Happy Birthday, Patrick Stewart + Dates & Prices For Stewart On Broadway

Today is Sir Patrick Stewart’s birthday. Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jean Luc Picard is turning 70 years young. TrekMovie wishes Stewart the best of birthdays. We also report news on dates and prices for seeing Stewart on Broadway in A Life in the Theater.


Make it Seventy

Patrick Stewart came in to the Star Trek franchise with many questioning of this balding British Shakespearean actor could carry a new series and step out of the shadow created by the original Star Trek. In the end he proved the doubters wrong and launched decades of Kirk vs. Picard debates for his commanding performance as Capt. Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise D (and E). Stewart’s Picard was a different kind of captain with his own style, but just as commanding. This could be seen from his style in combat, his abilities with diplomacy and even how he straightened his uniform.

Since his time with Trek Stewart has continued his success on screen with the X-Men movies and has mostly returned to the stage and his roots as a Shakespearean actor, winning him many accolades (and a recent Emmy nomination for Hamlet). He of course was recently knighted as well and at seventy shows no sign of slowing down. Here is a photo of Sir Patrick at the British Grand Prix over the weekend.

Patrick Stewart (C) and Nick Faldo visit the F1 paddock during race day ahead of the Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 11, 2010 in Northampton, England (PHOTO BY DAVE M. BENETT/GETTY IMAGES)

UPDATE: Bday wishes for Sir Pat

Some Star Trek celebs have sent out birthday wishes to Patrick via Twitter.

@levarburton: Happy Birthday to my Captain, my Captain #PatrickStewart One of the most chill cats God ever blew breath into!

@simonpegg: Happy birthday #PatrickStewart from the alternative future/past. Regards, Monty.

Opening and closing dates & pricing for Stewart on Broadway

Back in March it was announced that Patrick Stewart was headed back to Broadway to star in the David Mamet play A Life in the Theater. The play focuses on the relationship between two thespians: Robert (played by Stewart) a veteran actor mentoring John, a newcomer (played by T.R. Knight). And now we know that the play will open at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on October 12th, following previews that begin on September 21st. It will run in a limited engagement until January 2nd 2011.  Tickets are available now and, with any Broadway play, they are not cheap, ranging from $76.50 to $121.50 each. You can buy them at Telecharge. More info on the play at NewYorkTheatreGuide.com

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Happy Birthday, Sir Patrick Stewart!


Happy Birthday Sir Patrick! You look fabulous as always.

Happy birthday!, but seriously, has this man aged a day in the last 25 years?

Sir Patrick the man!!!…hasn’t changed a bit since TNG aired in ’86!
Happy Birthday and many more!!!

He’d be the king of lens flares. JJ, sign him up!

Happy Birthday, Sir Patrick!!!

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Sir Patrick! Please put on the uniform one more time!

Oh, and make it so!

I hear he wears the uniform underneath his clothes like a superhero. Just in case he gets the call from JJ on the Red Phone.

How old do you have to be before you are counted in ‘years young’ instead of ‘years old’? Just wondering?

Happy -295th birthday, Captain Picard.

(July 13, 2305 is the canonical date of Captain Picard’s birth, as seen on a display screen in the episode “Conundrum”.)

9. “Years young” is a perfect example of insufferably cheesy newspeak. Whoever has respect for the English language is not going to use it.

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick and as Boris said Captain Picard!


Kang has asked me to deliver this message to Sir Patrick:

qoSlIj DatIvjaj

Happy B-Day Director Bulloch!

Happy birthday, Sir Patrick!

Happy 70th Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart! :}

Happy Birthday Sir Coach and many more!

If rumors of Ian McKellan having to bow out of the Hobbit movie turn out true, I hope Peter Jackson sees Patrick Stewart in long hair and a beard a good fit. He has the voice, the acting chops and with a little makeup would be a seamless fit.

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick.

Looking forward to meeting Patrick at the con next month.

Happy B-day Sir Patrick Stewart!
Greetings from one of the Star Trek fans in the Philippines!

70 years old????

That does NOT seem at all possible. He looks every bit as good as he did when th ST:TNG started back in 1986!!!

I wonder if he has ever played ‘The Portrait of Dorian Gray,’ because I’m sure if he did, he took the role so seriously that he has a portrait of himself rotting away hidden somewhere in his closets.

Happy Birthday, Patrick!

Wow… he looks great for 70.

I second the idea that Patrick take over for Gandalf if Ian McKellen can’t do it.

I wish they would have made an X-Men film with just those two. I could watch them sit across and act at each other for hours.

I was FIRST cuz I mentioned it in a previous posting. grin.. HB Captain!!

Seven degrees of separation.
I saw A Life in the Theater in San Diego yonks ago starring Robert Ellenstein’s son.
Robert Ellenstein was of course the federation President in Trek 3 and 4.
We just found out about this date and are currently trying to get Mr. Stewart for the Fame-Wall project in Manhattan.

I’ll keep you all posted.

…Or was it just IV? either way. he was in an episode of next gen too and didnt have much nice to say about that.
i didnt push the issue…

Sir Patrick Stewart — one of the top 5 best things that ever happened to both Trek and Shakespeare!

Happy Birthday, Mon Capitaine / Sejanus / Uncle Claudius / Professor X / Sir! :D

One more TNG movie with this young man, please!

70 years young indeed!
And many more to come I’m sure.
Happy Birthday, Sir.

Great day for Sir Patrick.

Captain, my Captain!

Happy Birthday, Jean-Luc!!

A belated happy birthday to the best Star Trek Captain. :)

Happy birthday… surely.. the best of times?

Happy Birthday and all the best wishes to Sir Patrick! Thank you for all the great TV, theatre (please note the British spelling :) and cinema you have given us in the past and will give us in the future.

A wonderful and blessed Bday to you sir Patrick! With more to come. 70 years old? You could have fooled me!

Happy Birthday old friend.

Happy happy birthday!

#32 he shares a birthday with Shatner? Wow, what an amazing coincidence!

Happy Birthday dear Captain!

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick. See you in Las Vegas!

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick! I already have my ticket to “A Life In the Theatre” and look forward to seeing it in September!