Free Live Star Trek Events Tonight In Washington DC & This Weekend In Portland, OR

If you are looking for something to do tonight in Washington DC or in Portland, Oregon this weekend, you have the choice of seeing a live Star Trek performance. You can see Shakespeare in the original Klingon in our nation’s capital tonight, or "Space Seed" performed in a park in Portland this weekend, both for free, details below. 


Star Trek V and Shakespeare in Klingon tonight in DC

All summer long Crystal City is sponsoring an outdoor free series of Star Trek films on every Monday at sun down (tonight that is around 8:30 PM). Tonight’s showing is Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. And each week there is also a special bonus event and tonight that is a performance of Shakespeare in Klingon by the Washington Shakespeare Company. And on next Monday, Star Trek linguist Mark Okrand will be on hand.

The show is held at Crystal City, 18th and Bell St, Washington DC. More information


Space Seed Live in Portland weekends this summer (starting this weekend)

Last summer the Atomic Arts company performed live versions of the classic Star Trek episode "Amok Time" over a series of weekends in Portland, OR (see TrekMovie story). This summer they are doing it again with live performances of "Space Seed". Performances are free every Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM in Woodland Park. More information at and the Trek In The Park Facebook Page.


Thanks to Lance for tip


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Live Performance? In a Park? Space Seed?

Dammit! Why can’t anybody do this over here?

I went to Trek in the Park last summer, had an absolute blast. The wife and I are going to attend this Saturday’s opening performance for sure.

I can’t wait to go!!!

SO AWESOME! I heard these are really cool.

wish it were closer to ill.

That is so neat.
The recent screenings of the Trek movies here in Riverside, CA (not Iowa) were something of a bust. Saw “Wrath of Khan” a couple of weeks ago in an incorrect aspect-ratio presentation (the image looked slightly squashed) on a tiny screen (and sourced from a rather average dvd; not even an HD Blu Ray!). At least the sound system was good, and the ‘atmosphere’ of being among my ‘tribe’ (of fellow Trekkies). But overall, it was kind of chintzy.

I hope the “Star Trek in the Park” fares a little better (at least it’s free!).
Despite being disappointed in my local Trek movie presentation, I’d probably check something like this out if it came my way.
We Trekkies are optimistic to a fault sometimes!

I went to the Trek in the Park last year, it was wonderful! I’ll surely be going again this year!

Heh, I might be able to make the Portland, OR show!

Too bad Trek is no longer an NBC franchise… I’d smell a “Trek in the Park” episode of “Parks and Recreation” if that were the case….

Yet another good reason to live in Portland, OR. My list keeps growing.

@9 – “Trek in the Park” in Pawnee, IN would be AWESOME! “Parks and Recreation” is a hilarious show with a great cast and they’d definitely do the idea justice.

That’s so awesome, I wish something can be organised like this in Edmonton…

Guess it’s up to me! ;)

Sweet! Another event in my backyard!

Hey, Portland TrekMovie fans. Wanna organize a trip out there together? Email me:

Portland, OR: where we live long, prosper, and get plenty of Trek!

As a native resident Trekker of “Stump Town,” I’m cheesed to admit I haven’t caught a performance yet, but hope to resolve that this weekend.