Pic of the Day: The Captain’s Grill

If you follow Leonard Nimoy on the Twitter you will periodically see classic photos he shares with his fans, and today he has a great behind the scenes shot from the original Star Trek era, showing Kirk, Spock and McCoy doing some grilling on the set.  



Nimoy shares TOS barbeque

Today via Twitter, Leonard Nimoy shared the following delightful moment from the set of the original Star Trek.

@therealnimoy: Something funny ?? LLAP.  

UPDATE: More Trek barbeque photos

Reader TZFan shares this link with more photos from the day someone brought a grill to the set.

To see more of Nimoy’s shared photos, check out twitpic.com/photos/TheRealNimoy.


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So now we know where they got the idea for the campfire scene in STV.

This photo BEGS for a caption contest, Anthony!

This photo just BEGS for a caption contest!

caption contest?

Shatner: “So they tell me I have to fight off this guy in a giant lizard costume in our next episode…….”

this is a cool pic love it

This is great. Thanks a lot Mr. Nimoy for sharing it. Agreed, it reminds me of best part of TFF:

“It’s a song you green blooded Vulcan, the words aren’t important, what’s important is that we have a good time singing.”

“I am sorry, Doctor…we’re we having a good time?”

Looks like a good time to me!

Wasn’t there an episode that had Spock’s tunic with mustard on it? Trouble with Tribbles. This must be when that happened.

For all the reports of tension on the TOS set, this certainly shows that there were also some good times! Classic pic.

a lot of fun can be had with this picture! LOL @ #2

“…And then they steal Spock’s brain! And Kirk has to find it so McCoy can put it back! Wait, it gets better…it’s gonna be the season premiere!”

i’ll be we could come up with some good ones!

Even better and bigger pictures

He ate animal flesh. And he enjoyed it!

Nice pic of what must have been a fun day.

Amazing how much Nimoy resembles Quinto in some of the BBQ shots. Especially in the third row.

Awwww :) Awesome.

Doug Drexler shared these pics on his blog a year or so ago…

But thanks for making them available here; obviously they’re now able to hit a wider audience! :D

I remember similar pics in the fanzine Enterprise Incidents by James Van Hise. Issue 9 maybe.
In many ways, those years are missed.

That’s just too cool. Guess I’ll have to figure out how to do Twitter . . . .

I hope the anti-Shat members of the TOS cast remember moments like this. Good stuff!


But… [sputter] But…[gibber] But… Spock is eating MEAT!


I always love seeing anything from the original production of Star Trek. Off camera, or on.

I agree with the others that wonder if the campfire scenes in ST V were inspired by this. And I wonder if they sang “Row Row Row Your Boat” while they were eating? :-)

12- I thought the same thing about Nimoy/Quinto resemblence. These pics look like they were tken yesterday. I love nostalgia. Thanks for posting.


don’t worry, these pictures aren’t canon

Great stuff. I love all those old candid shots.

Now I’d like to see a pic of Shat without his toup. I’ve read Ben Stiller’s accounts of being crushed when he found out as a kid…other people’s accounts, that corroborate it. I’d just like to see. I’m just curious. How has that been squelched all these years? I’ve said many a time, that’s one of the best ‘covered up’ secrets in Hollywood.

You know, I’m glad Trek is still alive and I have appreciated the other series and movies, but seeing this pic today from Mr. Nimoy’s tweet made me recall when there was no one but this crew/cast/series. We watched the re-runs on our old Zenith 19 inch black and whites and held our breaths waiting for the next tidbit of news from the studio when and if there would be a new movie…does Spock really die in the sequel…OMG, did the Enterprise really just blow-up? Standing in line on an opening night at the box office talkin’ to fellow Trekkers before and after watchin’ the latest film over and over again on every Sunday afternoon until it was pulled……

Those were the days as it also says in this pic…those were the days.

Great shot.

@#7 From what I have heard most of the tension among the cast came later. After the conventions began.

Wow, anyone noticed? How in the bottom left picture from that link, Leonard Nimoy looks just like Zachary Quinto?

If I ever build a time machine, this is where I’m going.

“It’s Miller time!”

Absolutely brilliant

Caption contest!

I still think the “feud” between Shatner and some of the other cast members has been highly exaggerated, ‘cos tension sells better than peace love and chocolate.

Anyway, these pics are cool and make me happy. :)

The last photo in the link was in The Making of Star Trek, from the 60’s. So this is first-second season, latest.

How strange. And how utterly cool.

wooow great pictures !!!

“…To Boldly GRILL Where No Man Has Grilled Before!”

Very cool images that Mr. Nimoy is sharing!

Definitely second season.

On the Star Trek Scrapbook link in post #5, check out the last image of the scanned article of these pictures of the BBQ, its a blond girl with Shatner. The caption reads, Grace Lee Whitney is visiting the set! How cool is that?

How fun. I really miss ol’e Deforest!

30: Me too! I would love to be there on the set of the original series.

By the way, does anyone know what episode it was they were filming when this happened?

SHATNER: Can you believe they pay us to do this? I mean, c’mon, look at our costumes.
KELLEY: I know, hahaha, I know…. can you believe it!
SHATNER: This show is good for three, four years top, then we are done.
SHATNER: We definitely won’t be playing these characters into our 80’s.
NIMOY: Ha Ha Ha…. definitely not. Ha Ha Ha.

“And then I have to crawl around on the floor neighing like a horse…. AH HAHA HA AHHA HA!!!!!”

It’s just hit me that I’m about the same age now as bill and leonard were in the photo……………………………..

25. just google “shatner without his toupee” there is a whole website devoted to it.

Except the site has yet to find such a picture


That’s what I’m saying. Governments don’t control information as well.

Bourbon and beans an explosive combination!