Limited Number Of Sulu Pour Homme Cologne Comic Con Exclusives Available Online Today

GenkiWear’s new Star Trek fragrance is: SULU Pour Homme. Next week they will be selling a limited selection of the Sulu cologne at San Diego Comic Con in special packaging. However, for just today, Genki are selling making a limited number at their site. Details below.


Sulu Pour Homme Comic Con Exclusive – Available online today only

Genki Wear is offering a limited number of SULU Pour Homme to be sold on  for all the fans that cannot make it to the International Comic-Con in San Diego. The sale is available today (Friday July 16th) until 10:00pm EST. Genki Wear will make available for sale just a few of the only 300 bottles of SULU Pour Homme Cologne in SDCC Exclusive Packaging that are being made worldwide (for $40.00).

Each of these limited exclusives is hand numbered and will ship in the same exclusive “Air-Tight Bucket of SULU” packaging that will be sold at SDCC this year. And with Genki Wear unable to attend the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas as they did last year, this is an opportunity no Star Trek Fan should let pass them by.

Sulu Pour Homme

SULU Pour Homme is described as "a refined, aquatic fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of citrus and spice that includes carnation, peony, white lily, nutmeg, saffron and coriander combined with heavier lower notes of musk, amber and exotic dark woods. Although top notes immediately hit upon the light citrus, it’s deeper complexity call for evening wear."

If you are attending San Diego Comic Con, you can also buy Sulu Pour Homme at Booth #3744 for $39.99 (limit two per person).


More available Genki Star Trek fragrances

Genki’s Red Shirt, Tiberius, Shirtless Kirk and Pon Farr are carried by Entertainment Earth and each retails for  $29.99 and you can pick them up by clicking the links below:

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oh myyyyy!

I want to buy the cologne online so hopefully it arrives in time to take to the Vegas ST CON and have George Takei autograph it for my collection.

It seems like a collection is never finished……

That’s actually a pretty well-written description on the back of the box. Written by someone who obviously knows Trek.

This is so not good for Takei’s ego

They sure do market well, I admire the attention to detail on all their product packaging!

OK someone has to say it. Is the Sulu cologne meant for and designed for Gay Men?


Isn’t ALL cologne meant for and designed for gay men?

I always thought of cologne as the male version of perfume. Of course, a lot of butch women wear cologne as well!


George needs to do a viral ad shirtless and on horseback.

Lord, whose fingers just typed that into my keyboard?

When you open the bottle, the perfume laughs at you.

Even I, who owns all kinds of Trek crap dating back to the mid-70’s, would not consider buying this. Oh My Indeed! LOL

6 and 7 — yea, that occurred to me too, but I didn’t really want to go there….fragrence: “BrokeTrek Mountain #7 by Channel” anyone?

Surely no one would actually wear this stuff?!

#12 I beg to differ. According to the back of the box, It’s for the man who “Does Everything”. How are we supposed to interpret that comment?

#12 — “Does Everything” means he’s Versatile — both a Top and a Bottom…

#14 I think it means he’s a cheap date.