July 2010

Epic Star Trek Vegas Con Starts Next Week – TrekMovie Will Be There w/ Coverage, Panel & Meet-up

Next week is the big annual Creation Official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas and it has shaped up to be another epic extended weekend from August 4th-8th at the Las Vegas Hilton. TrekMovie will be there as well, and we will be doing a panel and a meet-up. See below for your primer for Star Trek Con 2010.

Best Idea Ever: William Shatner As Next American Idol Judge?

It is a well-established fact that Star Trek’s William Shatner is the true king of all media. Bill is busy these days with his two shows on the Bio Channel and a new CBS sitcom, but a new campaign has just started with the most awesome idea of all: William Shatner as judge on the Fox juggernaut American Idol. The show is in search of new judges and one big town paper is pushing Bill.

Science Friday: Real Mind Meld + Real Replicator + Real Enterprise + Real Cheap PADD + more

Welcome back to another fact-filled edition of Science Friday. This week, learn how even YOU can mind meld with your buddies, feast your eyes on the most accurate view of Mars ever, journey into space (almost) aboard the VSS Enterprise, and get a sneak peak at the next best thing to a real-life replicator. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: India’s $35 iPad killer!

Shatner Talks $#!* at TCA + A&E Airing Shatner Aftermath DC Sniper Special Tonight

William Shatner’s new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says has stirred up some controversy but at a TCA event yesterday the actor talked about the word not allowed on TV. And in other Shatner news, A&E has just announced an "Aftermath" special airing tonight where Bill gets exclusive new information out of the DC Sniper  Lee Boyd Malvo. Details below.

Damon Lindelof Rewriting Alien Prequel (& Possible New Sci-fi Film) – Is Trek Team Taking On Too Many Projects?

Looks like Damon Lindelof is going to leverage his Star Trek prequeling to another sci-fi franchise. Star Trek producer and Lost writer/executive producer Damon Lindelof has reportedly closed a deal with 20th Century Fox to do some rewrite work on Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel. Lindelof may also have nabbed a new original sci-fi project for the studio.

CelebWatch: New Interviews With Pine, Quinto, Nimoy & Bakula

There are a number of new interviews with Star Trek celebs, but not really about Star Trek. Below we have videos of Chris Pine talking about the big 3-0, Zachary Quinto talking about magicians and comic books, and Scott Bakula talking about TV and Comic Con. Plus we have excerpts of Nimoy talking about his new photography show and the influence of his time on Trek. Check it all out below.

REVIEW: New Star Trek Captain’s Log iPhone App

Today Paramount Digital Entertainment announced their new iPhone application, Star Trek Captain’s Log. The new app is designed to look like a communicator from the new Star Trek movie, but instead of making calls with it, you use it to make create "captains logs" which you can share with your friends. I have been playing with this fun app for a few days – the TrekMovie review is below.

Australian Caves To Offer Tours In Klingon

There is more and more evidence that there is some kind of Klingon invasion going on. Recently a Klingon warning was found in Scotland, and last week the Klingons took over a San Diego Trolley station. Now a cave tourist attraction in Australia has come under the thumb of the Empire and will soon be providing self-guided audio tours in Klingon. Find out how Star Trek goes underground below.

Atari Releases Season 2 Of Star Trek Online + Lower Price + New Trailer

As noted in yesterday’s exclusive interview with executive producer Daniel Stahl, Atari/Cryptic has today released Season 2 for Star Trek Online, their biggest update since launch in February. They have also set a new lower price for the game at $19.99 (including first month subscription) and released a brand new trailer. See below for all the details.

Sci-Fi MOVIES Comic-Con Updates/Previews for Tron Legacy, The Avengers, Thor, Capt. America, The Hobbit, Cowboys & Aliens, Green Lantern & more

Earlier today we did a Comic Con special for our regular Sci-Fi TV column, and now comes a super-sized Comic Con Sci-Fi Movies update that is chock full of preview images, trailers, tidbits, and more from movies like Tron Legacy, Thor, The Avengers, Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, Green Lantern, The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean, and much more. 

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Star Trek Online Exec. Producer Daniel Stahl on Season 2 & The Future of STO

Star Trek Online is getting it biggest update since launch tomorrow with "Season 2: Ancient Enemies". TrekMovie spoke to new executive producer Daniel Stahl about what is new in S2 and how the game is adding more episodes, exploration and diplomacy. We also talked about the future of STO, including the C-Store, the possible move to a ‘freemium’ model, facing competition from Star Wars, and more. Check it out with exclusive new Season 2 screenshots below.

Sci-Fi TV Comic-Con Updates/Previews for Caprica, Eureka, SGU, Chuck, V, Fringe, Smallville, Walking Dead & more

This week’s edition of Sci-Fi TV is dedicated to Comic-Con 2010. We’ll get you caught up on all the major news from the annual event, including Trek vets coming to Eureka, Stargate Universe (and possibly Fringe). We have news on the return of Caprica, the big casting of Chuck’s mom, and lots of details on the upcoming seasons of Smallville, V, Walking Dead, and more. 

VIDEO: George Takei On “Star Trek VI: Captain Sulu To The Rescue” + John Cho, Shatner Feud + more

Last night Star Trek’s original Sulu, George Takei, was the guest for the screening of Star Trek VI at the Royal Theater in West LA. George and I talked a lot about his long lobbying effort to get the Captain’s chair for Star Trek VI and how he wanted to get it back for a Sulu TV series. We also talked about John Cho’s new Sulu, his famous feud with William Shatner and more. See below for highlights from the event plus full video.

Comic Con Videos & Photos: Spiner Staredown + WTF Trek + Trekkie Cosplayers + Headline Fail

Comic Con wrapped up in San Diego today. Although there were no panels on Star Trek, we have been sharing the new Trek merchandise and comments from Trek celebs from the event. To wrap up we have some more Trek celeb and product video of the less than serious kind, plus lots of costumed Trekkies and a total Trekkie headline fail. Check it all out below.

VIDEO: Check Out Chris Pine’s N. Irish Accent From “Lieutenant of Inishmore”

Star Trek’s new Kirk Chris Pine is spending his summer on the Los Angeles stage, appearing in the dark satire The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Pine has got high marks playing a tough Northern Irish terrorist who has returned home to take care of his cat. The Center Theater Group has posted video from the opening gala which includes clips of the play and comments from Pine. Check it out below. 

Karl Urban Ready For Star Trek “Einsteins” To Take It “Further” In Sequel

Of all the new Star Trek crew members, Karl Urban is probably the biggest Trekkie and at brief Comic Con interview he says that he doesn’t know what is next for his Dr. McCoy in the sequel set to shoot a year from now, but he has faith in the geniuses behind the movie to take it further. See the brief video interview below.

Zachary Quinto “Can’t Wait” For Star Trek Sequel & Open To New Director + Photos & Video

Zachary Quinto (complete with his new buzz cut) is another Star Trek actor at Comic Con this year – promoting his new comic books. MTV caught up with the actor and he talked about how he is looking forward to the film and his faith in the team. He also talked about the possibility that there may be a new director for the Star Trek sequel. We have photos and video below.