VIDEO: Watch George Takei Moderate Robosexual Debate On Futurama

On Thursday Futurama airs the fourth episode of its return to TV on Comedy Central, and the episode includes Star Trek’s George Takei as George Takei’s head in a jar, his third appearance on the series. You can check out a clip below of George moderating a debate on Robosexual rights below, along with some more Futurama clips.


Takei’s head back to Futurama

Thursday’s episode "Proposition Infinity" deals with a "robosexual" relationship with Bender and Amy, sparking a political debate for robosexual rights. And who better to moderate a debate on those rights than George Takei’s head in a jar. Watch the clip.

And here is another clip from "Proposition Infinity"

Futurama’s Trek refs are back

Futurama returned two weeks ago and it kicked off right away with the Trek references, both subtle and over. In the second episode to air "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" the Planet Express team had to deal with a threat to earth called "V-Giny", which had very V’Ger like origins, although according to Hermes it doesn’t appear in the "Janeways Guide". Here are clips of those references. 



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Glad to see this show is back.

HAHA Go George and Futurama!


Cant wait for this weeks episode!

Best animated series on TV today.

I’m absolutely loving the new season. Last week’s was the best yet, and this will probably be even better.

“That’s Him!!” Hilarious! The only show on tv worth watching..Period!

Last week’s “Attack of the Killer Apps” had a very quick trek reference, too. Mom had some guy strapped to the chair from the Neural Neutralizer room.

BIG like !

Actually, I thought V-giny ‘s origins were more like Nomad, although the name and the visual gag of the closing orifice were V’ger.

Glad Futurama is back!

This show and Venture Bros. crack me up.

George is the new king of all media. Shat’s going to have to take a back seat!

Good news everyone!

I would like it if this show would stop assuming that all we want to see are sex jokes and Bender acting obnoxious. Also, IMO the best episodes compliment a strong sci-fi plot with gags of all types. Lately they seem to have reversed that formula…write a bunch of lewd jokes for cheap laughs, and attach any sci-fi concept possible to justify it.

great show

I just hate it when the show gets preachy. That was a big issue in the movies.

*Subtle* messages are a lot better than ones that hit you over the head.

The movies were preachy? About what, exactly? That time paradoxes are bad? That D&D is for nerds?

#15 – The environmental theme.

Oh my!
V-GINY is a reference to V-GER….I don’t get it??!!:)

It’s only “preachy” if you don’t like the message.

I think it’s awesome they keep pushing the limits and paving the way for robotsex! If Futurama won’t then who will? Anyone planning on hearing David Cohen and Matt Groening speak about the return at Comic Con? You can speak your mind at the panel.


The environmental theme wasn’t exactly what I’d call preachy, it was wrapped in a sci-fi context and filled with plenty of jokes poked *at* environmentalists. It was certainly no preachier than your average Trek episode. Plus, that was one movie out of 4. The other 3 weren’t exactly ‘issue’ films.

Takeis episode was another funny adventure-with several trek references besides george appearance n he noted shatner couldnt pay him back a loan ha-he even got to say oh my–