‘Khaaaaan! The Musical’ In Kansas City Next Week + Trek Comedy Shows in NYC & Dallas This Wkd

The Summer of 2010 seems to be a great time for live Star Trek. We now have news of three more live Star Trek comedy shows. Starting next week fans in Kansas City, KS will tremble in fear to "Khaaaan! The Musical". And there are also Star Trek comedy shows happening this week in New York City and Dallas, TX. Get all the details below. 



Khaaaaan! The Musical in Kansas City, MO – July 27th-August 1st

The genetically enhanced super-villain Khan Noonien Singh is headed to Kansas City, KS to begin his new conquest of Earth, and this time it is coming in the form of a musical. The Off Center Theatre is presenting "Khaaaan! The Musical" as part of the Kansas City Fringe Festival that kicks off next week. The show with the tagline "in space no one can hear you sing" is part scripted and part musical parody which has Khan going back in time to the 80s to try and take over the Earth. Kirk and Spock follow and they all battle amidst the backdrop of 80s pop culture. 

The show will run daily during the Kansas City Fringe Festival, July 27th to August 1st at the Off Center Theatre in Crown Center. Tickets are $10 (and you also need the $5 Fringe button, which gives access to the other Fringe shows). More information at www.khanmusical.com. 

Center Theater’s "Khaaaan! The Musical" in Kansas City


"Star Trip" in Dallas, TX – July 22nd-August 21st

The Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas Texas is doing what they call an "affectionate satire" of Star Trek with spoof melodrama "Star Trek". Here is the plot summary:

Daring Captain Kurt and his friend, Smok, race across the galaxy to thwart the evil plans of Darkness. Cosmic romance, interstellar intrigue and popcorn asteroids abound.

It is a scripted show, but Pocket Sandwich encourages audience participation, including throwing popcorn at the actors. The show opened earlier this month and runs Thursdays – Sundays until August 21s. Tickets prices vary on what day you go, ranging from $10-$18. It is strongly recommended you reserve tickets in advance as they usually sell out. Reservation line is 214-821-1860. Pocket Sandwich Theater is located at 5400 E. MOCKINGBIRD, #119 DALLAS, TX 75206. More info at www.pocketsandwich.com.

Pocket Theater’s "Star Trip" in Dallas

"Start Trekkin" in New York, NY – July 24th

The long running "Start Trekkin – New York" Trek-themed improv comedy group have a brand new hour long show. They have been accepted into the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, TX and are trying to get the funds to make the trip. This weekend they are holding a special fundraising show at 3PM Saturday July 24th at the Tank Theater in New York (354 W. 45th St.). Tickets are $10. More information on the improv group and the event at the Start Trekkin Facebook Page.

"Start Trekkin" in New York

More Live Star Trek Fun

And don’t forget that if you live in Seattle, WA or Portland, OR you can experience live Star Trek shows in the park (see previous article for more details).


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Well, I guess the uber-Khan-mullet fits if he’s trying to conquer the 80s…

Actually, I was watching Nick Meyer’s “Time After Time” for the first… er, time last week, and I found how dated it was hilarious. Jack the Ripper gets to San Fran circa 1979, and he immediately changes into clothing that could only be described as mod. Picking up all them chicks with the big lapels and open shirts…

Is that William Shatner as Captain Kirk in the Khan show?

Kansas City AND Dallas….I may have to go see that before summer’s over. The Mrs. and I would like one more night before the grind of the school year starts. See if I can convince her this is it.

Yeah! …It seems definitely funnny…the fat Kirk!!!!

I love all these efforts! Trek-based humor rocks.

I do think that some of the casting decisions may need help, though.

Best of Luck to Star Trekkin’

I’ll be seeing them at Out of Bounds.

But it was thin and slightly less thin Kirk who fought Khan on both occasions. Clearly not ones for continuity…

I don’t think any of these shows are going to make Canon. So I am very depressed. Maybe I should get a life. Lol.

@1 the term is “disco”, as I (painfully) recall. A variety which may have included wear outside the mirror ball lit floor, but nonetheless…

They’re just doing the one show at 3:00 in NYC?

In previous years they had more than one performance.

#1 – That was a leisure suit. Earth, circa late 1970’s, made of 100% polyester, usually in dayglo colors, one could hear and smell them before one saw them.


Nice to see Trekkies go nuts. Capt. Kurt is graphic evidence that most of us (myself included) cannot pull off the velour look.

I love anything that takes a good natured off the wall and completly wacky look at trek….Robot Chicken anybody…”mmmmmm, this is good ham!!!”

Anthony, KHAAAAN! – The Musical is being staged at an indoor urban mall called Crown Center…located near downtown Kansas City, MO…not KS…

i know we’re in “flyover country” here in the midst of the Great Plains…but for the geography geeks out there are actually TWO Kansas Cities…the big one in Missouri and my hometown in Kansas…right across the Missouri River…i hope you’ll make the appropriate corrections…*smile*…