Star Trek 2009 Inspires Its Own Parody Comic Strip – Ensign Sue Must Die

The new Star Trek movie and crew has inspired a lot of talk, and now it seems it has inspired its own parody comic strip. The fan made "Ensign Sue Must Die" web comic started up in May and already has 14 strips. More info and a look at the strip below. 


Star Trek 2009 gets its own parody comic strip

"Ensign Sue Must Die" is the work of Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk. Mosley writes the stories and Bolk handles the art. The comic is set on board the new USS Enterprise, as seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie. The parody strip follows the antics of Ensign Mary Amethyst Star Enoby Aiko Archer Picard Janeway Sue, who isthe youngest officer in Starfleet and "A skilled linguist… an unmatched warrior… a cunning strategist… a scientific genius… a gentle healer… a passionate lover… She is a woman of exceptional beauty, perfect in every way…and she’s driving the crew of a certain enterprising starship INSANE!"

Here is the opening strip that outlines the characters (click to see full size).

And here is the new strip that was just released today, where we learn that Ensign Sue has an interesting heritage (click to see full size).

The strip can be seen at Pot Luck Comics.

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Yikes, she’s one bloodthirsty chick.

Brilliant re-imagining of the many Ensign Mary Sue stories!

Even the K/S thrown in moment… ha… ha… ha…. ha….

Thanks folks at Pot Luck for reminding those of us in fandom who survived the 70’s what it was like reading fanzines. :)

This can also be seen on Deviantart, where I’ve been reading it since the beginning. It’s really quite funny!


Poor Scotty. He looks like he’s about 2 years old.

For you folks who wanna follow the strip on dA.

Most amusing! I think the caricatures of the actors are great.

Purple Klingon blood. Love it. Very ‘Undiscovered Country.’

I liked it! As great as “The Trek Life” and “Sev Trek” comic strips. I hope it live long just as much.

Been following it on DA religiously … my favorite bit so far was the trauma she visited on poor Chekov :)

Damn, that’s good!

Too funny!

Also, Le Cutest of Beagle, the borgified pup, is a nice touch.

Say, that was pretty good!

Hehe, cool stuff!

ROFLcopter! That was brilliant!

This is pretty darn amazing, although as someone mentioned, the caricatures are a bit inconsistent. Still pretty darn amazing though…

Cute and funny!!

Nice, but why does “Her Vulcan” have a Romulan hair style?

Simultaneously funny and disturbing (both for the same reason–it’s too damned accurate.) Also a nice shout-out to the textual atrocity that may be not merely the worst fanfic ever, but the worst THING ever (unless you believe that “My Immortal” was a big hoax. I recommend you do; it’s the only way to stay sane.)

#19: “Also a nice shout-out to the textual atrocity that may be not merely the worst fanfic ever, but the worst THING ever”

Oh, pah. It must still cringe respectfully in the shadow of the Eye of Argon :)

needs more lens flares… ;-)

#20: Eh, I’d really have to beg to differ on that one. You might call “The Eye of Argon” the Plan 9 of fan stories, and if you did, “My Immortal” would have to be the Manos. I’m pretty sure it’s an epic troll, though, because no one could possibly be that stupid and still be alive.

What’s the fanfic equivalent to The Incredible Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies?

Thought that was fantastic!!!

Um what is this?

I love it! I also find En. Sue a bit hot which may be disturbing.

I’m officially declaring this strip is in-continuity of the JJ-verse. In my mind. But that’s good enough.

” . . .and then the worms died.” Hilarious!

I just loved her getting back Archer’s Beagle that Scotty beamed into space, which has been partially assimilated, and naming it “Le Cutest of Beagle” – which took me far too long to notice the reference to!