ShatWatch: London Comic Con Pix + Lifetime Achievement Video + Nick Cage On Shatner’s Greatness

It is time for a new ShatWatch. Star Trek’s William Shatner has spent the weekend at the London Comic Con and we have pix of Bill from the event. We also have some recently uploaded Shatner videos, including the Banff Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony, a recent con where he talks about De Kelley and his pitch for wild salmon. All that plus Nicholas Cage talking about how Bill is a ‘Great Man’.


Photos: Bill at London Comic Con

UK Photographer and friend of the site Daniel Lewis sends in these pictures from today’s London Comic Con, where William Shatner appeared and was signing.

Nick Cage on how Shatner is a "Great Man"

At the publicity junket for the new film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, actors Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel talked about the ‘great man" theme of the film and noted how their model for a great man was none other than William Shatner, Here is what Cage said about Shatner (via TheDeadbolt):

I think we are both fans of William Shatner. We were talking some times and I was putting out the question of who had more of an impact on popular mythology and culture and I thought that his Star Trek Captain Kirk is what started the whole thing rolling and therefore he was a very significant contributor to pop culture.

Video from William Shatner Banff Lifetime Achievement Award

Earlier this summer William Shatner was honored at the Banff World Television Festival with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Video of the ceremony is available online (thanks to schmoozequeenTV). Here it is in three parts with the first two parts being actors Jason Priestly and Eric McCormack talking up Shatner and Bill appearing in the last part.

Shatner recalls DeForest Kelley’s dog

Here is video from Shatner’s recent appearance at TrekExpo in Tulsa, where he talks about his former co-star DeForest Kelley’s pet Chihuahua

Bill Stands Up For Salmon

Here is video (thanks to CommonSenseCanadian) form last month’s Canadian press event where William Shatner joined the campaign to protect wild salmon.


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William Shatner.


Long may he run!

Love ya, Bill, but I gotta say that’s the worst ‘piece’ you’ve worn in many a moon. I hope that’s not the one for the new series.

I hate to say it, but I have to agree with #2. Bill looks like he’s wearing a squirrel pelt on his head!

In those first two pics Shatner has the look of “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am”. But then again, maybe he can’t, I don’t know what it sounds like to be that awesome.

I didn’t say Bill’s not awesome. He is. It’s just the carpet sample on his noggin’ that’s so distractingly bad.

Forget Shatner. Who’s the cute blonde sitting next to him?

shats the man cant wait to see him and nimoy in vegas

Nicholas Cage is right. Shatner is a great man! Or at least I agree with his assertion of his importance in pop culture. I’ve long contended Star Trek may have endured as a cult hit but it wouldn’t be what it is without Shatner’s Kirk.

Great to see Bill getting the recognition he deserves.
And I think Nicholas Cage is pretty darned good as well.

And Shatner’s Life Time Achievement Award speech was very nice. Evidence of something I’ve been saying for some time….there’s a lot more, and deeper stuff to the man, than some give him credit for. Listen to his latest Bio on tape. His speech also gave me a new Shatner pronunciation to add to my long list….KUDOS….pronounced by Shatner as CUE-DOS, I may put that list out some day. I love Shatner.

Shat rules….I wish I could see him and Nimoy in Vegas…..

Shatner is one of the few actors who really can lay claim to “The Man” status.

Also, that was one hell of an intro job by Jason and Eric.

I just watched Shatner’s speech……………masterful! Nicely done!

Remember, he’s not reading from a teleprompter! For 79…..WOW!

Looking forward to meeting Bill again in a few weeks in Vegas.

I was there at Earls Court 2 on Sunday. It was a fairly fun event. Even though there was not enough Star Trek stuff at the dealer tables. I was interested in getting an autograph and listening to his talk.

However at £25 and £35 respectively, that would mean I would have spent out close to £100 (I was there with my Fiancée)

He’s interesting but not that interesting.

I did however get to see him chatting to Kenny Baker (very sad to see him in a wheelchair) in a private section for the stars, behind the main hall. From one of the restaurants above the main floor you had a really good view in.
I guess that was why there was an official there at all times telling people “Sorry you can’t take photographs from here!”

And there was me thinking it was a free country…

Mike Tyson was charging £50 for a photograph?!? WTF!

I went to the Saturday event. It was good to see Shatner. Got a postcard signed that Nimoy signed about 16 years ago for me. There was a geek in front of me (I’m one too), who had about ten million things signed (all the way down to a DVD cover, which I thought was strange). The poor guy was all flustered and kept dropping his stuff in front of Shatner. Felt sorry for him. We just nodded and walked on by. Shatner is looking pretty good. His eyes show his age, but not much else does. I think he bathes in the fountain of youth.

The rest of the convention was alright, but I gained the most enjoyment out of seeing all the crazy kids dressed up in their outfits. I was a bit shocked when my friend’s girlfriend explained to me what ‘Furries’ were. Scary stuff. There was this guy running around in a full-sized rubber ‘Alien’ suit (from the movie of the same name). He tried to kiss one of the girls with us. She said he smelled of rubber and sweat. Nice.

oh god Deforest is going to be cursing at Bill for this for from heaven for ANOTHER 6 years!

CRAP! I forgot the London Comic Con was on! Awww man I really wanted to go to that as well…

Great speeches by both Eric and Bill. Wow! That was great!

I was at Earls Court too. I am not a big fan of comics so I wouldn’t go to these things normally, but went just to see him. I mean he was coming to somewhere easily reachable from where I live this side of the pond, how could i miss a chance of seeing him in person!! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I have to say, even at his age and everything else, i thought he’s really attractive in person, and like #10 said, there’s something more to him than we can see. I’ve become even more of a fan now! And I so regret not getting an autograph from him, but the thought of standing in front of him was just a bit too much for me at the time…… now I want to see him interact with Leonard!!! I am so envious of you guys who are going to Vegas!!!

#2 & #3 I hope I look half that good if I’m fortunate enough to live as long as Shatner has.

2:05 in the wild salmon video: I can see him as an aged Captn’ Kirk.

The man deserves his success. Nice anecdote about DeForest Kelley — a gentleman and fine actor who is sorely missed by us Trek fans.

I was thinking the same thing.

Was it a wig? Could you tell?

Captain James T Kirk, TJ Hooker, Denny Crane.

Some actors give us great acting. Few give us great characters.

When we think of great acting moments we tend to say “yes, that was good” in conversation. When we think of great characters a little light comes on inside that generates the smile on our face.

William Shatner has given the world a handful of such characters.

And the good news is… More to come.

Shatner is himself such a character, would that be considered “typecasting”?


Nope! He’d still be remembered as James Tiberius Kirk, T.J. Hooker, Denny Crane, the Priceline.Com guy, and the host of “Rescue 911”.

He’s done so much, it would be hard to pin him down to just one role (even if that role was himself).

I note that Nicolas Cage’s birth name is Nicolas Coppola. No slouch in his own right, he’s the nephew of famed director Francis Ford (“Apocalypse Now”) Coppola fame. The man comes from a good Hollywood family. He knows whereof he speaks, making his comments about Mr. Shatner all the weightier (no pun intended).

^^ Delete “fame” in my second sentence. D’oh!

I am surprised that this site covered this. Seeing as last year you didn’t mention it in the slightest, despite the London-Con having Scott Bakula and Dominic Keating.

I cringe every time I hear Shatner recall the story of De Forest Kelley’s tiny dog dying. Even after all these years he laughs about it. Who’s the real man here? The man who cried for his dog, or the one who makes fun of it.

No wonder Kelley hardly spoke to him for the rest of the series. It would be nice to hear Shatner show some remorse and apologize instead of making this into a funny anecdote yet again.

jeannie, I agree!

Dog lovers unite!