Happy Canada Day + A Look At Canada’s Contribution To Star Trek

Today, July 1st, is celebrated as "Canada Day" a national holiday in Canada commemorating the ‘birth’ of Canada dating back to 1867. So today TrekMovie takes a look at Canada’s connection to Star Trek, starting off with some news about Canada’s latest contribution to Star Trek, Bruce Greenwood.


Bruce Greenwood Honored By Canadians

Star Trek’s latest import from north of the border is actor Bruce Greenwood who has won high praise for his portrayal of Capt. Christoher Pike in 2009’s Star Trek.  Greenwood was born in Quebec and still resides in British Columbia. In fact just last week Greenwood was inducted into the British Columbia Hall of Fame. And for his work in Star Trek he has been nominated by the Canadian Constellation Awards for Outstanding Canadian Contribution to Science Fiction Film or TV.

Canada – Star Trek thanks you for Bruce Greenwood

Below is a new interview with Greenwood with CBC (Canada) show "Q", where he talks about his latest projects and his Canadian roots. Greenwood also talks about Star Trek.


Bill Shatner – Canada’s greatest gift to Star Trek

Of course, the most notable Canadian in Trek would be William Shatner, in the video below the original Captain Kirk shows he is a proud Canadian

More Canadians in Trek

  • Sharon Acker (Odona in TOS: "The Mark of Gideon")
  • Joey Aresco (Brull in TNG: "The Vengeance Factor")
  • Len Cariou (Vice Admiral Janeway in VOY: "Coda")
  • Kim Cattrall (Valeris in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
  • John Colicos (Kor in TOS and DS9)
  • Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax in DS9)
  • James Doohan (Montgomery "Scotty" Scott)
  • Rosemary Forsyth (Alzen in VOY: "Scientific Method")
  • Leslie Hope (Kira Meru in DS9: "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night")
  • Robert Ito (Tac Officer Chang in TNG: "Coming of Age" / John Kim in VOY: "Author, Author")
  • Tom Jackson (Lakanta in TNG: "Journey’s End")
  • Roy Jenson (Cloud William in TOS: "The Omega Glory")
  • Kerrie Keane (Alexana Devos in TNG: "The High Ground")
  • Alissa and Heidi Krämer (Megan and Jenny Delaney in VOY: "Thirty Days")
  • Michael Mahonen (Brone in VOY: "Nemesis")
  • Barbara March (Lursa in TNG, DS9 and Star Trek Generations)
  • Paul McGillion (Baracks Leader in "Star Trek" 2009)
  • Derek McGrath (Chell in VOY: "Learning Curve", "Repression")
  • John McLiam (Fento in TNG: "Who Watches The Watchers")
  • Christopher Plummer (Chang in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
  • Paul Popowich (Tim Watters in DS9: "Valiant")
  • Claire Rankin (Human form of Alice in VOY: "Alice")
  • Duncan Regehr (Ronin in TNG: "Sub Rosa" / Shakaar Edon in DS9)
  • Percy Rodriguez (Commodore Stone in TOS: "Court Martial")
  • Allan G. Royal (Braxton in VOY: "Future’s End" and "Future’s End, Part II")
  • Michael Sarrazin (Trevean in DS9: "The Quickening")
  • William Shatner (James T. Kirk)
  • Cathie Shirriff (Valkris in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)
  • David Sobolov (voice of Slar in ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")
  • Scott Thompson (Tomin in VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me")
  • Kate Vernon (Species 8472 impersonation of Valerie Archer in VOY: "In the Flesh")
  • Gwynyth Walsh (B’Etor in TNG, DS9 and Star Trek Generations)
  • Marc Worden (Alexander Rozhenko in DS9: "Sons and Daughters", "You Are Cordially Invited" / Klingon Prisoner in ENT: "Affliction")

Some of Trek’s Canadians

And of course, one of the greatest Canadians of all. Stephen McHattie, who impersonates TrekMovie’s own resident expert, Senator Vreenak

McHattie, Romulan and Canadian

Canadian Trek Triva

  • Maquis member Michael Eddington’s family was from Canada
  • The original captain of the USS Voyager was ‘Nicole Janeway’ played by French-Canadian Actress Genevieve Bujold (who left the show during the shooting of the pilot)
  • Quadrotriticale, the supergrain that Tribbles love to eat, was invented in Canada
  • One of DS9’s shuttles (The Yukon) was named for a river in Canada
  • The city of Vulcan, Alberta Canada embraces its Trek name with an annual Trek convention and visitors center and has been named the official Star Trek capitol of Canada

So to all all our friends north of the border, Happy Canada Day


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This almost makes me forget that on Canada Day that we’re getting a all-new tax in Ontario. Almost. Happy holidays from the taxman!

Yes, Canada Day and the birthday of my Grandmother and someone I used to know.

I love the Shatner Canadian video. Makes me smile every time I see it

Happy Birthday, Canada. I am still Canadian living the state of Florida. And still proud to be a Canadian (or Canucks to the neighbours south of Canada). In another seven years, Canada will celebrate 150 years of existence. That is Sesquicentennial to the neighbours south of Canada. Appréciez votre fin de semaine longue, chacun. Soyez la vie sûre et longue.


It’s not just Ontario, goes up to 15% here in NS

Yeah. It’s great eh? More taxes. Definitely the thing I want. Anyways though, great list. Never realised Doohan was Canadian. Sweet

Happy Birthday, Canada! May our north-of-the-border friends live long and prosper!

Happy Canada Day, hope there are plenty more to come..
not taxes just Canada Days…

HST sucks.

Or as it used to be called, Happy *DOMINION* Day. Now there’s a Trek connection! :)

@6 Yep, he lost his finger from incoming gunfire while flying with the RCAF. Quite the gentleman in so many ways! I’m sure Chris might want to comment on his dad and Canada when he gets a chance. :)

Is it awkward for the Queen to be touring Canada on Canada Day, I wonder?

Star Trek is only one of many ways in which us Canadians are insinuating ourselves into the American cultural juggernaut. We will, one day, rule all of Hollywood!!!!

Darkwing – Sales tax here in NS was 15% about a year ago. So no big change, really. And before HST our combined sales tax was 18.75% when PST was 11% and the 7% GST was charged on that tax as well as whatever good or service for which you were paying.


Canada is a constituational monarchy/parliamentary democracy and Elizabeth II is as much Queen of Canada as she is Queen of England. She is our Queen as well. When she is in the UK, she is represented here by the Governor General. The Royal Family has a long history and strong connection to Canada and she has visited Canada more than any other country in the world, so no, it isn’t awkward for her to be here on Canada Day at all…she has been our Head of State for almost half of our country’s existence.

A big “thank you” from Toronto for all your good wishes!

So…. Harry, are you supposed to kneel in front of Sir Patrick?

Kidzerizin’. Happy Bacon = Ham Day, Canada!

#12: “Canada is a constituational monarchy/parliamentary democracy and Elizabeth II is as much Queen of Canada as she is Queen of England. She is our Queen as well. When she is in the UK, she is represented here by the Governor General. The Royal Family has a long history and strong connection to Canada and she has visited Canada more than any other country in the world”

Yes, I know. I’m married to a Canadian, and they do tend to go on about such things (when they’re not busy pointing out Canadian singers, actors, etc) :)

Actually, fun Canadian fact (if overly simplified): our Prime minister is technically the 3rd most powerful person in the country. It goes Queen > Governor General (who is touring China today) then > Prime Minister.

I recalls whens I lived near Detroit we hads a joint celebration on tha’ river between tha’ two North American nations wit’ fireworks fur’ both tha’ 4th O’ July (when bloody rebels stole me King’s land) and Canada Day (when bloody but rather polite rebels kind o’ took o’er me Queen’s land)…

Last time I wuz’ in Canada I ever so quietly mentioned that thar’ beer sucks…
Woke up wit’ hockey pucks shoved all in me three goals… and rather nice notes stapled ta’ me askin’ me ta’ please excuse them fur’ thar’ hateful hat trick… then a moose… uhhhhhhh… ne’er mind aboot’ tha’ moose…

But, no matter, Happy Canada Day!
Maybe Shatner cans runs fur’ tha’ “Kirk Prime” Minister position?

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide
Oops… afore’ tha’ face-off I gotta’ pee…


Don’t forget ‘Canadian Bacon’.

Now that was a good movie. ;)

I didn’t forget, DJT. That’s why I said thar’ beer sucks.

Harry- I watched a lotta’ hockey in me day- always thought it wuz’ a “face-off” when they dropped tha’ puck. Or is that just too dirty ta’ think o’…. face-off whilst dropping tha’ puck…

Oh, now I am really gunna’ take a Maple Leaf beatin’ ’till saps spills from me trunk…

Oh, I kidz cuz I luvs… mooses.

Happy Canook Day, ones ands all! I’ll probably moves thar’ once the states become more intolerables…

Oh, Canada…
So many Starry Trek stars
Where would we be
Without the Great White North?
And their Cuban cigars?
And cheap prescription medicine sold in Windsor bars?


14 “Ham Day”

They’ve named a day after William Shatner? :>)

And here’s to Toronto Trek/Polaris for the continuing mission of putting on one of the greatest conventions anywhere!


you can only move to Canada if you pledge to love beaver.

# 9 a minor correction.

You write: “Yep, he lost his finger from incoming gunfire while flying with the RCAF.”

He actually lost it on D-Day, or shortly thereafter, as a Canadian soldier who landed on Juno Beach.

As his military life was quite amazing, allow me to quote Wiki at length:

At the beginning of the Second World War, Doohan joined the Royal Canadian Artillery. He was commissioned a lieutenant in the 13th Field Artillery Regiment of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. Doohan went to the United Kingdom in 1940 for training. His first combat was the invasion of Normandy at Juno Beach on D-Day. Shooting two snipers, Doohan led his men to higher ground through a field of anti-tank mines, where they took defensive positions for the night. Crossing between command posts at 11:30 that night, Doohan was hit by six rounds fired from a Bren gun by a nervous Canadian sentry:[3] four in his leg, one in the chest, and one through his right middle finger. The bullet to his chest was stopped by a silver cigarette case. His right middle finger had to be amputated, something he would conceal during his career as an actor.[4]

Doohan trained as a pilot (graduating from Air Observation Pilot Course 40 with 11 other Canadian artillery officers)[5], and flew Taylorcraft Auster Mark V aircraft for 666 (AOP) Squadron, RCAF, as a Royal Canadian Artillery officer in support of #1 Canadian AGRA (Army Groups Royal Artillery). All three Canadian (AOP) RCAF Squadrons were manned by Artillery Officer-pilots and accompanied by enlisted RCA and RCAF personnel serving as observers.[6][7]

Though he was never actually a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, he was once labeled the “craziest pilot in the Canadian Air Forces.” A story from his flying years tells of Doohan slaloming a plane — variously cited as a Hurricane or a jet trainer — between mountainside telegraph poles to prove it could be done, which earned him a serious reprimand. (The actual feat was also performed in a Mark IV Auster on the Salisbury Plain north of RAF Andover, in the late spring of 1945).[8]

Canadians Rule!!!


Rabelais did a great job summing it up. The finger was actually hanging on by just a bit of flesh. They probably could have re-attached it had it not been D-day. Amputation was the best, quickest option to ward off infection.


Chris, as a fellow Canadian I just want to say that your father was one of the very best! He is sorely missed!

Thank you very much for your great article!

Like Obama, our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a Trekkie, too. :)

I wish my fellow Canadian Trekkies from Newfoundland & Labrador (where I was born and grew up) to British Columbia,, Happy Canada Day!

Check on that sentiment Mr. Ballz offered. Jimmy was a great actor.

It’s great to see how big a contribution Canada made to Star Trek! Makes us proud!

Happy B-day Canada!!!

Your list of Canadian actors in Star Trek is the most extensive that I’ve ever seen. It seems pretty comprehensive. I’m wondering how the list was compiled.

I wanted to mention Canada’s 14th prime minister, Lester B. Pearson, who played an important part in the creation of the United Nations and NATO, forerunners of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet, respectively. He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his creation of the United Nations peacekeeping force, which continues to keep the peace in many parts of the world.


It’s nice to read your posts, Harry! I hope you are having a great Canada Day! Actually, this year we kind of had two Canada Days. Once today, and once back in February when the men’s hockey team won gold at the Vancouver Winter Olympics! :-)

Our sales tax went up as well in B.C. However, books stayed at the 5% tax rate. I ended up buying 4 Trek books, “Star Trek Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru”, “The Romulan War: Beneath The Raptor’s Wing”, “Star Trek Mirror Universe: Glass Empires” and John Byrne’s “Romulans: Pawns Of War” trade paper back comic.

Thanks, Ryan! Happy Canada Day to you, too!

#23 You make it sound like Jimmy Doohan was an officer from the beginning of the war. He wasn’t. He joined the Royal Canadian Artillery as a gunner, got promoted through Bombardier, Corporal and Lance Sergeant, THEN got recommended for officer training in 1942 (at Alton Towers, not a Theme Park back then).
After VE Day he transferred to San Diego to train on flying Aircraft Carrier planes, and was promoted to Captain.

#24 Chris – In his book, your dad said his finger was amputated at the Military Hospital in Basingstoke. Not ‘in situ’.
Also, he makes no mention of any “nervous sentry with a Bren gun” as cited by #23 – he wrote “if the GERMANS had been marginally better shots, I wouldn’t have seen 25”. So which is right? (I tend to believe the written word over un-named sources on the internet, so at the moment I’m assuming your dad was right!)

It’s five minutes till midnight here in Alberta, so I still have my say. Ha!

Happy Canada Day to all you Puck Slapping Maple Suckers out there, from one Lousy Canadian to another! ;)

Happy Canada day! Woohoo!

Now.. if we could only get a ST convention to come to Montreal even once.

Canada. Could you take Sarah off our hands?

I love Canadians. They are just like little Americans.

Kidding guys, just kidding.

•One of DS9’s shuttles (The Yukon) was named for a river in Canada

Actually it was named for one of the Canadian Territories. The one that borders Alaska.


we love you guys, but…..uh…..NO!!!!

I don’t think you can find to countries that are so emeshed into each others cultures as Canada and the US. Although we are very aware of how they influence us but Americans are less aware of how we influence them. But we are good friends.

They gave you star bucks.
You gave them good looking women, a sense of humor and a good reason for other countries not to send nukes over.

Ok i’m just messing again. I love both countries and their people but one thing i will say. It is true that Canada has an incredibly high percentage of extremely good looking women.

I travel all over the world with work but the hot girl factor in Canada is just insane.

Would love to get an explanation for that.


No, there is a river that is named “Yukon” as well. Danube-class runabouts were named after Earth rivers, hence “Yukon”. The river also flows through Alaska, I believe.


Chris, that’s nice to hear, but it’s funny how it’s all subjective. Two years ago I was in Amsterdam for a week and was quite dazzled by the fresh-faced beauties I encountered there!

…..and, no, not the ones waving from the windows! They were a little skanky!

33 Chasco

He also said that I was a “Cat Scan Tech”… I’m not. His memory wasn’t all that great when he wrote that book. I’m going with the story I heard when I was a young boy.

In 2365, Toronto City Hall appeared in the Iconian gateway found on the planet Iconia. (TNG: “Contagion”)

During the 24th century, Calgary remained a tourism destination, particularly for Starfleet Academy cadets who enjoyed skiing. (TNG: “The First Duty”)

In the late 20th century, the Canadian Space Agency was founded in cooperation with NASA for the training of astronauts in the latter’s Space shuttle program. One of the first graduates of this program was Marc Garneau of STS-41G. (ENT: “First Flight”)

Sam Lavelle’s grandfather was originally from Canada. In an attempt at small talk, Lavelle pointed out to the Alaska-born William T. Riker that both Canada and Alaska “get a lot of snow”, which Riker concedes. (TNG: “Lower Decks”)

Let’s not forget Michael Eddington’s “lucky loonie”!

YAY—–Bruce Greenwood is Canadian!!
Love the videos–great interview on Q with Jian Ghomeshi.

I want PIKE in the Star Trek sequel.

41. I travel all over the world with work but the hot girl factor in Canada is just insane.

Would love to get an explanation for that.

It’s the Maple Syrup ;)

In real life, the grain tritocale was developed at Ottawa’s Experimental Farm – not far from where I grew up. So it ain’t just fiction…