Video of the Day: Mr. Worf in “I am Beautiful”

An new stop motion animation featuring what it is really like for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Worf is going viral. Made by a university studio, "Mr. Worf: I am Beautiful’ has to be seen, so check it out below.  


Mr. Worf: "I am Beautiful"

The following animation comes from Joshua Flynn on Vimeo

According to the Vimeo description this stop motion animated sting was created as an introduction for the ‘Best Stop Motion’ award category of the 2009 University of Glamorgan Glammies Awards. It was created and animated by Joshua & Nathan Flynn. This years awards theme was Star Trek. Starring Commander Worf and Cadet ‘red shirt’ Wilhelm.

Did you hear the Wilhelm scream? 

Thanks to thenightsky2010 for the Twitter tip

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What do you think the mascot would be for the University of Glamorgan?


He sounds like Mr Bean…

What do you think the mascot would be for the University of Glamorgan? Scotty would say the school colors are “Green”

my good i never thought worf was a cross dresser but i dose kinda make sence lol

Favorite part: the rippling forehead.

Scott B. out.

OK, THAT Worf is better than any of the $90 dolls that have been shown off on this site recently.

poor redshirts, they never learn

A University whos theme was Star Trek? I just did an animation course at University where I was told to remove all aspects of Trek from my body of work.


University course* that should say in my last post.


Psh, don’t listen to them. In my Arts Foundation courses I made a six-foot long Enterprise out of cardboard :P

WOW! Smooth stop motion (?) animation.

Probably why its soooo short.

Loved it though! Kudos!


That is the best thing i have ever seen making fun of trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I needed that laugh. Thank you. :)

Hehe! love the ending! =D

Great detail! Worf was using a Klingon Disruptor, accurately created as far as I can tell! Excellent and hilarious!

That was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen!

FANTASTIC! lol I love how Worf’s cloths ripple when he fires his disrupter.

The guy pushing the button repeatedly to close the door?
Nice work man!

AAARRRGGHH! Pantsless Worf! The pain…. the pain!

LOL brilliant!


Best video clip EVER.


You look fabulous, Worfy-poo

Let your freak flag fly

That’s so good!

Hilarious!! It is too short! Also makes me wanna see more TNG-I miss it!
Christina A must be rolling around in her grave..oh shes not dead, nevermind hahah


Oh, how hilarious!