

BND: Awwwwwwwwk! I’s wanna’ go all “crazy Sulu” on Uhura!


BND: Tells her a sailin’ man wanna’ put his boat’a in Nyota! I’s got me silver earplugs ta’ wears whilst portin’!

PERSONAL ASSISTANT: Sir, you do realize I have your number on caller ID and can contact the authorities.

BND: Awwwwwwwk! Nots if I hang up! Ha!

minutes later…

PERSONAL ASSISTANT: Look, I know it’s you calling again as I recognize the number. I did call the authorities and…

BND: I knows! I knows! Ye’ can maybe gimme that other Uhura’s number? I be REAL banger and mash royalty! I be Lord Tribbleton IV! And… oh, crap, here come tha’ phone cops!


3, 7, 9 — something wrong with wishing the couple all happiness??

congratulations Zoe:)

Aw, way to be a role model girl. About time someone shows not to get married after dating for three weeks. Bless, her.

She should have waited.

trekprincess & Winona — your presence is requested and required in Trek Chat. (clickable at the top right of this page)

We’ve got Cheetos and Boone’s Farm. Come on in!


Anthony – Here’s a new survey question for you:

Q: If Zoe Saldana was NOT engaged to be married, what chance do YOU (visitors to TrekMovie.Com) think you might had with her?

1) About as much as a tribble on Q’onoS
2) Like two class-8 probes that pass in deep space
3) I’d be like Kirk-Prime with… well… almost everyone!

#16, umm, might want to read the comments you replied to.

i think that is really Hillary Swank disguised as a guy…

That Keith is a lucky bastard!

Two words: Pre Nup

They’ve dated for 10 years and are now getting married. Pretty reckless behavior, don’tcha think?

Man, I totally had a chance with her before, but not anymore. Shoooot.

This guy looks like Chris Pine’s malnourished older brother!

grats, they looks happy!

Well, she had said that she’s attracted to “handsome geeks”. That’s a pretty good description of him.

Good for them! :-)


Cool, have fun! She seems like she would be incredibly cool to be married to. A good actress, who is probably a nerd (you can never tell with actors, is it just for the part, or do they really appreciate the material they are in?)

I didn’t realize how much I cared until now. She can’t marry him! He’s not me!!!

Aww, I wish them both the best.

Congrats to both (but no loss to me, she´s too peaky. Maybe if she gains 15 pounds.Currently she is it, who deserves the nickname “Bones”, not McCoy ;-)

Congrats to a GREAT lady. A class act.


Congrats Zoe.


I guess its a good thing she’s marrying Keith Britton and not you.

A loss for us lonely Trekkies but a gain for both Zoe and Keith.

Congratulations, and “Live Long And Prosper!”!

Here’s hoping it’s not a stupid celebrity marriage. If that’s the case, don’t worry guys, she’ll be back on the market next year. Otherwise I hope it’s strong and lasts forever. The fan mail should slow down after the wedding

The guy looks like Matt Damons and Chris Pine’s older brother :) Or a younger version of Bruce(Captain Pike).

KhAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – oh wait. Somebody already beat me to it.

Damn it!

Great news for her.

Devastating for the rest of us.

Time for us to go and get a life lads.

Best wishes to both of them.

And to #3…man, who put the sour attitude in your coffee this morning?

I would love to shoot their wedding photos. How great do they look?

Why was my post deleted?!?