Preview of LeVar Burton in ‘The Jensen Project’ – Sci-Fi TV movie airing tonight

Tonight Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton will be seen in a family TV movie with a sci-fi theme "The Jensen Project", on NBC. The film is actually a ‘back door pilot’ that could result in a series. We have a preview and commentary from Burton below to get you started.


Burton on Jensen Project

The Jensen Project is a sci-fi TV movie targeted at a family audience which was co-produced/sponsored by Proctor and Gambel and Wal-mart. The story is about a top-secret project that develops technology where one of the members ‘goes rogue’ and has to be stopped. Burton plays one of the scientists at the secret facility. 

If the two hour film airing tonight on NBC at 8 PM succeeds it could result in a series. in an interview with The Boston Herald, Burton says that he could see himself going back to series television:

Having had the finest television experience I can ever expect to have in one career in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ I have faith to jump back into the fray…I think I’ve got one more television series in me before I’m done

Here is the trailer.

And here are some cast interviews, including LeVar

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go for it


P&G and Walmart ??? Is this a fictional infomercial?

WOW! It even has a female Wesly Crusher!

This show looks good. It could have potential if it doesn’t become another teen-centric show where they come to the rescue of those helpless adults every week!

Question: Lavar’s character didn’t die in “Die Hard”. Why hasn’t he been in any of the sequels? His charactor would be great to return to finish off Bruce Willis and his over inflated ego.


LeVar Burton wasn’t in “Die Hard”.

#5 Oh man. lmfao.

High above, at the top of the Nakatomi Tower…

LeVAR BURTON: I have you now, policeman. You won’t be troubling me anymore. Hands up!

JOHN McCAIN: Wait… there’s some mix-up… Bruce Willis is supposed to be here. And I can’t raise my hands or reach the gun duct-taped to my neck due to my war injuries.

SARAH PALIN: Hold it right there, you pesky scamp. My shotgun is aimed right for your airfilter like hot fleas on a cold moose.

LeVAR BURTON: I didn’t see that coming.

JOHN McCAIN: Yippie-ka-aye, motherEDITED.

Oh, I kidz cuz I loves… I thinks…



Dude, it’s a TV Movie, not a new series. Did you read the title of the article or watch the preview? lol

Ha, never mind. Obviously I NEVER READ THE ARTICLE. My bad.

Nice to see Mrs. Tool Time in the Jenson Project

#6 OMG your right, that guy went on to become Chuck Norris’s partner in another life.

Bad Eureka rip-off.

@9 – Andy, it’s a Backdoor pilot for a series. If the ratings are good, it can go to a series.

12 – Yep, that was Clarence Gilyard Jr. in “Die Hard.” He was in “Walker, Texas Ranger” (as you said) as well as “Matlock” (he replaced Kene Holliday as Matlock’s ).

Sorry, left that hanging! I mean to say “… as Matlock’s private investigator.”

Tim Russ was in “Live Free And Die Hard”. So there is a connection between a former Trek actor and “Die Hard”. :-)


Yeah, right after I posted that I actually read the entire article LOL. I corrected myself in comment 10.

Does anybody know the name of the song/artist at the end of the trailer?