Zoe Saldana Announced As New Face (& Body) Of Calvin Klein Underwear

Back in January Star Trek’s new Uhura, Zoe Saldana, was announced as the new face of Avon. And today, Calvin Klein announced that Saldana is going to be featured in a global campaign for Calvin Klein Underwear. Check out a first look below.  


Zoe Saldana Gets Into Calvin Klein Underwear

Today at a press conference in Berlin, Germany, Calvin Klein Underwear announced that Zoe Saldana will be featured in their women’s Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Underwear global advertising campaign, shot by renowned fashion photographer Mikael Jansson. The campaign will include a mix of print, digital, and outdoor advertising timed to coincide with October 2010 magazine issues. In a release Bob Mazzoli, Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein, said of Saldana:

We are excited to have Zoe Saldana as the face of Calvin Klein Underwear, and Calvin Klein Envy, our new product launch. Zoe brings the campaign to life, and her universal appeal will enable us to continue to expand our dialogue with our consumers worldwide.

And Saldana (who frequently is seen wearing Klein on the red carpet) stated:

Calvin Klein has always put forth such beautifully executed campaigns. It’s very exciting for me to be associated with such an iconic, globally recognized brand like Calvin Klein Underwear.

And here is the first image from the campaign

Zoe Saldana: New Face (and body) of Calvin Klein Underwear
(click to enlarge)

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I’m so freakin jealous of keith britton!


Set your phasers on STUNNING!

Wait! Zoe Saldana has a body?!?

Oh, it’s that pencil under her head. I see it now.

She’s a gorgeous woman, but that’s not a flattering shot at *all*. Bad crop, the lighting and angle make it look as if her eyes are popping out of her head, and her proportions are odd indeed. Come on, now, Calvin Klein. It takes special effort to make Zoe look that weird – hope you step it up for the rest of the campaign.

Zoe, you’re a lovely gal, but you need to eat. Your mother and I are worried.

Am I the only guy who wants to eat an olive out of her navel?

“Zoe Saldana Gets Into Calvin Klein Underwear” … Well and now guess who’d really like to get into HER Underwear… huh huh… huh huh huh huh huh… uh-huh…
sometimes I’m just surprised at my own shallowness… SOMETIMES…

A note to all the haters: Some people are just thin okay? It’s just the way they are. It doesn’t mean that they should change their diet to suit *your* definition of what a healthy body should look like.

On behalf of naturally skinny people everywhere, some of you really need to shut the hell up. We don’t “need to eat” anymore than we already do. We eat plenty. Maybe you jealous fat folk need to eat a little less, and perhaps get a little exercise.

And to my dearest Zoe,
I love you. If your marriage doesn’t work out, you can come to me. I will help you feel better. We will eat healthy portions of food and stay naturally thin and everyone will hate our perfection. We will wed, and make many many babies.

Oh great. First she is getting married, then she teases me with this new sensious gig.

There is a God.

Well i guess calvin klein really liked the trek movie—zoes underwear shot showed off her assets nicely and ck must have felt the same way–maybe next trek movie uhura will have ck undies-or maybe ck will design everyones uniforms hah–she can be in ads-i dont let anyone git between me and my calvins, except for spock—

once every seven years!

The video ads suck butt.

You couldn’t throw up a paypal donate button to help with cost and keep the ads off the site?

She’s naturally slim. She looks healthy.

Guys, it’s not hate. It’s concern. Zoe is underweight. Some of us worry about her like we would about our sister. There’s no absolute consensus on what’s the right weight for her age and gender… but, she’s lower than the suggested healthy range. Again, this is not hate… it’s just concern.

I disagree i think it is her body type and is normal for her…she doesnt look anorexic at all…I dont think calvin klein would have her as an ad spokesperson if she were unnaturally thin….she looks the same she always has to me….

If i were a changeling, i’d spend the day existing as her underwear!

17. I know people who are just as thin as she is. They have always been that way. Some people are gifted with a metabolism that the rest of us poor souls lack. It is difficult for them to gain weight, especially if they exercise regularly. And – btw – stuff like weight ranges and BMI is just a bunch of hooey.

She makes any man hard.

Now that’s a lovely lady. It’s certainly a great choice on the part of CK.

And so what if she’s thin? Some people are just naturally are. It’s not due to anorexia or anything…

Geez, some people just want to complain about everything. If I handed you a $100 bill you’d probably start moaning about how it’s too wrinkled, how come it isn’t more, or it was probably stolen…on and on.

She is certainly classy.

7. CmdrR – Am I the only guy who wants to eat an olive out of her navel?


I’d eat the lint!

But she wants to be thought of as a serious actor!!!!!

Good thing she’s in Star Trek, not Star Wars. George Lucas told Carrie Fisher there’s no underwear in space.

Yeah, fine, now let’s get going with the sequel!!!
PS– Her body type = perfection!! (Yeah, but that’s just me…)

She is not underweight. She is in fact perfect.

Think she is a lovely person besides with all this love around (and “was underweight”) then I an sure she would take stock and do something, in the mean time she is doing something and that is enjoying life

Anyone posting personal tips to movie stars about wieght loss or gain on this site should surely be banned. Zoe is beautiful, as are we all in our own way. Except #5 and 6, who are ugly morons ;)

Still prefer Nichelle Nichols in her prime. Sorry Zoe…. Only one Uhura for me and it ain’t you.


“She certainly is classy.”

Unlike a few people on this thread! (#4, 5 in particular)

Well, all I can say is it looks better on her than it did on Marty McFly!


Hey, that’s not nice. :( I adore Zoe. I just don’t adore that shot.

Trek, Trek, Trek.

Y’know, Zoe’s done a little more than Star Trek.

For starters, anyone ever hear of “Pirates of the Caribean”?

How about a little film called Avatar?

She was in those and plenty others too,

Re: #32… James, I echo that exactly. Nichelle during the series was my perfect woman.

Anyone checking out the “Uhura” tagged entries on my blog knows that.

Zoe as a CK model?

Since when is she a 12-year-old boy?

She’s pretty as hell but I prefer her clothed. Kinda anorexic when you see the goods.

@35 Sorry, I lumped you in with #4 and #6… my bad :)

So if I want to shoot my photon torpedo up her aft torpedo bay would that be wrong?


“I’d pay real money” to see that!

When was the last time a Star Trek film had such a cultural impact that its stars — at an equivalent point in their careers — were asked to sell primo, hipster items such as Calvin Klein?

I know that Messrs. Shatner and, I believe, Nimoy did Buick commercials (“This isn’t your father’s Buick”), but, forgive me, Buicks aren’t hip, and I think that they’d had decades of acting experience before becoming its spokesmen.

IMHO, these aren’t your father’s Star Trek stars, but that’s perfectly okay. Trek has evolved, and more power to it.

Besides, Nichelle Nichols would have made just as good a spokesperson back in her day (although whether she would have agreed to do it, given Hollywood showbiz considerations, is another story).

I do hope that Zoe Saldana maintains a steady course and avoid the pitfalls of excess to which all too many in “Young Hollywood” are prone. But given that there is no comparison between Ms. Saldana and, say, poor Lindsay Lohan in that department, IMHO, II trust that she will.

This young woman does need to eat more. “Skin and bones” was once a taunt, even a warning, because the next stage was to meet one’s Maker by way of starvation.

Nichelle Nichols in her day was healthily proportioned, a beautiful woman according to almost all societies and ages. The 1960’s analogue to Miss Saldana would be “Twiggy” yet she came to prominence as an actual skinny, prepubescent girl. One wonders why men would advance that form as a model of feminine beauty and moreover, why women would aspire to it.

Be that as it may be, dear girl, “beef is good food”.

C.S. Lewis

Twiggy seemed much thinner than Zoe Saldana, but that’s just going by memory.

Perhaps Goldie Hawn during her “Laugh-In” years?

Addendum: Here’s an image of Twiggy I just found on the Internet. She looks, by today’s standards, far too thin to seem healthy, I believe.

I believe that more recently, there was the “heroin chic” look that certain fashionistas went for, but the Amy Winehouse look (and in her case, from reports it may not be simply a “look,” sadly enough) doesn’t seem that appealing to me.

Ms. Saldana looks very healthy to me, from the above photo.

I’ve seen male actors large and small.

Hardly ever do they get the physical evaluation women get. Too “large”or “skinny” and you lose.

That said, real Zoe Saldana fans remember when she still had a little “baby fat” in Center Stage and Drumline.

She’s thinner now because her workout regime for Avatar was very rigorous.

Avatar or no Avatar, to me she’s (the new) Uhura. Actually, I’ve kind of forgotten she was in Avatar, believe it or not, and this despite the fact that she is one of the two or three top stars in that movie (viz., the male lead, her, and Sigourney “Aliens” Weaver).

She’ s the face for white male desire just like halle berry , she don’t represent black culture