Watch Opening Teaser of Phase II’s “Origins” – Featuring Kobayashi Maru Test

The popular fan series Star Trek Phase II is currently in post production on their prequel flashback episode "Origins". Today they released an early version of opening teaser for the episode, where you can see a young James T. Kirk facing the famed Kobayashi Maru test at Starfleet Academy. Check it out below.


Opening Teaser for Phase II’s "Origins"

Here is a first look at the opening teaser for "Origins" where we get a glimpse of Cadet Kirk facing the infamous Kobayashi Maru test, and dealing with his Starfleet Academy nemesis Finnegan. (note: not final audio)

Written and directed by veteran Star Trek writer David Gerrold, "Origins" tells the story of young James T. Kirk as he starts his Starfleet career, including his time at the Academy and his first meeting with Mr. Spock. The younger version of James T. Kirk is played by Matthew Ewald (Galidor). The episode also features guest star Colin Cunningham from Stargate SG-1 as Captain Pike (see previous article for preview of scene with Ewald and Cunningham). When last we heard, "Origins" was planned to be released later this year. More information at


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What does “not cut” mean?

More. More. More!!!
More please, I was just getting into that!
I even gave up the chance to jump up and down and excitedly shout ‘First’ by watching the clip before i posted.

I’m checking the trailer pronto! Can’t wait for the main event!

I look forward to seeing the whole episode. I just can’t stand John Kelley as McCoy… the guy really can’t act. But props to James Cawley for putting this together.. just wish he would have kept the name “New Voyages” … never liked the name “Phase II.” The guy that played Finnigan looked exactly like the original actor!

“Not Cut” = = > Properly Editing to fit time period aka “Origins” may play only one hour or it could be into two parts. See Star Trek:Enterprise two or three part arc stories in Seasons 3 & 4.

As for audio, either some sound efx needs to be added to taken away because it may or may not fit the scene properly. Example: who ever heard of the phaser bank sound efx used as a transporter room beaming effect?


To coin a phrase: “Hope lives again!” with Star Trek PhaseII!

Like what I’ve seen so far! Can’t wait for the whole episode!

And speaking of Kobayashi Maru, last week I finished reading the “Star Trek: Enterprise” novel of the same name. Quite a suspenseful start to the Romulan War.

How can you have an external shot of the Enterprise taking fire when the Kobayashi Maru is only a simulation . . . you know, in a simulator . . . on the ground.

My God the acting in that was horrible. So bad it makes it tough to watch.

There are supposedly 3 episodes to be released *before* Origins. So this should come out around 2014.

Nice touch, re-using (or re-creating) the graphics from TWOK for the tactical displays.

– Harry

Having Finnegan be part of the Kobayashi Maru is clever and an interesting twist. And he’s good too. Effects are great. Always fun.

Finnegan’s a douche… which I guess makes sense.

Also, the “strange new worlds” planet in the credits looks to be about a mile in diameter and spinning once every 20 seconds or so. I’d think the inhabitants are perpetually space sick.

Still, the CGI E gets better each time. Maybe a little TOO much detail for something that big, but what the hell…


The acting sucks.

BIG style.


Everything else is perfect.

#9 its what they are shown when they go for de-briefing.The sight of your ship exploding into a million (well, 3!) pieces only heightens the fact that you just blew it.


How many completed episodes are there that havent been released yet before ‘Origins’? Takes so long

WOW! This is fantastic. What a teaser! Can’t wait to see the full episode.
But, no Trek without some friendly nitpicking :-)
The season 1&2 velour uniforms somehow just don’t look quite right. They look a little bit too glittery and Kirk’s looks too yellow. And why was the mistake/oddity from ST09 retained that Klingon battlecruisers are called “warbirds”? I also wonder how we could see the destruction of the Enterprise if this is the Kobayashi Maru test. Computer simulation with the purpose of shocking the trainees? (However, it looks awesome and so I’ll simply accept it as artistic license. Or maybe we’ll understand it after the opening credits.)
However, these are micro-flaws which do not really matter because this teaser was outstanding. In particular I liked how well the bridge style from “The Cage” was recreated. And Finnegan was almost indistinguishable from the original actor’s performance in Shore Leave. Young Kirk was also well played, just how I would imagine him.
Many thanks to JC and his entire crew!

He woulda done a heck of a lot better had he been chomping on an apple in that scene.

Love the effects!!

Is that Dirty Daren?

The Klingon ships appear to have the same bow contruction as the Kobayashi Maru Klingons in JJ’s Trek. Love this!

Oh, I see Holger already touched on that.


Although it looks like the big E is finished.

First Off to those who are concerned and worried over release dates. We have been working to finish all the episodes together. We are planning on ONE big release over four weeks to occur late hopefully late fall. You will get one new episode for four weeks each Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on our site.

To those who only come here to bash…
I simply have no words or time for you.

#19 – The velour is right on the money, trust me Lights do funny things.
as to why you see the destruction, not only is part of the simulation for the cadets, it is a cool bit of license for the audience.

Cawley 2012!

I wish Bob Orci had thought o’ puttin’ Finnegan in tha’ Academy wit’ Jimmy… Grand idea! I do wish ta’ see how that thar’ test trurns oot’… great intro!

Nothin’ like a blambooie mick ta’ irritate ye’s…

COLIN FARRELL: Who ye’ be callin’ a blambooie mick, ye’ daft poofter?

BND: Oh, I only kidz cuz I luvz. And I wuz’ referrin’ ta’ Finnegan, not ye’, ye’ bloody sod-off kangaroo cackle! I kidz cuz I luvz!

COLIN FARRELL: Really? Well, ye’ gunna’ love me as I stomp on yer’ lucky charms and pee milk down yer’ throat, ye’ EDITED english arse!

Well, if I survives me beatin’, I’ll be glad ta’ watch Cawley’s shows…


James, – I am a new comer for this exercise, as in, the last 30 days, but have drooled over every frame of all the produced episodes I found on line and watched. The genuine love and care you all have given to give us fans more episodes is evident, even if every thing inst or could ever be picture perfect. These are exactly the kinds of “fan wished” episodes I or manny cotto would produce given a chance. My heartfelt thank you and I hope you have much more in you all. I can be, and have been a hater on certain subjects, but in this case please tell the haters “Up your shaft” for me. This is amazing and I congratulate you all.

I thought the acting was fine. I also thought the opening shot of the enterprise arriving at earth was very well done. I like it better than the TOS Remastered versions.

Finnigan was well played, At first I thought he was a little over the top, but then realized that this is just another simulator exercise to him. Finnigan would be tossed into the brig if he had behaved like that on actual duty.

The camera angles were spot on, The over the shoulder shot of kirk conveys alot of emotion. I don’t think that gene roddenberry would have shot this any differently than what is shown here. The faithfulness to the original series shines through.

@ # 9, I thought the same thing at first, But then realized that this was a first act cliffhanger, No doubt that after the show’s title credits, We will see trainee kirk and crew picking up the pieces as pike walks onto the simulator, Shaking his head and says: “Kirk.. You blew up another one!”

@ # 20, Kirk only chomps on the apple when he knows he is going to win. Otherwise the apple moment loses it’s punch in trek 2009 as well as TWOK.

Looking foreward to seeing the rest of this episode. Again , Well Done!!!!

As far as I’m concerned. I’ll wait as long as it takes for the episodes to come out. They’re Great!! As for the acting, doesn’t seem any different to me than the Original Series ( and I mean that in a good way). As for Haters, if you don’t like it , why are you even here? I’ve read some pretty negative things posted in the past here. A little positivity goes a long way, folks.

Loved that Finnegan…those effects were awesome…if it wasn’t for the acting though…if they just wouldn’t over act every scene….
Visually though…top notch!

“However, these are micro-flaws which do not really matter because this teaser was outstanding. In particular I liked how well the bridge style from “The Cage” was recreated.”

Well, thanks. :-) The idea was to re-create a bridge style somewhere between the “Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” eras (since that’s when the bulk of the story takes place), and I was mostly responsible for altering the color scheme on the upper bridge level. Unfortunately my idea of swapping-out the small viewscreen graphics for those more reminiscient of WNMGB was met with some resistance from the producers (though the art director thought it was a great idea) due to time considerations, but I still thought the set looked great, and being present on the bridge during the filming of this sequence was quite a thrill.

why destroy a simulated enterprise? WHY NOT! Its fun! I already commented on youtube, but i’ll re-comment here. I loved this clip. Can’t wait to see the final episode. The CGI was finally believable. It looks just incredible. Loved that shot of the big E flying by.

Haters suck balls and don’t have anything meaningful to contribute. They aren’t fixing anything so their complaints are meaningless.

I enjoy the stuff James is doing. Finnegan seems just about spot on. And if you have ever played a racing game on any game system you know that you can get multiple replay views of your car. From the driver’s seat, from just outside and to the rear of the car, and one that looks as if it was recorded from track-side cameras. Having a computer show you multiple views of a simulation isn’t something so out of the ordinary that it wouldn’t be expected in a test like the Kobayashi Maru.

That’s very cool. I’d love to buy a box DVD set of these.

re: “as to why you see the destruction, not only is part of the simulation for the cadets, it is a cool bit of license for the audience”

Since I knew it was a simulation, that scene broke my focus, I knew it was “wrong.” If I hadn’t known it was a simulation, it might have worked… until I watched it a second time. :-)

I don’t understand how it could be part of the simulation for the cadets. What cadet is viewing the scene from that perspective?

Young Kirk has his own “Q” in Finnegan during the Kobiyashi Maru.


See, this is my problem – young Kirk is Chris Pine in my head now.

This kid, I dunno. I know Gary Mitchell described him as having been kinda studious/ wimpy in Where No Man Has Gone Before.- but…

Well, anyhow

@Micheal Hall-
Good use of old look seats, etc. Nice old bridge look.


I tried clicking the link and got bupkus. I will take that as a sign that there is no real need for me to check out the new Trek site. Until it has stuff to offer that I can’t get anywhere else I find it irrellevant.


Wrong article. Never mind.

I really wanna like this (Phase 2 in general), but it just doesn’t do it for me. I get that this is Cawley’s baby, and as such he can be whoever he wants to be. But I just can’t suspend disbelief when it comes to that skinny dufus being James T Kirk. Neither Cawley, ‘nor the actor that plays a ‘young’ Kirk, can credibly play the character, IMNSHO.

Not impressed.

Finnigan… yes… fricken awesome…!!! Way to go Mr. Cawley… too bad new movie didn’t have some TOS old-timers, enough said on that subject…

Anyway, just love TOS sound tracks….

So, what were Klingons friring? Torpedos are disruptors??? Should be disruptors, please CGI out the torpedos and shoot them green dots from the nacelle tips…

Wow…that Finnegan acting was painful! As was McCoy’s…but the effects are great….

James Cawley, this looks totally amazing. I can’t wait to see these episodes. I’m looking more forward to seeing these than the next “official” Star Trek movie. I’m not putting that down, it’s just that I love to see your version of classic Trek, because it is done with so much care and feeling— and it genuinely captures the look and spirit of the original show. This is really an exciting time for Star Trek. I too am concerned about the release dates of the coming episodes, but mainly because I am anxious to see more. Also, I hope you release some kind of “director’s cut” of Blood and Fire with the two episodes combined together as a complete movie. That would be very cool, indeed. Thanks so much, James, for all that you do. This longtime Star Trek fan appreciates it very much!

The acting is fine ,as this is a non profit independent production. They do have pro acters guest star from time to time but the majority of the regulars have minimal acting experience,but do an exelent job with their characters. If someone gave you a gift ,put alot of time and money in it the last thing you should do is nit pick.

James…. what a great teaser… loved it, loved it. The only comment I have is, in the beginning it felt a little too rushed between Kirk and McCoy. (a lack of build up) That’s all!

Looking forward to the episode.


#21 Effects were done by me, utilizing and altering models made by Daren. (refitting the Klingon cruiser and the Enterprise to “Pilot” status)

#42 just imagine they are firing everything – just the disruptors when they are off-screen :) Torps look much cooler… this is probably why in EVERY Kobayashi simulation they are firing torpedos.

Nicely done! I enjoyed this quite a lot. :)

Dunno what some people were watching, I found the acting quite believable. And for a quick rough cut, this is pretty good.

39- no worries, THX. I usually dunna’ know what city or state I be in. Or if I’m just out ta’ sea…

I just wanna’ say that while I dunna’ really get inta’ these fan-made productions, but I thought that teaser wuz’ grand.
I do not watch all o’ Crawley’s shows, but I applaud him fur’ revivin’ “that olde’ Trek magic.”

Kodos, Crawley. Errrrrrrr… I mean “kudos!”


Finnegan was…well…that was eerie. Seems as if (cant call it a spoiler because it was in the clip) red shirt Peter Kirk is now history hence McCoy/Kirk’s convo. Im guessing thats to free up the actor for his work on Buck Rogers. Effects looked great. Missed the swan necked viewers on the captains chair and consoles though.