EXCLUSIVE: First Look At QMx Star Trek 2009 Replica Stunt Phaser & Academy Class Ring

In the run up to Comic Con, TrekMovie is bringing you previews of the new Star Trek items that will be debuted at the show. Today we have an exclusive first look at two QMx replicas from the 2009 Star Trek Movie. The replica Starfleet Academy Class Ring and Replica Stunt Phaser look pretty good and both are pretty affordable as well. Details and pictures below.


QMx Starfleet Academy Class Ring Replica

The next Star Trek movie replica from Quantum Mechanix will be a replica Starfleet Academy ring. The sterling silver-plated ring with a copper core is an accurate replica of the ring made for Chris Pine for the Star Trek movie. It shows the Starfleet Academy logo and has the graduation year of 2258, with the indentations all oxidized instead of painted (which can chip). 

This new Academy ring comes sized as a Men’s large (which you can have resized at a jeweler if needed). It comes in a presentation case, which has the Starfleet Academy Logo on the inside lid, making it a nice display piece. QMx is hoping to have them ready for purchase by the fall, and the best part is the ring will only set you back $39.95.

Star Trek stunt phaser

Later in the fall following the ring, QMx will release a ‘stunt’ phaser replica from the Star Trek movie. This phaser is a replica of the stunt versions of the prop phasers used in the film, meaning that it has no moving parts, sound or lights.

The main difference between the QMx stunt replica and ones used on the set of Star Trek, is that the QMx replicas are chrome and steel plated (over a resin core) instead of painted. According to QMx President Andy Gore, the phaser has some "heft" to it and will feel like a real weapon, and that feel is also enhanced by the metal plating.

The new Star Trek stunt phaser comes with an acrylic base and will be available late this fall for an affordable $49.95. Gore tells TrekMovie that QMx wanted to give fans "a nice display or costume piece that wont break their wallet."  However, Gore confirms that QMx is still developing a ‘hero’ phaser replica from the Star Trek movie made out of solid aluminum, complete with a rotating barrel and lights and sounds. That replica should be available in 2011, but expect it to hit your wallet harder than the stunt version.

Ring, Phaser and more from QMx on display at Comic Con

You will be able to check out these new items this week if you are attending San Diego Comic Con. Check them out at the QMx Booth (#3251). QMx will also be showing off the previously released Star Trek pins and the Star Trek movie retro posters released last week. They will also have a number of items from the Battlestar and Serenity franchises.

In addition, QMx will be showing off the latest version of their Artisan series USS Enterprise. TrekMovie will have more details on that highly anticipated item later this week.


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That ring is great. I may have to consider getting it.

Nice! I realy like the phaser…

Can they include a utility belt. I don’t think my pistol holster will hold it.

I’m going to wait for the hero phaser, and yes, a utility belt would be great.

That ring looks nice, but why only one size?

I like the ring.

Love the ring. Sorry, think the phaser looks like a kiddie toy — even on film.

I’m still waiting for a smaller more affordable version of a ship, any ship for crying out loud, Enterprise or Kelvin! I still find it difficult to accept that there are still no “good” ship replicas or models from the movie! The Polar Lights model keeps getting delayed. Could someone explain this?

Hmmm. Resizing a silver plate ring with a copper center would end up looking lousy. Grrrr.

@ #8 I’m not surprised. Perhaps if the Enterprise hadn’t been so fugly…
Sorry to beat a dead horse but I think it’s a valid point. Looking forward to a major refit in 2012.

I am already planning to buy the phaser.

I just hope it’s legal to carry it in this State. Last thing I need is some trooper pulling me over for a broken tail-light, seeing that thing in plain sight, and calling the SWAT team on me.

BTW, if you see that on the news, it won’t be me. I’ll be transporting it in my trunk.


The props were the worst thing about J.J.J’s movie. They should have stuck with a stream-lined version of TOS props. The phaser II is the most iconic weapon in sci-fi besides the light saber.

I say bravo to QMx for making an affordable “stunt version” of a cool prop. I wish Master Replicas did this kind of thing years ago.

I can just see archaeologists over the next millennia excavating the rings and asking themselves where exactly their understanding of Earth history went wrong.

I do applaud QMx for creating affordable prop replicas. Sorry I didn’t reference that in my earlier rant about the lack of ship replicas this late in the game.


That ring looks awesome!!!!

Might wait for the next version of the Phaser, depending on the cost of course……

The academy rings that I bought at the Sta Trek Experience awhile back looked a lot nicer to me. They resembled a college ring and looked alot better. You can still find them on eBay.

#14 – LOL. Exactly! Great observation.

Making models that are accurate takes time and money– Polar Lights isn’t a huge company, and they are determined to get it right before they release it.

Patience… buy the re-released AMT version Spock and K-7 models while you are waiting!

#5 If they offered more sizes it would mean more inventory, thus a higher price than $39.95. You’d be looking at over a hundred bucks if they offered sizes. Remember, they’re not doing this for love of Trek, they’re doing it to make a profit.

Well its about time class rings were finaly brought into treklore. Trek in all its incarnations never brought this essential up. I’ve always held a curiosity about starfleet academy’s class rings. Design is elegant and simple. Great job in design. Now when are academy yearbooks going to be introduced?

I loved the props they were class

does QMx now hold the license for making doctor who replicas?

i was on their site and they have a doctor who section

Finally, something new that isn’t a poster. That phaser may not make noise or anything, but I’d rather have it than the crappy fake chromed Playmates phaser. And the ring’s nice too.

The phaser should be a working replica…o’well, nice that they did it.

The price is right. Sign me up for both.

Thanks to QMx for making the stunt version of the phaser! I have a feeling the hero is going to be a little too much.

Not a fan of the phaser (even though I bought the Playmates toy). It doesn’t say much for the prop when the cheapo Playmates version doesn’t look much different. The Kelvin crew’s phasers were MUCH better looking pieces. So were their communicators. And ship, for that matter. Stupid Rommies screwed up everything when they went back in time.

Fix this stuff in the next film please, Mr. JJ.

I will probably get the ring myself. However, I never cared for this phaser design so will pass on it.

The Phasers, were not even good Phasers. I dunno, to me when a starfleet officer has a phaser, it should be a beam weapon. as far as I know, the TOS Phasers were beams, TNG were Beams, and on down the line. To me it was more like they picked up a couple of disruptor pistols from the Romulans.

Ugh, sorry to get all ranty, but Two thumbs down on the Star trek (2009) Phaser… pistol… thing.

I like the idea of getting an Academy ring.

I can see keeping production/consumer costs down by the stunt prop Phaser replica being mute and w/o lights…but how hard would of it to be to the swing, button- release action for the stun/kill rotaing action? If Playmates can do it for under 20.00 w/ plastic, WTF? As for the ring, I can see geting am jewler to size down, but to size up would be costly and or impossible, depending on the ring’s core metal.

I’m a classic phaser purist- BUT, I really am digging this new offering.
So yes, me want.
And (geeking out) I found a rare gray-handled DST/AA classic phaser at Polaris over the weekend! Woohoo!

Didn’t really like the new phasers. I much prefer the original 60s ones over these ones.

The phaser was too simplified in the new movie I felt. Only stun and kill and instead of diring phaser beams it fired pulse ‘bullits’

Now the stun and kill one works better in Enterprise as it is an earlier design but the phasers in TOS had multiple settings. I couldn’t heat a rock with the new phaser one.

While they are nice to look at I do feel they were simplified for the mainstream.

Not going to lie, the cheesy design of the hand phaser is only eclipsed by that of the engine room. And I say that as a total fan of new Trek.

I love the Phaser, but since it’s static, I would rather have the disrupt red phaser tip in the forward position instead of the stun. Still, for the price with a case, it can’t be beat.

They should have at least made the emitter pivot manually…how hard could that be? great price though, I’ll probably get one a one any way.

Want a ring. Goody goody. I may have to shrink my finger though.

I might pick up the phaser. I’m sure the hero version will be upwards of 400 bucks, like the MR ones were.

I like the ring, but I’m not a jewelry guy.

Ring is OK- but would have to have resized. I already have 2 different academy rings, one with a gem, one silver with the Delta Shield on the ‘top’

That phaser is the silliest looking weapon since those old “hair dryer” guns from 50’s sci-fi movies. The TOS phaser was sooooo much better looking and much more believable as an actual weapon. The JJ phaser looks like a toy.


I think the factthat the new one looks like a toy is why I don’t like it so much. I actually found the original 60 design to be more functional.

Another sign to prove that StarTrek was ahead of its time.

I’ve been dying to see the QMX Starfleet Ring ever sence I first saw it in a production still, long before the movie came out and all I have to say is…WOW!!! That Ring looks like crap!!! I’ve gotta tell you I’m tired of prop replica companies getting the look of objects wrong. As a long time collector I don’t understand why soooo many people buy stuff that’s NOT accurate.

Below is a link to a picture of a screen used ring from the ’09 Star Trek Icon file and below that is my personal Starfleet class ring that was gifted to me.


The QMX ring has at least four flaws in addition to being a brass/silver plated ring that if resised will look bad, and at least will turn some people’s fingers green. Darn it! Again, why are there so many inaccuracies in products made by people who clame to have access to the actual props!!!

The phaser is ugly, gimmicky and lame. Even the Kelvin’s phasers were MUCH better, but just to change something because you can isn’t always a good thing. Some things were better before and shouldn’t be messed with. Subtle changes, ok, making a completely new phaser that looks like a toy you’d buy at the dollar store? No. The ONLY thing worse than this was the bridge design..

so will the barrel move or not ??

I’ve got one and the plastic chrome is poorly made not worth te money.

Any word on these rings as yet? I know i placed a pre-order back in December of 10’…

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