Chris Pine: Blessed By Star Trek + More ‘Inishmore’ Photos & Gala Tickets Giveaway

Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine is spending this summer appearing on stage in Los Angeles in the dark satire "The Lieutenant of Inishmore", which has a gala opening this weekend. In a new interview promoting the play, Pine talks about how he has been blessed by Star Trek. We also have new images of Pine from the play. Plus TrekMovie has a pair of tickets to Pine’s new play to give away.   



Pine: Blessed by Star Trek

Since appearing as Captain Kirk in last summer’s Star Trek, Chris Pine has moved into the big leagues as an actor. Although he is on the hot buzz list, Pine has chosen to spend his summer on the stage, just as he had done last summer. Pine is starring in the Center Theatre Group production of the dark satire "The Lieutenant of Inishmore" at the Mark Taper Forum. Previews started on June 30th and the gala opening is on Sunday July 11th. In a new interview with the OC Register promoting the play, Pine talked about how Star Trek has changed his life:

Pine: I’ve been really blessed from "Star Trek" to get more opportunities than I had previously in my career. And I just wait for the good material. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve gotten to play on the really big stage with Denzel (Washington) and Tony Scott (Pine will star in the upcoming Scott film "Unstoppable" with Washington). Counter that with these theater productions, which are a whole different thing. I just try to follow what’s good and what interests me and challenges me and makes me think and engages a part of me. It’s so rare to get all of your muscles firing at once. That’s what I look for in any role.

For more from Pine on his role as the Irish terrorist Padraic in the dark satire The Lieutenant of Inishmore, read the full interview at OC Register.

More Photos of Pine from The Lieutenant of Inishmore
(photos by Craig Schwartz, more available at

Chris Pine in " The Lieutenant of Inishmore"

Chris Pine and Zoe Perry in " The Lieutenant of Inishmore"

Chris Pine and Brett Ryback in " The Lieutenant of Inishmore"

Chris Pine and Zoe Perry in " The Lieutenant of Inishmore"

Discount Tickets Still available

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And you can save up to 33% on tickets as well for Section A seats for performances June 30 – July 15 (excluding Sat eves and July 11th). For more info or tickets call 213-972-2772 and use code BLOOD or visit



TrekMovie has a pair of tickets to give away to this Sunday’s Gala opening of The Lieutenant of Inishmore. We will be giving them away via Twitter some time on Friday, so follow TrekMovie at  to get your chance to win the tickets.


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Enjoy the ride, Nu-Kirk. Warp speed.


GREAT YOUNG KIRK!!! …..loved the interview…<3!


Pine looks like Shatner in White Comanche in that first pic


Holy crap, Kirk’s been stuck on the gangster planet WAYYYY too long in the JJ Verse.

Audio please :)
As an Irish ST fan, I would love to hear Chris Pines Irish voice. :)

Harry Ballz

This kid has good acting chops!

Buzz Cagney

It must have been daunting stepping out as Kirk but the boy done real good. And I say that as a near life-long Kirk fan. So, I hope, its no small praise.
Now its up to the writers to really stretch him in the next Trek!

The First Son of Krypton


Well we already know he has a convincing Irish accent, and this is coming from an Irish Star Trek fan! Look up one of the outtakes from ST09 with him and Zach Quinto doing a scene in Irish – I believe it’s the scene where young Spock first sits in the jellyfish?

It’s hilarious


What is the play about?


Ah, The “now I love it” / “now I hate it” relationship between Trek and the people it made famous. We’ve seen it with Shatner, Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner . . . now the cycle begins again.



The outtake you’re referring to only has Zachary Quinto talking in an Irish accent (he spend 6 months living in Galway), but Chris was doing a German accent.

So we still have no idea how bad his accent is.

Jackson Lake

#8 & #11

They were both doing really bad Scottish accents. They were teasing both Simon Pegg and Scott Chamblis.


How long does that guy have to be upside down?

That must suck.


Pine holding those 2 guns in the first pic reminds me of something from Boondock Saints LOL Chris ‘Piney’ Pine should talk to his Trek costar Clifton Collins Jr. to give him a good word with Troy Duffy for when they make Boondock Saints 3; after all Clifton was in Boondock Saints 2 last year as well as playing Ayel in last years Trek film:)


I remember before the film hit how much I thought I was going to hate Chris Pin, especially when was basing elements of his performance on Harrison Ford rather than William Shatner. I thought he was going to ruin the character.

But nothing could be farther from the truth, he was one of the characters I enjoyed most in the film and was able to make Kirk his own and by the end he channeled Shatner.

As I have said before and will always maintain, WIlliam Shatner will always be the real Kirk to me but Chris Pine is still excellent. Hope this makes sense.

I guess it could be like Heath Ledger as The Joker, I treat his version as a different character than Jack Nicholson’s Joker. So why compare.


Who is this Chris Pine this articles talking about?

Hat Rick

Chris Pine sounds like well-rounded, well-grounded young man.

Incidentally, that new play he’s in looks a bit intense. (Satires can be intense.)

Captain Dunsel

Gee – I sure hope the barrel of that pistol doesn’t flip around on him.

Buzz Cagney

#13 yeh i noticed that! Unpleasant.

Why is Chris Pine makin’ out with that little boy?


#20 That’s not a little boy. Thats “Marcy” from “Married With Children”.


Six shooters on stun!!


great interview:0)

Harry Ballz

See, what I like is that this kid has already hit it big in movies and yet returns to “tromping the boards” in live theatre. That is the sign of a bonafide actor. Someone who believes in the craft and isn’t afraid to go live in front of an audience. Unlike the Tom Cruise and Brad Pitts of the world, who can’t act to save their life and would wet their pants if asked to do live theatre!

Film allows for amateurs who can keep repeating a scene until a half-decent take is “in the can”. Live theatre is not as forgiving!


I hope I made sense when saying that Chris Pine was good as Kirk but that I am always going to have a preference for Shatner.

As an actor he is great.

Hat Rick

Chris Pine seems to me to have a lot of character — pun intended!


@10: Well, yeah. Nobody 100% loves their job all day every day; and that’s just average people. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for actors to have one character dominate a serious chunk of their careers.


I enjoyed reading the interview. Chris has not said much, if anything, in recent months. I can’t get to see the play he is performing in but it looks interesting to say the least. I hope all goes well with all the performances.

I can’t wait to see him in more movies and I am looking forward to seeing Unstoppable.

Last year he played a political speech writer in Farragut North (stage play) and after, at some point, was asked what he might like to do if he did not act – he answered “political speech writer” LOL. Here’s my take: he could be a train driver, a singer/songwriter, even a starship captain…, but – No, not an Irish terrorist. Becoming an Irish terrorist with a good Irish brogue would not be a good career move, imho. Just saying…:)

(Need to hear that Pine Irish brogue!)

Chris – Take care. Love you!