Great Links: Summer Glau Trekkie Confession + TNG Art Nitpick + Voyager Recast + Trek Skit + Red Shirt Dolls + more

It’s time once again to look out to the Interwebs and see what they are saying about Star Trek. First up is Summer Glau (of Firefly fame) who reveals her inner Trekkie. We also have Asian art Trek nitpicking, Voyager recasting, Apple ignoring a TNG anatomy lesson, a Star Trek skit, and more, including some creepy fanmade Trek dolls.


River Tan idolized Deana Troi

In a new interview with Australia’s SciFiTv, Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Summer Glau reveals she is a Trekkie:

You’re a bit of a Sci Fi fan. If you meet a new friend, and you want to show them how awesome Sci Fi is, what do you show them?
I’m pretty old school about that kind of stuff. I love Blade Runner. I love Princess Bride (although it’s not really Sci Fi, of course), but the show I really grew up on was Star Trek: The Next Generation. That was a show that I watched with my parents that I talked them into letting me stay up to watch it. I got to meet Marina Sirtis last year, which was a really special moment for me. I grew up idolising her..

If they reboot TNG, she can play the counselor

TNG gets nitpicked by Asian Art Museum

Nitpicking is of course a Star Trek tradition. And in a bit of a delayed reaction. the Asian Art Museum blog has taken the episode "Code of Honor" to task, specifically the identification of a certain horse, noting:

Picard identifies the sculpture as a Song-dynasty work of the 14th century (Data corrects him, claiming the 13th century). However, both of them are off the mark. According to my professional eye, this glazed horse should be from the Tang dynasty (618-907)–it is a quintessential Tang horse.

Horse Fail!

Recasting Voyager?

Jordan Hoffman at UGO just can’t help himself. After imagining reboots of TNG and DS9, now pondered the question: What if JJ Abrams Reboots Star Trek Voyager?

Is the Delta Quadrant ready for lens flares?

Apple forgets lesson of TNG

In the last week there has been a controversy about the new Apple iPhone 4, which seems to have a signal loss when the phone is held in a certain way. The AnandTech site did an analysis and realized that this was due to how the new antennae for the phone are reaction to the human body, referencing the TNG episode "Home Soil". Here is the excerpt:

The drop in signal from cupping the device with a case on is purely a function of us being "ugly bags of mostly water." A material which happens to be pretty good at attenuating RF – thus increasing path loss between the handset and cellular base station. There’s nothing Apple nor anyone else can do to get around physics, plain and simple. It’s something which demonstrably affects every phone’s cellular reception.

Fan craft of the week: Ensign Munny Collection

Ory B on the Etsy crafts site has a strange little collection of "Ensign Munny" red shirt dolls.

Disturbingly cool red shirt dolls

VIDEO of the week: Supanova Star Trek skit

This video posted by moonblader shows a Star Trek skit performed at the recent Supanova Expo in Australia.

More Great Links:

Picard doesn’t stand for no spill


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I’m liking the redshirt dolls. I can see one taking pride-of-place on my mantelpiece.

Summer Glau is awesome. I wish they’d bring back Firefly.

NERD OBSERVATION: Those Ensign Mummy red shirt dolls have the wrong phasers. They should have the classic TOS phasers, not the ones from TNG, sacrilege!!!


I noticed that too but was afraid I be pointed out to be be too geeky. :)

You are both too nerdy and geeky! Get over it…now what was the combination to kirks quarters safe in the episode where spock smacks kirk around cuz he was high on spores…

“It’s getting hot in here. Must be Summer…”

Rationalization: It’s a Song Dynasty reproduction of a Tang Dynasty horse.


They will never reboot any of the other trek shows. Those characters were great for tv but for the big screen it’s Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

Not Justin Timberlake. ANYBODY but Justin Timberlake.

those dolls look like something i’d see in Giant Robot… and ive seen some weird/cool/bizaro stuff in that magazine…


I think Chris Pine can double as Mr.Paris.


You’re posting on a Star Trek fan site and you are afraid of being too Geeky?


I was being sarcastic in that remark. :)

I love being geeky. Like knowing the writers got Kirk’s birth year right in Trek XI

“River Tan idolized Deana Troi” TAM please! :)

also, some of those DS9 and Voyager fantasy remake casting choices are scary. D:

Those are some stunningly awful picks for a Voyager recast.

Those are some of the grossest dolls I’ve ever seen… and for $50 they better be made outta tasty cake or something.

Also, the horse is by far NOT the worst problem with “Code of Honor.”

Moving on…

Summer Glau as Deanna? I feel better already, Counselor.

Nice dolls wrong phasers

@16 “Also, the horse is by far NOT the worst problem with “Code of Honor.”

Amen brother. Even as eager and excited as I was for each new TNG episode when they first aired, I was extremely embarrased by that one.

Michael Dorn said, at a Virginia Beach con in 88, that during the filming of “COH”, Patrick Stewart apologized to him for the appalling nature of the script. Pretty nice of him, considering he had no responsibility for it’s shortcomings.

OMG! I LOVE those redshirt sculptures! The creator has one seriously sick and twisted mind! I love it! LOL

#8 I completely and utterly agree with you, my friend. Rebootings of TNG, DS9 and Voyager: that may not be neccessary nor possible.

But who would want to drink Tang out of a horse? D:

Besides, I hope CBS would launch a new ‘Star Trek’ TV series, whether it will pick up when the soon-to-be-released ‘Star Trek XII’ left off or take place either between ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Countdown’ (the comic book prequel to ‘Star Trek XI’) or between ‘Countdown’ and ‘Star Trek Online’ or better yet during the events of ‘STO’.

I’m in love with Gemma Arterton

The Deep Space Nine recast wasn’t very good, but Voyager was pretty solid

Summer Glau & TNG.


TNG, DS9 and Voyager recast = FAIL.

I’d like to know which actors Bob Orci would hire if he ever got the chance to reboot TNG. I’d imagine he’d do a better job than UGO. :-)

If TNG is ever rebooted, it should be as a tv series. It would work better that way. But I think they ought to do a “Kelvin” series first. And I think from now on all future Trek movies will be TOS centered.

That’s interesting that Summer Glau is a TNG fan. Some promo shots of her, including the back of the dvd/blu ray cover of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” features her torso hanging by cables, which I found reminicent of the Borg Queen’s disembodied head from “First Contact”.

LOL I love the pointless characters that actually made the cast list, like:

-Mark Johnson

Suddenly i feel the urge to watch “Firefly” and “Sarah Connor Chronicles” all over again. 8O

In slo-mo.


That horse is the least of that episode’s problems.


Seriously, between that episode, Angel One, Haven, and Justice – I can’t figure out which first season disaster is more offensive than the others.


I hear you! My wife slugged me in the theater when Strawberry Fields was on the screen in Casino Royale. I have a think for redheads and one look and she could tell what I was thinking.




I disagree with the recast of 7 of 9, Recast Jeri Ryan to play 7 of 9 again. She is still smoking hot!