Picture of the Day: Shat in a Box

Star Trek’s original Kirk, William Shatner is currently in New York to interview Star Trek Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew for his upcoming The Captains documentary. And a few minutes ago Shatner just sent out an unusual picture via Twitter of himself on the streets of New York, check it out below.  


Shatner in a box

At around 4PM (EST) today William Shatner sent out the following via Twitter.

@WilliamShatner: Literally thinking inside the box on the streets of New York while waiting for Kate Mulgrew. My best, Bill http://twitpic.com/24qyf2.  

Shortly before that, Shatner sent out another tweet about how he has been travelling the world for his The Captains doc (he just came back from London to interview Patrick Stewart) .

@WilliamShatner: Thank you to Bombardier for lending me an airplane for the shooting of "The Captains." Coming soon! My Best Bill http://twitpic.com/24qv9a.  


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Funny place to conduct an interview… How does he expect to fit Kate in there with him?

Love the sweatpants on the Shat.

Is there nothing this guy won’t do?

Yeah, interview Chris Pine, apparently.

lol “Shat in a Box” means something completely different here in Scotland!

He’s working on an interview with Bruce McGill (Captain Braxton)

is he loosing weight? maybe he is shaping up to be in the next ST, eh??

#4 I WANT the interview with CP!!!!……. PLEASE Mr Shatner!!!!

Looking forward to this documentary!

Sorry, but I can’t help to wonder if he’s wearing his hairpiece under the cap as well or if he left it at home for a while :)

Anyways, I am looking forward to this documentary. Btw, what happened to the Star Trek documentary by Roddenberry Jr?

I agree with 4 and 8……I want a Chris Pine interview in this documentary!

5 – no it doesn’t. ;-)


Classic Bill. Awesome guy.

@ 11

Pine is not Captain Kirk. He’s Hans Solo. Shatner is YET to meet his equal…..

In the UK Shat is the past tense of sh1t. I found the title of this particularly funny, especially considering the picture!


True. There never will be another Shat. But I like to look at Pine as Roger Moore to Shatner’s Connery, being a good, still entertaining version of something that was once great.

Then again, look on the bright side. If Lucas is never going to bring back the scruffy-looking nerf herder, it’s good that someone has, right? At least it’s not the “Outrageous Okona.” Talk about a ripoff.

I don’t think Chris Pine should be interviewed. Trek has taken on a new incarnation with this movie and no longer exists in the same universe as the other Treks did. Plus he’s only played Kirk in one movie and was only Captain for part of it. All of these other actors played Captains on TV where we got to see them develop over time. So yeah, my final say on that would be no Pine. I’m looking forward to seeing the interviews, though.

Would Pine say yes? He’s been saying no to everything trekkie related. Not just conventions.

#s 5 and 15

Yea, it means the same in Canada too. I would think the yanks conjugate the same way..?

I think it would be very gracious of Bill to include Chris. But I can understand the view that he simply hasn’t been involved long enough, too.

Shatner is interviewing actors who have been part of Trek phenomena, like meeting the fans and going to conventions and their approach to their characters and working long hours during the making of their television show, the trick is they have been doing this for a long time, and have more things to say about their involvement with Trek than Pine.

Besides, Pine is playing an existing character, his Captain is not an original character like the others, we already know Kirk’s background story and personality traits, not to mention the actor who played him is doing the documentary.

Pine’s intake on the character doesn’t exactly equal Shatner’s, he was the one who made Kirk who he is, it’s as simple as that, and remember this is a television character, not a pre-existing fictional character, Kirk is not Bond or Batman, where one could reference to those novels and comics to play their characters, Kirk was born from scratch, Kirk’s energy, swagger, and smirks are part of Shatner’s own personality, and got developed by him more so than Roddenberry himself, which you can see the difference of the Kirk character from Roddenberry’s vision through Pike and Picard.

At any rate, I do believe there are interviews where Pine talks about his approach regrading they way he wanted to play the younger Captain Kirk, so really what else would he be saying that he haven’t said already, others may come after him to play the Kirk character again and again but in the end there will be one Kirk, the one that turned this into a franchise by simply starring in the second pilot that sold the show.

I wonder if Captain Hikaru Sulu of the U.S.S. Excelsior will get an interveiw,,,




haha, I once “shat in a box”… Be glad I didn’t take any pix….

Nice #24, you beat me to it!


Watch what you say, bearer of truth. They might tar and feather you. :))

Wow, he is due in London this coming weekend at the Filmcon Earls Cort

I disagree Pine is Kirk as well why can’t people not give Pine a chance

I find it intriguing that Mr. Shatner has made the statement that he has inhabited several versions of his body (in that, apparently, the cells of the human body are constantly dying off and replaced by new ones over time, hence resulting in complete replacement of the entire body as a person ages; I’m not sure how accurate this is, actually).

I find this version of his body to be particularly droll, and more power to him as he defies the stereotype of a near-octogenarian! This man has more energy and humor than many people half his age, it seems to me.


I wonder if this will show up at the documentary. I can see it now… Sort of.

Bombardier can lend me that sweet looking plane if they want. I’m also planning some major interviews. I don’t know who with. Or where they will be. Or what they will be about. But that plane looks like the ideal place to do some serious thinking on the subject!

# 14 – Agreed.

What has Pine done for Trek lately?

I am very much looking forward to this. Shatner’s still the man!


# 32 – reinvigorated and repopularised it for a mainstream audience?

I wonder if any one walked by him sitting in that box on the street and gave him a dollar becasue they thought he was homeless?

#35 bless you for even trying, David.

Shatner is soooooo empathetic for the homeless. NOT.

See, he CAN acti his way out of a box. And in a box. :)

# 35 – actually, who did that were the writers and other production ppl.

How come nobody can correctly spell lose or losing these days? Must be the Shat’s hairpiece adhesive affecting minds.

Can’t wait to hear the questions he asks Kate. I do know that she calls him ‘my dear friend, Bill.’ So I know they are good friends. I think the interview will be a sweet bantering one.
Concerning interviewing Chris, well, really as much as I like Chris in the role of Kirk, I think Shatner needs to just keep it on the TV captains.

#40 yeh, Chris had nothing to do with it. At all. In fact I duno why he even showed up. They should have just put the script in fron of the camera.