June 2010

Star Trek writer/producers Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof Solve Gulf Oil Spill Crisis – With Help From Sponge Bob & Bruce Willis

The news these days seems to be dominated by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Suggestions for solutions have come from many sources, including entertainment figures like James Cameron and Kevin Costner. So over the last week Esquire magazine has reached out the likes of Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof, who took time away from their important work on the Star Trek sequel to solve the problem. See how they did it below.

VIDEO: Patrick Stewart On Expecting TNG To Fail, Roddenberry v Berman, Star Trek ‘Albatross’ + more

For the last week Sir Patrick Stewart, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jean Luc Picard, has been attending the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland as the chair of the Jury. And on Monday night Stewart was the subject of BAFTA Scotland Interview where he spoke about his career on stage and screen, including Star Trek. Full video of that event and more below.

The Collective: Star Trek Japanese Imports Coming – Dragon 12″ TNG Figures + TOS Bearbricks

This summer there are a few interesting Japanese imports coming that are of interest to Star Trek collectors. First up, Dragon Models have a line of Star Trek: The Next Generation 12" cloth figures coming this month. And in September, collectors can pick up MediCom Bearbrick figures that have been Trek-ified. More details below.  

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Warehouse 13, Eureka, True Blood, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, LOST + more

The regular season is over but there is lots of summer fun to report in Sci-Fi TV this week, with news and previews on summer shows Warehouse 13, Eureka, True Blood, Doctor Who, Futurama, and more. Plus there is news for farther down the road, including the return of Torchwood and news on the Star Wars comedy. We even have another Lost update. All that plus the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews, including Game of Thrones.

VIDEO: Nicholas Meyer on Star Trek II, Blockbusters and directing Star Trek Sequel (if asked)

Last night the Simply 70(mm) Star Trek Summer movie series continued at the Royal Theater in West Los Angeles. The guest for the night was Nicholas Meyer. Below you can see highlights and video of my chat with Meyer at the screening where he talks about making the ultimate Star Trek sequel as well as discussing if he would be interested in directing the next Star Trek sequel.  

Reminder: Saturday Midnight Screening Of Star Trek II in 70MM w/ Nicholas Meyer in West L.A.

Tonight the Summer STAR TREK Simply 70 Spectacular-Spectacular Saturdays continues at the Royal Theater in West L.A. with a 70 MM showing of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, preceded by a Q&A session with director Nicholas Meyer. And over subsequent Saturdays in June and July the remaining original cast Star Trek movies will shown with more guests, get all the details below.

Great Links: Cruelest Star Trek Deaths + Recasting TNG & DS9 + Everyday Enterprises + Trek in British Politics + more

In the last week or so there has been a lot Star Trek-related stuff burbling around the interweb, so it seems a good time to bring back The Great Links and ponder Trek’s cruelest deaths, recast TNG & DS9, find everyday Enterprises, and court martial Kirk. All that and more (including the British PM invoking Trek to critique his opposition).

Philly Comic Con VIDEO: Brent Spiner ‘Happy Data Blew Up’ + Doesn’t Expect To Be In Next Star Trek + Crashes Patrick Stewart Q&A

Last weekend a number of Trek celebrities attended Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con, including Next Generation stars Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner. And in video available online (below) you can see Spiner talking about (not) appearing in the new Star Trek movies and the death of Data, plus another video shows Spiner hilariously crash Stewart’s Q&A session.

Science Friday: Star Trek v Real Science + Martian Spirals + Asteroid Pieces + Gooey Refrigerator + more

Welcome back to another great Science Friday! This week: how different is sci-fi from real science? What do pieces of an actual asteroid look like? How do enigmatic Martian spirals form? And how do humans perceive themselves? Answers to these questions and more, plus our gadget of the week: the creepy, gel-filled refrigerator of the future!

VIDEO: Rod Roddenberry Tours Julien’s Star Trek Auction

On Sunday June 27th Julien’s will be holding a Star Trek Auction at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with items from the Roddenberry estate, plus additional items from William Shatner and a collection of costumes and props from the Star Trek 2009 movie. All of the lots are now on display in Las Vegas, and there is a new video of Rod Roddenberry touring the Roddenberry estate collection. See that and more info below.

VIDEO: See Leonard Nimoy As ‘The Terminator’ + more pix & vid of Nimoy, Saldana & Burton from E3

As reported earlier, Leonard Nimoy and Zoe Saldana were at the E3 gaming show to help introduce the Yoostar 2 Movie Karaoke Machine (and LeVar Burton dropped by too). We now have more video and photos from the event, including video of Nimoy inserting himself into a scene from The Terminator.

Nimoy & Saldana Help Announce Yoostar 2 Movie Karaoke – Put Yourself Into Scenes From Star Trek & More

Have you ever wanted to put yourself into a scene from Star Trek? Well soon you will be able to do just that with the Yoostar 2 Movie Karaoke Machine for XBox 360 and Playstation 3. Today Yoostar unveiled their new product with the help of Leonard Nimoy and Zoe Saldana at E3. Details below.

Photos (& Video) of the Day: Portland Cyclists Take ‘Star Wars vs. Star Trek’ To The Streets

Over the weekend the annual Pedalpalooza was held in Portland, Oregon. The four day festival celebrating cycling included a number of events and rides, including a "Star Trek vs Star Trek" ride on Saturday. Lots of fans of both showed up in costume and with bikes modified for space-flight. Check out photos below.

Exclusive: Details and Image From New Gameforge Browser-based Star Trek Games

Today German game maker Gameforge announced they have signed a worldwide licensing agreement to publish free-to-play casual browser games based the Star Trek franchise. TrekMovie spoke exclusively to an executive producer from Gameforge to get the first details on the new Star Trek games. We also have the first look at concept art. Check it all out below.