William Shatner To Host Live Webcast From Comic Con Event

William Shatner is headed to San Diego Comic Con. He will be participating in the ‘Tweet House’ event being held on the USS Midway where he will be conducing live web interviews. More details on the event below.  


Press Release


William Shatner To Join Tweet House Festivities In San Diego During Comic-Con 2010

Tweet House partner Myouterspace.com is latest venture of the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor, director, and producer

One of pop culture’s most recognizable figures, William Shatner, will appear at the Tweet House party being held on July 23rd aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway. Mr. Shatner’s latest entrepreneurial undertaking, Myouterspace.com, will be broadcasting a live Webcast from the Tweet House, hosted by Mr. Shatner.

Myouterspace.com is a new and unique social media community for those with a passion for the arts. The Myouterspace community is more than just a destination for fans of Sci-Fi, Horror or Fantasy; it is designed to be an essential resource for those seeking a career in the Science fiction industry.

“I’m excited as all get out about the burgeoning possibilities of what’s happening at Comic-Con.” Said Mr. Shatner. “The brand new platform for creativity in film, in gaming, in animation is now alive in Myouterspace.com. With the big launch in conjunction with Tweet House and on an aircraft carrier, can you get more with it?”

Destined to be one of the hottest events at Comic-Con, the Tweet House will take over two decks, including the Flight Deck, on the Aircraft Carrier USS Midway. Some of the other guests and talents who will appear include DJ Mike Relm (who recently mixed a critically-acclaimed Iron Man commercial) as well as fan favorites LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, and Tyrese Gibson.

“We’re very pleased that Mr. Shatner will be bringing Myouterspace.com to San Diego,” said Steve Broback, host of the Tweet House and 140tc conferences, “Given his phenomenal presence on Twitter along with his upcoming new Twitter-based prime-time series, we were ecstatic he and the Myouterspace.com team could join us.”

The Tweet House is a celebration of the Real-Time Web and Twitter’s pervasive role within it. It brings together those who are creating and evangelizing the technologies that are defining the future. As a confluence of hundreds of key players in the entertainment and tech industries, the Tweet House showcases collaboration, creativity, and technology in an informal and festive environment.

The event will be held aboard the USS Midway in San Diego on Friday, July 23rd from 6 pm until Midnight. Tickets are $25 in advance and can be purchased online at www.tweet-house.com/register.

The Tweet House has been hosted during South By Southwest Interactive Conference and Festival (SXSW), the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show.

ABOUT THE PARNASSUS GROUP: Founded in 2004, Parnassus Group provides services to clients and partners seeking to participate in the social media space. They’ve helped everyone from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships in their efforts to leverage technologies like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

For more info please visit www.tweet-house.com ABOUT MYOUTERSPACE.COM: Myouterspace.com is a digital Sci-Fi destination and social network providing fans with amazing content and connecting talented members with creative opportunities in music, graphic design, entertainment, acting, film production, and writing. Founded by William Shatner, Sammy Oriti and Carlos Hoz De Vila, Myouterspace.com creates original Sci-Fi entertainment for film, television and the web, facilitating members’ participation alongside industry professionals. William Shatner hosts Myouterspace.com and interacts with users, oversees Starship Captains’ film projects and promotes Myouterspace.com on Twitter, Facebook, and major media outlets. For more information, visit www.myouterspace.com . AdPlayerz, Inc. is the exclusive Multi-Platform Advertising Sales and
Sponsorship Representative for Myouterspace.com. For all sponsorship and/or advertising inquiries, please contact AdPlayerz directly at sales@adplayerz.com or call 800-557-4165, Ext. 202. For more information about AdPlayerz, please visit www.adplayerz.com.


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I can’t wait

cool would like to go to comic con some day

Nice venue that ship, USS Midway. Its worth the price of admission to see it any time.

Hard to believe it was first launched 1 a few before the Japanese surrender in Sept 1945.

Would be fun to see the Midway and shat