EXCLUSIVE: Director Confirms Free Enterprise 2 In Development – but not ready for Comic Con

In the last few weeks there have been a number of hints (coming from William Shatner and others) that a sequel to the Trek-themed cult comedy Free Enterprise was in the works. So far the guys behind Free Enterprise have kept mum, but TrekMovie finally got director Robert Meyer Burnett to go on the record to talk about the project.


Free Enterprise 2 in development – but not ready for Comic Con announcement

William Shatner has already talked about how he is planning to reprise his role (playing himself) in the sequel to the 1998 cult-comedy Free Enterprise, and some other actors like Eliza Dushku, Isaiah Mustafa, and Alica Witt have also been talking about appearing in Free Enterprise 2. However, the team behind the first film (Mark Altman and Rob Burnett) have been keeping mum about the project, or at least until now. Today Burnett confirmed with TrekMovie that he and Altman are in "active development" on the sequel but they are just not ready to make an official announcement.

Altman and Burnett’s plan was to make the official announcement of Free Enterprise 2 at Comic Con on Friday, and in fact if you look in the printed program you will see a panel for FE 2 slated for Friday at 6:15. Burnett says that they had to cancel that panel as they are not ready to make the big announcement, noting "we hoped we would be further along at this point, but due to our ambitious plans for Free Enterprise 2, it is taking us longer than we hoped." Burnett did confirm that a script is complete (co-written by Burnett and Altman) and that they have been casting, but he would not confirm any of the cast members for the film. For the sequel Burnett will again direct and Altman will again be producing. Also coming on board as a producer is Jeffrey Coghlan, who recently produced the horror film Pontypool, which was nominated for 3 Canadian Genie Awards.

TrekMovie will continue to keep an eye on this project and bring you the latest news for Free Enterprise 2, so stay tuned.


Free Enterprise

And if you are not familiar with the original Free Enterprise, here is the trailer.

…and if you want to pick up a copy, it is available on DVD.



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Loved the first one! Second one should be good!

The first one was brilliant. Can’t wait for the sequel!

I’m a fan of the first, it kind of reminds me of an early Kevin Smith film but for Trek geeks.

Awsome-I hope Rafer and Eric are back too

#4 ditto that, Stompy.

Bring it, says this observer.

And I look forward to another Daren Dochterman cameo. So much so that if there isn’t one, I will forever deride Mark and Robert for raping my mid-twenties. You are warned.

Also, I hope to see Rafer and/or Eric reading a copy of Nacelles Monthly. Just to be dicks.

Never seen the first one. I don’t think it was released here in Northern Ireland. At least, I’ve never seen it in any DVD-selling establishment.

Rafer Weigel is the sports anchor for Robin Meade’s Morning Express on CNN. Wikipedia lists him as “former actor”.

Not sure of Eric McCormack’s availability, but I certainly can’t imagine someone else in either of those roles.

#7 Ciarán, it has been widely available in England for many years now. Try eBay.
Not sure if it got a cinematic release though.
I can recommend it to you.

Gotta have the original actors back!

off the subject.

did anyone hear the enterprise monitor sound effects in “through the wormhole with morgan freeman” ?

i love it when star trek stuff gets into the mainstream media

Isaiah Mustafa – “Silverfish Hand Catch!!”

I agree, needs to have Rafer and Eric! And if anyone missed the video of Eric introducing Bill for the lifetime achievement award recently, go watch it. Eric gave one of the best summations of Bill’s career I’ve ever heard!


I can’t wait for this movie. I’m so SICK of the Hollywood crap filling movie theaters these days. Free Enterprise was an original and most definitely NOT just for Star Trek fans!

I really am so excited for this movie (lol). For fun I even typed in freeenterprise2.com. All it says on the homepage is “Shhhh!” but then I noticed my mouse was on a ink (which was actually a “star”) and when you click on them it goes to different rumor links on the web. I’m not sure if its the movie’s site or not but its a very clever idea. LOVED IT!!!


My comment was deleted, thanks jackass! Who’s dick are you sucking Pascale?

Well not hard to see why your comment was deleted with such an award winning personality and grasp of the language. I’m thinking its time to step away from the keyboard and get your prescription refilled.


I smell a permaban coming!

my comment was deleted as well. i dont know why. i didnt say anything that would offend anyone… or if i did please tell me.

The film is dead. The reason they canceled at Comi-Con is that the investors backed out. They were due to start shooting prior to Comi-Con, in fact.

They’ve not only shut down production, but left the crew unpaid. Turns out one of the producers, Jeffrey Coghlan, has several judgements outstanding and a habit of ripping off investors.

According to William Shatner speaking at the Dallas Scifi expo Oct. 23rd, 2010, there will not be a Free Enterprise 2 — the money apparently fell through.

To the real members of the Film & TV industry!!!!!!

When you hear the name Jeffrey Coghlan (who was a volunteer Producer) for Pontypool, it is my suggestion that you run away as fast as you can. He has a track record of outstanding rippoff schemes and fraudulent activities that will make your head spin. He even apparently is ripping off elderly ladies with his BS and uses this money to pretend he is a Hollywood social lite and Producer to attract more victims. The funny thing is that he is a giant poser and nothing to his credits.


Do you have information as to Mr. Coghlan’s whereabouts? If so, please email litigationpractice@gmail.com. I know some people who would be very interested in finding out his whereabouts. Thanks.

As a friend of Mr. Coghlan, I can say that most of these claims are slanderous. He’s not a hard person to find if you’re looking for him and it’s unfortunate that these stories are floating around. The truth is he’s an extremely hard worker. This talk of him being a “fraud artist” or “volunteer producer” is irreverent.

Anonymous – check the court records at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Coghlan has no less than 3 outstanding judgments against him. At least one is for an investment scam he ran in 2001. He has taken a lot of people for their life savings and left a trail of innocent victims in his wake. He is a liar and a thief. My condolences that you are friends with him.

If he’s so easy to find, why don’t you enlighten all of his creditors — I’m certain that they would want to find him.

Hey Anonymous, Jeffrey Coghlan is a con artist. He has no friends, only victims who aren’t yet be aware they’re victims. These are not “stories” that are floating around out there. These are facts. Ask the Fraud squad at the Toronto Police Department. Mr. Coghlan has bilked thousands upon thousands, mostly from the elderly, including a dear friend of mine who at 82 was talked out of $80K (her life savings). When it became clear she had been scammed this poor woman had to go out and get a job — at age 82. There’s a special place in hell for people like Mr. Coghlan. He gave me an NSF cheque for $10K. I sued in Ontario Superior Court and I won a judgment against him. The interest on that judgment grows daily. I will be renewing the judgment until Mr.Coghlan reaches retirement age and then I will garnishee his pension. If you’ve seen the play “Les Miserables” then you know what I’m talking about. And I’m not the only one who has won judgments against him. Mr. Coghlan is a sociopath. And a clever one, at that. But, like all criminals, he will be caught and he will have to face justice. Signed, Determined

I personally spent 3 weeks prepping a film that Jeffrey Coghlan was producing. He promised funding over and over again, but it never came. So I (along with the rest of the crew) was never paid. I filed a claim with the California Labor Board (as did several other crew members), and have recently been awarded a judgment for roughly $9,800.

I doubt I’ll ever see a penny. I would highly recommend avoiding any business dealings with him if you ever cross paths.

If Coghlan put as much effort into studying an actual craft and learning the film industry as he has does into stealing and defrauding people and companies then maybe he might have been something. Not the case here!
News flash dude your a wannabe Zero with no credits or talent. Anything credit you may have to your name you most likey have stolen. His big lust to be around working film folks and pretending to be in biz is a bit weird . I heard he runs around with your autograph book….how lame

JC Do you think anyone will ever have any sense of respect or trust of you in the film industry or any industry….NOT….lol. It’s an earned privileage for the highly skilled and trained film crews, producers and talent coupled with a bit of luck. No place for a scumm sucker like chu. Go hide up in the mountains and maybe you can find a squirrel or bear that you can support you instead of Stealing from the hard working folks…..which you might have heard is illegal. Remember even a bear can bite you in the ASS.

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