Alicia Witt Confirms Role In Free Enterprise 2 + Rumor Control On Cameos For Stewart, Abrams and Nimoy

We have another update and some rumors to deal with for Free Enterprise 2, the sequel to the 1998 Star Trek-themed cult-comedy starring William Shatner. All indications are that this film is happening and now actress  Alicia Witt has let it slip that she is in the film as well. There is also a rumor that the film will include cameos from Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart and JJ Abrams. Robert Meyer Burnett responds to TrekMovie about that below.


Alicia Witt confirms Free Enterprise 2 role

In our last Free Enterprise 2 update, we reported that Old Spice commercial actor Isaiah Mustafa revealed he would start working on Free Enterprise 2 this week (making him the second actor to confirm a role following William Shatner who recently said he will be shooting for Free Enterprise 2 in July). Our last article also noted that Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku "randomly" sent out a tweet about Free Enterprise last week. Shortly after that article went live, actress Alicia Witt, sent out a tweet stating "So has anyone seen the movie Free Enterprise? Just, y’know, totally random question." (which, tellingly , was soon re-tweeted by Dushku). Witt, who had her acting debut in 1984 at nine years old playing little Alia in David Lynch’s Dune , has most recently been seen in recurring roles for Friday Night Lights and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. And when you go to Alicia’s official site and check her acting resume it lists "Free Enterprise 2 – Dir. Robert Meyer Burnett" as her next project. So Witt joins Shatner and Mustafa as the third actor to confirm a role in the film, with Dushku a possible fourth.

Witt – latest to reveal part in "Free Enterprise 2"

Abrams, Nimoy and Stewart too? – Unlikely

After TrekMovie ran our last article, Slashfilm reported the same news about Shatner and Mustafa, but they also added this bit at the end.

I’ve also been told by an anonymous tipper that Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, and JJ Abrams have been written into the script. No word on if any of these actors/directors will be in the actual movie playing themselves.

The addition of such Star Trek heavyweights into the film would be huge news of course. Back in 2005, Free Enterprise director/co-writer Robert Meyer Burnett did say that that the original draft of the sequel had Nimoy in it, however Nimoy has since retired from acting. TrekMovie asked Free Enterprise director Robert Meyer Burnett for a reaction to the Slashfilm rumor and his reply via text was:

Slashfilm? I call them SlashFICTION from now on

Burnett will still not confirm or deny any of the other reports related to Free Enterprise 2, but TrekMovie will continue to keep an eye on the situation.


POLL: Did you like Free Enterprise?

As noted, the original 1998 film Free Enterprise was a ‘cult classic’ so did you ever get a chance to see it, and did you like it?




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