Trekkie Makes Viral Video To Reunite With Trekkie Dream Girl At Las Vegas Trek Con

Is it possible to find love at a Star Trek convention? Well one Trekkie made a love connection at a recent con in San Francisco, but then lost contact. He and a friend have made a short film to help him reconnect with his Trekkie dream girl. Check it out below.


Help Sebastian find his mystery girl

It’s your basic "boy-meets girl at Star Trek Convention, boy loses girl, boy tries to re-connect with girl by using a viral video" story. This short film tells the story of Sebastian  and his quest for Star Trek love, and remaking a connection to his mystery girl he met at a Star Trek convention.

Sebastian, a graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, made a connection with a girl at the recent Star Trek convention in San Francisco. It was love at first sight but then his portrait session with William Shatner ran late and he missed meetup time with his mystery girl. Now with this film and the website his friend Kelly is trying to get these two back together again at the upcoming Star Trek Las Vegas convention.

Do you know this Trekkie?

If you know this Trekkie girl (or you are this girl), then help get these two back together – visit


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I think it will be less than 24 hours before he identifies her…

For Real?

Any ideas what screensaver or desktop background he’s using on his Macs?

Aweh. Cute! Nice to see a fellow graphic designer who loves trek as much as Helvetica.

for an instant…i thought that was Levar Burton and Hoshi

Oh damn, that girls my boy Donald’s fiance! What the hell is she doing hitting on other dudes?! OK, not really but could you imagine if it were, getting caught flirting with this dude through this viral vid like this? Could happen …

3: Here you go:

Also, I wish Sebastian all the luck in the world – thats like every single geeks dream right there.

Damn. How come I never thought of that.

Am I the only one who thinks this is at the very least boderline creepy?


No. It’s an invasion of her privacy.

I would be flattered if someone went through all the trouble to find me. Kinda romantic.

@ 4 LOL!

@ 10 – how is it an invasion of her privacy?

Good luck to you Sebastion and may fortune favour the bold!

PS I dig your screen savers

@9 and @10- I can see how one might consider this type of trek (ha!) creepy and/or invasive, but in this particular instance I though it was handled with charm and cutsey-ness. (Well, the Sebastian and his predilection for “endowed” women was a little, well, risqué, but it’s in good fun, eh wot?)

I’ll be at the Vegas Con, S and K, and if I see this gal, I’ll send her your way.

I hope it all works out for the best! That being said, I don’t think that this gesture is necessarily creepy, but I do think it puts a huge amount of pressure on the “mystery girl”. If it works out for the best, it will be a great, heartwarming story about Trek uniting people. However, if this lady isn’t interested, or if she is already in a relationship, she will come off looking like a jerk if she rejects him. Plus, if this becomes known by a good amount of Trek fans, it may change the convention experience for both of these folks. If it works out, people will point at these two as a great couple, but, if it doesn’t work out, people may say, “there goes that girl who broke that dude’s heart!” In short, I wish Sebastian the best of luck. If things don’t have a storybook ending, lets give these folks some privacy.


“Let’s do this!” Nice reference.

Good Luck Sebastian!!! =)

Brillant use of technology in a trek sort of way.

“Computer, locate crewman…”


If your photo was up on the internet and someone was asking for your ID, I’d bet that you’d consider it an invasion of your privacy.

My favorite person in that video was that girl’s husband in the background… he had the exact look on his face that I would. :)

Cute story, though.

Dac, I don’t think it’s System47. It’s not compatible with newer Macs and he’s using a newer 27″ iMac.

Any other Ideas?

Is it just me, or does his friend Kelly tick all the boxes for “his type”?

Yes, I know she’s married…

Lives in ‘Frisco and uses a Mac…and this is a *girl* he’s looking for, correct?

/I keed I keed! Ow! Stop with the hair pulling!

#22 – yeah, I thought so too. The husband might want to start attending some of those “conventions.”

I’m kinda blown away by the production quality of the video – who put it together – Sebastian?

For the people trying to figure out what screensaver he is using, why not… oh i don’t know…. ask him!? I’m sure you can reach him, since the whole point of this is for people to reach him with this woman’s information?

I love the screensavers but I checked the site and there haven’t been any updates since 2006 which I assume means it won’t work with Windows Vista?

Oh, and good luck Sebastian.


Haha. I was thinking the same thing. No wonder her husband looks so glum! : D


I think she wants Sebastian because her husband is a boring D Bag. Ill bet $100 she is having an affair with Sebastian!!!

@26 – It works in Windows 7 64-bit so it should work in Vista just fine.



cry…hey..noone will make for me the same so romantic!!!