Bruce Greenwood ‘Hustling’ For Star Trek Sequel + Starts Production Rumor (Sequel Still Starting Spring/Summer 2011)

Bruce Greenwood won high praise for his portrayal of Capt. Christopher Pike in the 2009 Star Trek movie. As he is not part of the main crew of the Enterprise, it isn’t certain that he will be back. But in a couple of new interviews the actor said he doing what he can to return to the final frontier. He also started another production start rumor.


Greenwood ‘hustling’ for Star Trek sequel – wants out of the chair

Bruce Greenwood is one of the stars of the Steve Carell comedy Dinner for Schmucks, due out next weekend. caught up with the actor at the premiere earlier this week. When asked about the Star Trek sequel (due in theaters June 29th 2012), Greenwood said that he ‘hoped’ he was in it, noting:

I’m hustling for it…we’ll see.

Greenwood also spoke to about the same topic and Greenwood elaborated on how he is ‘hustling’ saying:

I know they’re writing the script and I encourage them whenever I see them to make Pike a critical element.

But Greenwood again stated that he hopes any Pike sequel action is on his two feet and out of that wheelchair, saying

I think with the latitude of the parallel universe I might be able to get out of the chair, and I’m hoping the mentorship between myself and Kirk (Chris Pine) continues. 

Greenwood is ‘hustling’ for another Star Trek ride – but on his two feet

Greenwood starts production rumor but sequel still starting Spring/Summer 2011

Greenwood also told "I just know the plan is to film it in January, more than that I don’t know". Earlier this year Greenwood said a similar thing to at he Schmucks set visit, saying "I gather January 2011 is when they’re going to roll cameras". Now based on Greenwood’s comment to a number of other sites are running "Star Trek sequel starting in January" stories.

However, it appears that Greenwood is working off older info. A few weeks ago producer Bryan Burk told TrekMovie that he was hoping to get production started in "late spring or early summer", and at the same event Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and
Alex Kurtzman said
that they were just starting to break the story for the sequel and they have previously stated that the script was due around Christmas 2010. TrekMovie checked with Orci again today, and nothing has changed in their schedule. So it looks like pre-production will be happening as early as January 2011, but cameras will not be rolling until around May/June/July (which would be in line with their schedule for the first film which began production 13 months ahead of the original release date).


Greenwood in Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks, starring Paul Rudd Steven Carell opens this Friday, July 30th. Greenwood plays the boss of a company that has a strange dinner tradition. Here is the trailer.


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Get this man into the film! What a great, great re-interpretation of Pike. Greenwood deserves the credit for making it…something special.

Bruce Greenwood is the man and I want to see him in the sequel!

I hope he’s in it, he did such a great job in the first one. I’m sure the Guys can come up with a scene or two with Admiral Pike.

If I were writing this film, I would reimagine the Talosians and sort of rework The Cage and have Kirk captured by them this time and have Pike lead the rescue mission. I would not have it take place on Talos V like The Cage did and I would make the Talosians more powerful and menacing. I would almost completely rewrite the Cage. That would make for a great movie.

I have to concur with #1 and 2. Bring back Bruce Greenwood. His take on Pike in the first film was classic!

Bob and Alex are geniuses for being able to reel in a talent such as Bruce Greenwood. Let’s hope that they have someone special in mind to appear in the next film, whether as a villain or as someone else.

I still have a mancrush on Greenwood’s Pike. It would be great if they could work him back into the second film. Hope boborci is reading…

Bruce Greenwood was the one actor in the film I felt surpassed the original. Some of the others came close (Simon Pegg), and some matched the original (Karl Urban), but I much prefer Greenwood Pike to Hunter Pike.

He shouldn’t have to hustle; they should be kissing his butt. He was one of the core acting talents in the film that made the creative team look good.

More Greenwood = Better Sequel.

I’ve been reading a lot of Trek fiction lately, and focusing on the Pike era ENTERPRISE. A lot of great stories; I forget that (in Trek lore) Pike was the Captain of the E for two five-year missions at least; there’s a lot of stories to be told.

And to bring up a non-topic: I nominate Sandy Wood* as the new voice of the ENTERPRISE computer!

(If you’re as much into the science as the fiction you might recognize the name.)

I was totally exhilarated when I read for the first time that Greenwood had been cast as Pike, and it was a great choice and a wonderful performance. He *must* be in the sequel. I’d even settle for a short video cameo like Janeway in ST:Nemesis. recently did an interview with Bruce Greenwood. It’s interesting so I recommend everyone reads it.

8, yes, there are indeed plenty of stories to be told in the Standard (un-rebooted) Universe.

Three words: Gra vit tas.

Okay, so that’s one word, but it’s one word that encapsulates Greenwood-as-Pike.

I concur with those who laud his performance in ST2009. Together with Leonard Nimoy, Greenwood made this a movie for the ages and not just your average awesome prequel.

Apropos to someone who’s played a U.S. President, Greenwood brought an air of quiet but supreme confidence to the role of Captain Pike. It actually help reflect positively on Starfleet that someone of Pike’s caliber, as portrayed, was near the top of its hierarchy. And it made it seem all the more interesting when Pike gave his quasi-soliloquy in that bar scene about how Starfleet was losing its edge.

We remember, now with fondness, the BBK (Bring Back Movement) movement of the late 1990’s and most of our current decade. Perhaps now is the time to start a BBP movement that continues Pike’s storyline through at least another movie, if not cycle.

After all, someone has to keep an eye on our newest Starfleet wunderkind.

#3 when your done you could use it to wrap fish.

Yeah, Bob Orci, get the wheelchair out of storage. We want this guy back!

This is to do with the poll and not the article:
If the Shat doesn´t include Chris Pine in his documentary it will be due to his big ego and nothing else, not recognising somebody else playing his character.

And by the way, I love Shatner and am not trying to bash him but I have to admit his ego is kind of big sometimes

A mere cameo would be an insult to the actor, Greenwood as well as the character, Pike! We need just as much of him, if not more, in the sequel! Please Supreme Court, the fans have spoken!

I want more how about he mentors the young Captain Kirk or would Karl Urban’s bones advise Kirk anyway I hope the sequel will include Pike again and make it better hope you’re reading this bob orci

#15: “If the Shat doesn´t include Chris Pine in his documentary it will be due to his big ego and nothing else, not recognising somebody else playing his character.”

The poll bothers me because it bundles responses with reasons, even when it’s very likely that a lot of people will have the same responses for _different_ reasons.

I think there’s no reason to include Pine at this point … not because he isn’t “prime timeline” (as the poll gives me no other choice but to say) but because he’s been a Starfleet captain on screen for what — maybe an hour or so? Less than one movie. And there’s at least a fair chance that a grand total of 4-6 hours of him as captain is all there’ll ever be. He is, at this point, a footnote compared to the captains that the documentary will be focusing on.

More Pike!!
Yes! And get him out of the chair!
Sean Kenny should have a cameo IN one though.

It appears the ONE thing everyone here agrees on: more Pike.

Yea, no doubt. Kirk is starting off on this Capt. thingy waaaay earlier than our Kirk, so he needs a big brother out there telling him what to do.

Yes, more Pike, please.

Wheelchair: Given that we have HULC (from Lockheed Martin) and REx (RexBionics) in the here and now, it wouldn’t be unreasonable that there would be *some* reason why we couldn’t have a Pike on his feet.

My vote is cast, more Pike, and not just a walk on (wheel on?) part.

Kirk needs a father figure, gives the character more dimension than just a jock who likes shiny starships, snogging birds, and punching enemies / colleagues.

yes please…more Pike! Even maybe still onboard the big E?

Or fighting the Enterprises’ corner in Starfleet Command whilst Kirk is out stopping something…I wrote down an idea but cba to write it all out now

Pike has to have at least a supporting Role like Sulu did in Star Trek VI.

Lets change that concept that Other Starfleet Captains or Admirals are corrupt or broken… let kirk have some friends… some powerful friends like Pike!!! We all want MORE PIKE!

While I didn’t enjoy Greenwood in Trek09 as much as I thought I would (Weak character), it is nice to see a good actor like him want to do a role like that again.

More Pike. Greenwood’s and Urban’s performances were the two that were (to me) absolutely perfect in that movie.

I want to see him out of the chair and kicking some ass.

How about Star Trek: The Wrath of Kirk in which Pike is killed and Kirk takes the ship and crew on a mission of revenge!

He did a wonderful job in Star Trek 09. Liked him alot. I’d like to see more of him as Pike :)

why are you concerned about Pine he playing a young Kirk rebel, troublemaker i think it would be great if he had a father figure Pike has to return but not in the wheelchair.

I’m glad he refereed to it as the parallel universe. I’ve never liked to think of it as an alternate timeline because time travel in Star Trek always alters a single time line and never has created a separate one. But given Star Trek’s dealings with parallel universes that would be a much better example and would also clear up a lot of errors that couldn’t be answered by time travel (Kirk not having Sam Kirk as a brother, transporters seeming to be lower tech than in Enterprise, to name a few). I wish they’d officially go with that, it would give them a lot more freedom because they wouldn’t have to worry as much.

But I also do think they’d be wise to put Pike back in. Kirk’s still young and could benefit from a mentor like Pike, plus Greenwood did an awesome job with the part.

More Pike and more McCoy. I’ll be a happy man. And, oh yeah, a real Engineering deck! : )

Dunno. I’d like to see more Pike, but then you gotta cut the training wheels off Kirk sometime. I say bring him back for one film, and then kill him in a fantastic, gut-wrenching way. Could be a seminal moment for Kirk, and fun for Greenwood.

To be honest, as much as I loved Greenwood in the first movie… I’d kinda like to see Pine’s Kirk (and the rest of the crew) strike off on their OWN this time– something the end of the movie already set up perfectly.

Plus having Pike lurking in the background would continue to make everyone else look like just a bunch of young cadets next to him.

15 and 18

I agree with 18 tha Pine could bea foot note, all the other Captains have had more screen time than Pine.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, start of Star Trek 2012 with Admiral Pike, now Chief of Starfleet Operations, giving the twelve Constitution-class starship captains their orders to proceed on their five year missions. We get to see Pike again (he could also appear later in the movie as Kirk reports what’s going on in the main story), we have cameo opportunities for big stars as the other captains (Decker, etc), and a great SFX shot as the twelve ships depart Starbase One all moving off in different directions. Plus, using the Five Year Mission concept gets the Abrams-verse back in sync (well, a little anyway) with the Prime universe.
The adventures Kirk & Co. had before they will have again, but with a twist.

How about Kirk needs to grow and wise up i think he is still young and would need a father figure or mentor that’s why they should bring Pike back even though they should let them stand out on their own

Does Shatner decide which captains to interview? I doubt it. That job would be organized for him.

Gotta love how people who do not even know the guy make judgements about his ego.

@ 38

Yeah, and everyone’s a psychologist!

Hill Harper for Dr. Richard Daystrom!

i want to see him back as an admiral, at least.


And if the cage could somehow be the Nexus.

Make a new series and make Greenwood the lead!

But yeah, make Pike a critical element to the movie, he can be what Leonard Nimoy was to Trek 09

I wonder if more people are familiar with Pine’s movie, or Mulgrew’s blockbuster series of 15 years ago?

Nah, I don’t wonder at all.

Wow. I really hope they start shooting sooner than May.

There is a very real threat of a joint directors, writers and actors strike in June when their contracts expire.

Big fan since St. Elsewhere…great actor.

45… A writers strike again? They just struck in 2007-08. Anyway, I think that fiasco is going to work in favor of a compromise avoiding another strike next year, Hollywood is still picking up the pieces from the last strike, as witness this severely ho-hum summer movie season. Everybody lost in the last strike, and now the economy is a lot worse.

I love Bruce Greenwood!


Don’t underestimate the greed of Hollywood studios. They’ll be willing to keep things shut down for as long as possible. Especially if they believe President Obama will bail them out with a $100 billion cheque package. :-)


“Wow. I really hope they start shooting sooner than May.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have the feeling that the sequel will be shot during the summer of ’12 and be in theatres during summer ’13 not just because of the potential strike, but because J.J Abrams has other movies/shows he’d like to create/produce/direct. Neither Bob nor Paramount would even consider giving the sequel to another director. They’ll just wait for J.J Abrams to be ready.

Paramount would be wise to bring Greenwood back. He has a classic Star Trek appeal.