More Free Enterprise 2 Clues: Old Spice Actor Says Shooting Starts Next Week + Eliza Dushku Also Drops Hint

Today more revelations make it look like Free Enterprise 2, the sequel to the 1998 cult-classic with William Shatner, is a go. The latest news comes from actors who were not associated with the first film. One actor even says shooting will be going on next week, while Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku also dropped a Free Enterprise hint.


Isaiah Mustafa says he starts on Free Enterprise 2 next week

As previously reported, William Shatner stated last weekend that he is going to be appearing in Free Enterprise 2, and plans to be shooting that later in July. But today in an appearance on G4’s Attack of the show, actor Isaiah Mustafa (best known for the popular Old Spice commercials), revealed he is part of Free Enterprise sequel as well, stating:

Mustafa: I am working on a movie starting on Monday, Free Enterprise 2 a sequel to the cult-classic Free Enterprise.

Here is the video.

It doesn’t appear that Shatner will be shooting for Free Enterprise 2 next week, as he has just sent out an update via Twitter that he is off to London to interview Patrick Stewart for his The Captains documentary, and will then head to New York to interview Kate Mulgrew and Avery Brooks.

Eliza Dushku Too?

Another possible Free Enterprise 2 hint propped up today on Twitter. Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku sent out a tweet randomly asked if anyone of her 569k followers had seen Free Enterprise.

And Isaiah Mustafa replied back to her "@elizadushku I’m about to start shooting the sequel in a week!". Dushku also seems to be doing some Star Trek research (possibly for a role in Free Enterprise 2). Yesterday she sent out a tweet saying "Omg- why did I turn into a little trekkie during AUS trip! Downloaded original series started w/ pilot, Man Trap.. Lol, it Rocks!"

Could it be that Eliza Dushku is in Free Enterprise 2 as well?

For now the guys behind Free Enterprise are still staying mum, and will not confirm or deny anything relating to the sequel. TrekMovie will continue to keep an eye on the situation.

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wow the shat

Of course she’s proving she’s NOT a Trekkie by referring to The Man Trap as the pilot, LOL.

Free Enterprise 2???? Really???? I can’t wait!!!!!!! Shatner is funnier than ever!!!!

Was Free Enterprise 1 funny? I missed it.

I LOVED Free Enterprise!

She’s obviously doing research for Star Trek 2012. How about the Romulan Commander from “The Enterprise Incident”?

– Harry

Good stuff.

#6—yup:) dont know about the Romulan Commander role, but i too was thinking some kinda role for her in the new film… maybe as Nurse Chapel and the replacement Enterprise computer voice?

#2: More like, proving she’s an enthusiastic NEW Trekkie :)

I was surpirsed that I liked Free Enterprise. The biggest surprise though was Shatner appearance in the movie. Its been a while, but it seemed that the whole movie made sense once Shatner was onscreen. Then it clicked. I hope the sequel can recapture that essence.

Is it on online anywhere?

#2 I don’t think she saying man trap is the pilot episode there is a” ,” between w/pilot and man trap

wow there is more secrecy around this than there was for Trek ’09!

I could only imagine the ‘character’ of Robert reacting to Eliza Dushku, “She’s a hot, spicy, vampire-slaying, “Active” number…”

I look sooo forward to this movie! Here’s hoping they can get all of (or even most of) the original cast. And Robert Meyer Burnett, if you’re reading this post, please tell us you are at the helm of this one…

And a moment of silence for all the Bothans who died to give us this sequel…
; )

It will be interesting to see how far they can take ‘Bill’ in this one. Lets face it, Shatner has turned out to be more kooky than the character he played in the first one!

Mantrap was the first aired episode.

“I’m in a movie”

#2 could she be referring to the fact that the man trap was the first episode shown..

that was the first episode shown right?? its 8.15 am and im half asleep so i could be wrong!

Yes! More Shakespear rap! Or is it Shatspear? Whatever it is I can’t wait.

Thank God it’s filming now, don’t have to wait 2 freakin years for this one.

And, as if I couldn’t worship Eliza any more, I find more ways.

Thank you Trekmovie for keeping me informed. You’re the only source for news for me! I think I check this website even before I check e-mail.

Message to JJ Abrams:


Maybe now all the “He better be interviewing Avery Brooks”, and “Free Enterprise is not going to happen” crowd will be silenced!

Is Eliza Dushku def in the next Star Trek.

There are not too many things in life i would beg for but this would be one.

Yeah I am also wondering where that “there will never be a sequel to Free Enterprise” guy is right now.

William Shatner and Avery Brooks! Cant wait to see my 2 favorite captains together! Is Bill interviewing Chris Pine?

Please let her be in this one. That woman is amazing. =P

Unless she’s in for some serious 60’s Trek costuming, I don’t really care if she’s in the sequel.

Eliza Dushku in a Star Trek movie…

“Its life Jim, but not as we know it!”

#16 LOL.

“The Tickets Are Now DIAMONDS” :)

I’m sure hoping “Free Enterprise 2” can recreate that geeky magic of the first film, which at times felt like an accidental masterpiece.

Shatner really should interview Pine but I still hear but nothing about that. Strange.

Oh man…Eliza Dushku a TOS fan?!?

I REALLY want to marry her now, lol!!

ED just tweeted something like, “I love Trek”.

I say – it’s about time, Superfly! Where you been?

Here’s hoping that she *is* in Free Enterprise 2.


Shatner is interviewing actors who have been part of Trek phenomena, like meeting the fans and going to conventions and their approach to their characters and working long hours during the making of their television show, the trick is they have been doing this for a long time, and have more things to say about their involvement with Trek than Pine or any other Captains for that matter.

Besides, Pine is playing an existing character, his Captain is not an original character like the other four actors Shatner would be interviewing, we already know Kirk’s personality and who’s modeled after, Gene Roddenberry created Kirk based on Horatio Hornblower and Shatner played Kirk as Alexander the Great.

Pine’s intake on the character doesn’t exactly equal Shatner’s, he was the one who made Kirk who he is, it’s as simple as that, and remember this is a television character, not a pre-existing fictional character, Kirk is not Bond or Batman, where one could reference to those novels and comics to play their character, Kirk was born from scratch, Kirk’s energy, swagger, and smirks are part of Shatner, and got developed by him more so than Roddenberry himself, which you can see the difference of the Kirk character from Roddenberry’s vision through Captain Pike and Picard.

At any rate, I do believe there are interviews where Pine talks about his approach regrading they way he wanted to play the younger Captain Kirk, and modeled him after Han Solo, so really what else would he be saying that he haven’t said in those interviews already, other actors may come after him to play the Kirk character again and again but in the end there will be one original Kirk, where others are nothing more than copies and imitations, the same of course goes for the other characters as well, or for any other television characters for that matter.

Sorry all you Trekkies, I enjoy some of the movies, the new one was good, but STAR WARS still rules.

Then to quote Yoda, “I am wondering… why are you here?”

Just kidding! ; )

I think if you measure cultural impact (worldwide), consistency of quality output and overall staying power, Star Trek really has far more merit in the long run. Granted, it was never as flashy or dynamic as Star Wars, but it’s the tortoise that won the race (assuming there is a race; let’s just call it apples and oranges).

“The Empire Strikes Back” is one of my favorite five movies of all time, but it is one movie; most of the other Star Wars movies (except New Hope) have been mixed bags (especially the prequels). Star Trek also has a much more profound legacy in the culture as well (in terms of the overall influence; it inspired flip-phones, doctors, not to mention countless future NASA engineers).

Ultimately one’s preference is, of course, a matter of taste not mathematics.

Well, the lovely Alicia Witt was also asking if people had seen the movie, then later hinted that she’d gotten the gig.