Shatner’s Star Trek II Costume Sells For $37.5K + Full Report From Heritage Auction

Over the weekend The Heritage Auction Gallery held an auction including a number of Star Trek costumes. Bidding was fierce for some items, most notably Admiral Kirk’s jacket from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan which sold for $37,500. Full report from the event below.  


William Shatner’s TWOK Jacket Sells for $37.5K

The Star Trek highlight of the Heritage Auction Galleries Signature® Music & Entertainment Memorabilia Auction held in Beverly Hills on Saturday was the Admiral Kirk Jacket and shirt costume from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Admiral Kirk’s costume went for a pricey $37,500

Originally estimated to sell for $20,000, bidding shot up to $37,500 (before buyers premium). And for full disclosure, I was one of the bidders who tried for the Kirk costume, but dropped out when I hit $35,000 (well above my original intended maximum bid). The last auction for one of these Shatner worn movie era uniforms was at the Christies Auction in 2006 where it went for $25,000. To be honest, I am now glad I didn’t win the auction as I think the price went too high and the emotion of the moment overcame logic, but it was a good lesson in auction market dynamics.

That being said, this uniform is a very rare piece of Star Trek history and it was in overall excellent condition, with the exception of a small hole on the front of the jacket where an insignia pin was attached. The uniform consists of the distinctive maroon jacket, sleeveless white undershirt, black trousers, and black leather belt with metal Starfleet insignia buckle included. This particular Starfleet duty uniform features a jacket and undershirt worn by none other than William Shatner in his role as Admiral James T. Kirk was later modified and worn by Leon Russom, along with the included trousers, as the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief in Star Trek VI

Jacket tag with Shatner’s and Russom’s name (added later)

A couple of the major lots had opening bids so high that no one bid on them. This was the case with both the Spock Duty Uniform Undershirt worn by Leonard Nimoy as well as the DeForest Kelley TOS Duty Uniform Trousers. That pair of trousers was interesting in that it had front pockets and one knowledgeable source believes they may in fact have been James Doohan’s who had pockets made on his pants for his cigarettes! The pants also had the cuffs removed, which means they were being prepped to be reused for Star Trek: Phase II.

Spock costume went unsold

Despite my disappointment that I didn’t get the Kirk jacket, I did get the Klingon costume, which in fact was the stunt costume for John Colicos as the Klingon Kor in Deep Space Nine. I own the undershirt, belt and gauntlets to complete this costume, so was pleased to get what has been a holy grail for me. It went for $ 3,500 plus buyer’s premium, and after losing the Kirk at 10x this price, I felt I got a good deal and got away with my bank account intact!

My new Klingon costume – only $3500


Alec Peters is the owner of PropWorx, who are handling the Star Trek Auction at the Las Vegas Trek Convention in August and author of the Star Trek Prop and Auction Blog.

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