Trek Art: Crew of the USS Enterprise in Pixels

The images of the day are in amazing 8-bit resolution with some pixel art of our favorite Star Trek characters from the original Star Trek series and the Next Generation. Check em out the pixelated crews of the Starship Enterprise below.


8 – bit Trek

The following images were made by cartoonist (and nerd) John Martz who writes in a new blog post that he has been practicing doing simple pixel art and since there has been a lot of Star Trek playing at his house lately, he chose the crews of the USS Enterprise as his subjects.

John has done the original Star Trek crew in their original and movie era costumes.

(c) John Martz

And he has done one more Kirk for fun (can you name the episode?)

(c) John Martz

John has also taken on the Next Generation crew in pixels.

(c) John Martz

Martz notes he is a ‘completist’ and so he expects to finish out with the other Trek crews as well.

More about John and his comics at

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What are little girls made of…the penis rock, lol

Fascinating how they are all recognizable despite the low resolution.

Based on the title, the last star trek we have seen in pixels is the movie that came out last :)

I call shenanigans! Where’s Scotty’s missing finger?! lol!

These are great. i actually made some very similar for my computer theme some years ago. I even made a little turbolift icon for when the computer was thinking. A little Kirk got in, the doors closed, and it lowered.

“what are little girls are made of?”

I love these representations of some of our favorite starship people.

Trek fans are so creative, it just makes me happy to think about it!

The extra Kirk is from “Dagger of the Mind”

*”what are little girls made of?” is the name of the extra Kirk pixture

This makes me nostalgic for old computer games such as Star Trek: 25th Anniversary. But I think this artwork is even lower resolution. The artist skillfully reduced the characters to their essentials.

“I call shenanigans! Where’s Scotty’s missing finger?!”


Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Trek09 please.


(Raises hand) Shat “singing” Rocket Man at the casino in the original version of “Leisure Suit Larry and the Land of the Lounge Lizards!” I recognize the detail level!


Never mind

Penis rock. Wasn’t that an afterschool special?

Totally cool.

Not bad

@10: LOL!!

These are awesome! Eagerly awating the other series’ renditions now :)

I wanna see me in pixels!

These remind me of Star Trek 25th Anniversary on Nintendo and Star Trek TNG on Sega Genesis….god I loved those games!!

Good job, reminds me of my work on the old Commodore 64, designing games!

Loves me the Penis Rock!

This takes me back to the 70’s with my Atari game consule. I still have that along with a bunch of games cartridges (about the size of an old 8 track tape) that has been in the closet for years. But those were some fun games. I just may have tro seen if that thing still works.

To think that was cutting edge & high tech stuff back then….

That last Kirk… I prefer to think that he’s holding some kind of funky musical instrument.

Make music, not … um, weird rock shapes. is the best website in the Universe.
That said, I really don’t understand why the GREAT Trekmovie staff cannot run a spell check before his postings. I mean, “Starship Ennterprise”???
Come on.

These are really good – the Beverly Crusher is startling.

These are fantastic!

Eeek! Little Computer People have taken over the Enterprise!!

What are Little Girls Made of: Kirk’s about to bean Ruk with a stalactite!

Whoa! Reminds me of the early Space Quest adventure games from Sierra software in 80’s. Those games were sweet. :)

– 24th CRS!

I got everyone, but I couldn’t figure out who was to the right of Picard until I pulled up an old photo of the crew and remembered Tasha.

Are these licensed under Creative Commons? Because I’d love to see these show up in a web game sometime.

Managed to get 274 off the top of my head – now that’s a damning statement about how much Trek I watch… ;)