Dress Like Spock – First Look at Anovos Star Trek 2009 Science Uniform Replica

At San Diego Comic Con this week, high-end costume maker Anovos is going to be showing off a prototype of their first replica from the 2009 Star Trek movie. And as we are doing all week long, we are bringing Comic Con to you with a first look at their Starfleet Blue Science Uniform Tunic. We have details and pictures below.


Anovos’ Science Uniform Replica

Anovos’ first Star Trek 2009 costume replica is a Blue Science Uniform Tunic. Their first offering is what they are calling an "Ensign Edition" which is a screen accurate replica of the  stunt costumes used for the Star Trek movie. The tunic is created using accurate fabric, dye formulation and correct print pattern to recreate the look, weight and feel of the original screen used pieces. The "Ensign Edition" tunic is created with costumers and cosplayers in mind. Like the stunt tunics used for the film, the Anovos tunic is engineered to be a one piece ensuring maximal wearing comfort.

The Ensign edition Starfleet tunic is meant to be customized. It comes in a number of sizes (S, M, L, XL). They will even do other custom sizes for an additional fee. Tunics are sold with extra long sleeves to allow for alterations and a custom fit. Rank stripes are provided separately to allow costumers to choose their own rank.

Although these tunics are meant to be worn, Anovos CEO Joe Salcedo tells TrekMovie that they have been working closely with CBS, Paramount and Bad Robot to ensure the replica costumes are as close to the originals used for the film as possible. Anovos has been running tests for months on dyes, patterns and fabrics to ensure they are making replicas that are just like the real thing. Salcedo notes that compared to traditional costumes "there is a clear distinction in terms of the pattern, the color and the weight of the fabric. These are made to be a 100% match to those used on set. We are really proud of the finished product."

Pricing has not yet been finalized on the tunic, but it should range from $400-$440 (with small additional fee for rank stripes). Each tunic will also come with a science pin (made by QMx). The Star Trek 2009 Starfleet Blue Tunic Replica will be available Dec 2010/Jan 2011, and you will be able to place a reservation at the Anovos site ( http://anovos.com/star-trek-xi/).

Anovos is also hoping to have a short-sleeve women’s blue Starfleet dress replica available shortly after the men’s blue tunics are released. Later in 2011 Anovos will release red and gold versions of the tunics along with replica Starfleet uniform pants. They are also working on limited edition costume replicas that are more suited for display. Also on tap for the future are original series Star Trek uniforms, and Anovos has brought in Star Trek Phase II’s James Cawley to help with that effort.

Prototypes of the Star Trek 2009 blue tunic and pants replicas will be on display at San Diego Comic Con. They will also have a prototype of an original series costume made by James Cawley. Anovos is sharing a booth with replica prop maker eFX (Booth 2913E).


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When do we get to see the jump suits?

Nice. But if I’m gonna pay 400 smack-a-roos for a jersey, it better be autographed by Mr. Pointy Ears himself.

I’m calling it a jersey because it just looks too light weight to be called a tunic.

They must be joking with that price.

Yes, accurate, but I have not yet seen a replica of the new movie tunics that didn’t come off looking cheap in person. There’s a fine line to tread. I think that pattern is what kills it- fine on screen, but in person, yeesh.

I’ve got a replica of the gold Starfleet uniform from the movie. It’s my Halloween costume.

$440 and the rank stripes are extra?


“Anovos is also hoping to have a short-sleeve women’s blue Starfleet dress replica available shortly after the men’s blue tunics are released.”


“Would the next herd of Star Trek fans please proceed into the milking barn.”

I’m a Star Trek fan and this tunic looks fantastic and I would definitely love to have one…but if I spent $400 to get one, I would feel stupid everytime I looked at it.

This better be around 20 bucks or I’m not buying!

I liked the uniforms when we first glimpsed them, but upon closer inspection they really don’t hold up. The pants and boots come off as cheap and tattered. The tunics look poorly tailored with their loose fit, especially in the arms.

And the repeating pattern in the material is too Hollywood trendy (how many superhero costumes have done this by now?), just another example of where the films design team ignored Trek’s history of functionality and believability for empty flash.

These uniforms are alright, but the TOS versions were better. Sometimes, simple works best. And $400+ for a shirt? And rank stripes cost extra? No thanks.

“They will even do other custom sizes for an additional fee.”

In my head I heard Comic Book Guy complaining that his sci-fi gear was too small for the average sci-fi fan from that one episode of the Simpsons…

ok, one of them will be mine :-)))

Pretty, but NO Thanks at that price.

They must be kidding with those sizes … just too small.

@ 12: Yeesh you guys will complain about anything.

Anyway, neat, would like to get one of these shirts sometimes.

I like the new uniforms think they are awesome but I understand that some prefer the TOS ones to the new film uniforms

$ 400 – $440? – Oh my…

$400 for the stunt version? I thought it was going to be $200-$300 for the stunt version and $400 to $475 for the hero version (separate shirt and undershirt). The dye jobs looks 100% accurate but there is no way I’m paying that much! That is stupid. Anovos better remove head from rectum before their whole ST09 line flops!

The new uniforms are not my fav but I do like how faithful in style they were to the TOS uniforms.

Still have a slight preference for the TOS uniforms but the new movie uniforms were something I like more than the redesigned props.

22. As with all such things, the TOS uniforms wouldn’t have worked on the big screen. The uniforms need more detail in the weave and so on or they’d look very bland. That was why the TNG ship designs and uniforms had a big upgrade in Generations, although the uniforms were abandoned!

Had they made a Star Trek film in, say, 1968, the designs would likely have been even more radically altered. As it is, the design of the ST09 uniforms is remarkably respectful to the originals.

$400???? That’s completely insane, especially for a stunt version replica. Get real.


I was not criticising it as a movie change. I know that as that is why the uniforms were changed in the movie.

Also in my post I was stating that they were very faithful to the TOS design and I did like them. Just pointing out that I still have a preference for th TOS uniforms still.

The TWOk and FC uniforms are actually two of my fav uniforms

Unless some poor Trek-starved fool w/ a balance left on his credit card will throw down 400+ for a top, most of us could pay bills, pay 1/2 our rent or make a car payment for that price! Not sure who they think is their target audience?

I’m in the wrong line of work. Better figure additional expenses into this purchase: an additional $400 and a year’s sweat at the local gym so that you don’t look the complete idiot wearing one of these. I mean really, they are meant for the physically fit and even then they should be tailored to each person’s physique.

C.S. Lewis

Heh, all you people who are complaining about the cost… if you want to spend under-$100 then enjoy your plastic, flame-retardant versions they sell at Target. If you want to wear EXACTLY what the actors wore? You gots to pay… your wallet may thank you but you wouldn’t look as good as I do when I buy it. I’d start saving your pennies :)

$400 is a joke! Maybe $50-60 is more like it! They aren’t going to sell many of these!

….and for those who DO buy one, I hope they include a sticker that says “MORON” that you can slap on your forehead, because that’s what people will be calling you behind your back when they see you wearing one!


But you won’t be wearing EXACTLY what the actors wore (at least the hero version’s). These are closer to what the background players wore. And at that price it is yet another example of how these replica companies know that no matter what they charge, some Trek collector will buy it.

Anyone who wants to spend $400 on a “stunt” replica of the NuTrek uni please do so. I would rather spend the money on, say, a 32 inch flatscreen TV. Or 8 to 12 pairs of shoes from Burlington. Or take my family to the Science Fiction museum in Seattle.

I’m with CmdrR.
Fire everything!!!!!

Very cool. I’d love to have one, but the price is way more than what I was hoping. Especially for *just* the top. It would be a definite buy if if it were $250-ish and included the tunic & trousers.

Looks brilliant, but I wonder how many will sell for that price…

I loved the uniforms in the movie – flat-out loved them.

400 to 500 dollars is not a big deal given the way Trekkies drop money on stuff like resin “tricorder” castings and Franklin Mint tschotskes. The company should make a killing at this price.

I doubt anyone would buy this at $400. They should definitely lower the price.

Yeesh. I was so looking forward to this being set around the $200 range… and the price they’re quoting doesn’t even include pants! I think I’m gonna have to pass this time… Big disappointment…

25 Chill out Neill, didn’t say you were criticising it: was just picking up on what you said! :)

They will not be showing off a costume I wore, but rather a prototype I developed for their use.

I’ve been looking for an “authentic” uniform tunic
since the movie came out (love love love the new
design), however, the Halloween costumes were
ALL terrible & not even close to looking “real”.
This is good, really good. But at $400+, they can
keep it. I got the money to buy it but the bottom
line is that it’s just NOT WORTH IT. Maybe $100 but
no more.

..at least they got the collar & in the insignia
pin right…

Seems rather over-priced to me. I’m sure there’s plenty will fork out for them though.

7. CmdrR – Dude, that shit was funny.

If they only sell one thousand of them they’ve taken in 400K. The shirts will become collectors items and increase in value if your willing to wait twenty years.

I wonder if these shirts are machine-washable? Or even just washable?
Because I’d hate to wear one of these outside and have a bird take a dump on it or spill ketchup and mustard on it while eating a hot dog at a Trek convention.

And it would truly be unfortunate for women who buy the blue uniform only to and end up gettting a stain on the front….

#30 Harry Harry Harry…..This is a collectible. People won’t wear them. Most likely they’ll be displayed with a collection. Let’s not get a class envy attitude about this. Those who can afford it do, and those who cannot, do not.

These are awesome!

Methinks I would wait for a “make your own” pattern to become available, (like with the TNG uniforms) buy the material and make one for a fraction of the price.

$400-500? Absolutely ridiculous. Number 9 got it just about right….

I remember spending 50.00 for a replica NEXTGen season 4 command shirt and 10.00 for each rank pin..which I bought 4 in ’91 at a con when TUC came out…I have since lost one of the pins….but I still wear it every year as my halloween costume….I though 100.00 was a ton of money back!

loving this but im waiting for the gold kirk shirt


Harry has more money than Forest Gump. He just calls them the way he sees them.

I like the new movie uniforms just fine. But to spend $400 on it and THEN have to shell out more for the sleeve rank stripes is S-T-U-P-I-D.

They did a great job on this, it looks great. As for the price, either you pay it because you want it or don’t pay it.

They were writtien up in the STAR TREK magazine a few issues ago regarding these ST XI uniforms and I seem to recall that they intend to make TOS uniforms and trousers, maybe they also were going to make TOS female uniforms but I cannot remember the entire article at this moment.