Ensign Sue Must Die #16 – Mirror Sue Gets Evil

As reported yesterday, the Ensign Sue Must Die webcomic will now be a regular feature here at TrekMovie.com And today there is a brand new strip, where we get to see the Mirror Sue. Check it out  below.



Ensign Sue Must Die #16 – Mirror Sue shows off her evilness
story by Clare Mosley, art by Kevin Bolk, written by Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk

(click to see full size)


Ensign Sue Must Die brought to you here at TrekMovie courtesy of strip creators Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk. All of the Ensign Sue can also be seen at at Pot Luck Comics.

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Not so often, once a week (or stick to a limit of episodes) vs more, More, MORE!


This is awesome! Us Trek fans need our own comic strip since The Trek Life phased out (which was pretty awesome btw).

@1 The strip updates Tuesdays & Saturdays on the creators’ sites. I think they just wanted to keep up.

Love it! I fancy a mirror girl of my own…

Not to be too picky, but considering that Ensign Sue made short work of the Klingons, wouldn’t the mirror version of Ensign Sue be vulnerable, sweet and endearing? Or are they both evil — sort of eviler and evil-er, as it were?

Ah, on second thoughts, just forget it. I’ll accept it for what it is — humor!

I really hope this goes on for a while. I love Ensign Sue!

Forwarding this to the Mirror Sues in my life :)

The writing is ok..not very funny , but what comic steep is these days? But the Star Trek Babies “anime style ” art really leaves me cold. Love me some Blondie, Beatle Bailey and Robot Man, but I gotta pass on this one.

I’ve got to agree with #8. I don’t care for the anime style art and I think it’s the ultimate in not funny.

Good try, though. I liked the one that used to be on startrek.com.

Keep up the good work, K-Bo & Clare! I love your comic.

Ensign Sue is awesome.

I think the strip feels a bit “childish” in both its look and its writing. Although I would prefer “The Trek Life”, I feel this is a suitable replacement, nonetheless. I do wish that a cartoonist would look to Bill Watterson’s “Calvin and Hobbes” for inspiration once in awhile…

Kirk’s facial expression in the last panel is fantastic, and I love the fact Bolk has taken the time to flesh out his own consistent style in this strip as well as the others I saw at Interrobang Studios. Of course it isn’t “Calvin & Hobbes” or “Blondie,” or anime, it’s the cartoonist’s own vision!

It’s great to give a nod to the artists who paved the way before you, but simply adopting their style completely would wear thin quickly for both the cartoonist and the audience. That said, I bet if you guys pony up some money and ask for a piece of custom Trek art in your preferred style, he could do it.

Huh???? The art and script are perfect for the whole “Mary Sue” concept the author and artist are making fun of. I don’t a think a “Beetle bailey” style would be as befitting. Keep up the good work guys!

Great strip. Nice nod to DS9’s Intendant on a TOS oriented strip. As for the critics, meh – some people are never satisfied.

hehe what´s not to like, this comic strip series is adorable :)

Good News, Everyone!
This is slightly better than the new Futuramas… Hooray!

My grandkids and I are just loving this! Long live the terran empire empress SUE!

I love the slight bashing of the Mary Sue tropes and everything that goes with it. Placing Mary in Star Trek is even better! Keep up the great work and I look forward to more.

I’m pretty sure the use of the anime-like style (believe me there’s worse) is intentional. Considering almost all Sues (especially in Star Trek fan stuff) are drawn in such a style.. Besides, it’s more of an Americanized chibi-manga style.

Ensign Sue is great! xD

So, who would portray Ensign Sue in the upcoming Star Trek movie?

…What? You didn’t KNOW she was going to be in it?!

Love Mary Sue. I’ve read the book (they were at a local arts festival, oddly enough) and this is really where the story starts. Well worth seeing it through.