Zachary Quinto “Can’t Wait” For Star Trek Sequel & Open To New Director + Photos & Video

Zachary Quinto (complete with his new buzz cut) is another Star Trek actor at Comic Con this year – promoting his new comic books. MTV caught up with the actor and he talked about how he is looking forward to the film and his faith in the team. He also talked about the possibility that there may be a new director for the Star Trek sequel. We have photos and video below.


Quinto expresses faith in team and open to new director

Talking to MTV, Zachary Quinto says that the first Star Trek movie was an "interesting and complete experience" and he "can’t wait" to get back for the sequel, which he (confirming previous reports) expects to be "this time next year".

Quinto also expressed his faith in the Star Trek team:

I have a lot of trust and gratitude and respect for JJ [Abrams] and for Damon Lindelof and for Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Those guys know what they are doing.

And Quinto weighed in on the possibility that there would be a new director:

I would obviously want JJ directing every Star Trek movie that I am ever affiliated with, but if it is not the case, I am sure whoever that does will be someone that he has chosen and believes  in for whatever reason. They know what’s up, I just show up when they tell me to show up and stand on a piece of tape.

Here is the video

And here are some photos of Zach at Comic Con

Photos: WireImage

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I can agree with this. I would prefer JJ (so long as he tones down the lens flares), but I would be open to a new director if it’s someone good. I wonder what Trek would be like under Spielberg…

Nick Meyer.

I wonder if Abrams will be back but I’m all for a new director

or Joss Whedon, as ppl were reporting that JJ and Whedon were actin quite chummy at Comic-Con… I’d love to see the next film with the wittiness of the character interplay Joss brought to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity transplanted onto the Enterprise crew:)

Or James Cameron—That would be very interesting.

ones who it would be amazing if they directed but itd never happen:
R Scott
Stanley Kubrick

ones who i could sort of see directing if it comes Abrams cant do it:
Nick Meyer
Bryan Singer
the Iron Man dude

…praying that GdT will do Dr. Strange…, Sam Raimi would be cool…,

…Jon Favreau would be awesome…,

…but Neill Blomkamp would be my dream director! =D

Meyer would be an inspired choice. The sequel needs more character depth and with that in mind, Meyer would have the ideal directorial sensibility for the sequel.

Meyer is much too slow-paced for this new kind of Trek and Singer can’t direct traffic!

Get somebody with talent!


My top 10 for Directing the next Trek.
1. J.J Abram.
2. Nick Meyer.
3. Steven Speilburg.
4. Tom Hanks.
5. Chris Columbus
6. James Cameron.
7. Stanley Kubrick
8. Joss Whedon.
9. Bryan Singer
10. Ridley Scott

Christopher Nolan…

Hmmm. Maybe the Shat himself can direct the next Trek Movie. Hmmm.

So long as Michael Bay doesn’t get a hold of it, I’m fine.

My top 5:

1. J.J. Abrams
2. Steven Spielberg
3. James Cameron
4. Ridley Scott
5. Joss Whedon

Cameron would be on the short list in my book if JJ can’t direct the next movie.

Cameron does seem a bit less open to fan comment, from what I gather. Dare I say that he might even be temperamental? JJ, on the other hand, presents a much more approachable aspect.

On the fantasy short list that one might compile, one could put Kubrick (unfortunately, he’s no longer among the living). As to this, it is interesting to see that Kubrick once collaborated with Spielberg — on the movie, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), and I found it very interesting to read an account (on Wikipedia, I think) that claimed that Spielberg notes that the sweeter moments in that movie were scripted/directed by Kubrick, and the edgier ones by Spielberg, contrary to what one might expect.

Spielberg seems to be a very versatile director; one should compare Close Encounters and E.T. with Schindler’s List to see the broad range of which he is capable.

On the other hand, his record is not unblemished; Spielberg’s clunkers include the movie 1941, which featured John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in a poorly received WWII spoof. (Outer space connection: Aykroyd is a big believer in UFO’s. )

WOW! ….Great interviews today…I can’t wait too ZQ!!!!

11 & 14 — good lists. I think it’ll be about bucks, though. Whoever the studio thinks can deliver a blockbuster $300+ take at the box office gets the gig.

PS- Zach, for the sequel PLEASE grow your own hair to fit the part, rather than using that horrible wig. C’mon. Leonard did it for 3 years! Take a little straightener for the team!

JJ better be the Director or i refuse to see the movie.

6 – Stanley Kubrick

Um… who’s gonna break the news to philpot?

#12. right on that. No Nolon for Trek. Anthony. You sure that was his real hair. How did you find this out.

Wait, I got one! Stanley Kubrick!
He’s what? Really? Are you sure? No. When?
Never mind.


Seriously? The sideburns curled up somethin’ awful. If my sniping is off, I apologize. If that’s the case, I’d only ask for a little sideburn glue. Seriously, mea culpa.

Director for the Star Trek sequel?

Stuart Baird, of course!

[quickly ducks the bricks and other shrapnel]

Kidding! KIDDING!!

6: none of those directors would really be good for trek. Terrible choices. Right now its Abrhams or no one.

If Irvin Kershner wern’t so old, that may be a good choice.

How about if William Shatner directs the next one?

also ducking as someone throws a fattened Tribble at me!

I second Joss either for the next movie or as show runner if Trek ever comes back to the small screen.

Keep Cameron away from Trek. Avatar was just Ferngully in space. The guy has become George Lucas 2.0- so in love with special effects that he has lost all depth as a creative story teller.

Some of these directing suggestions are too “big”. At this point I can’t see Spielberg or Cameron working on someone else’s franchise, “for hire”, for any producer or executive producer who isn’t themselves (with the exception that Spielberg is technically an employee of George Lucas when he does Indiana Jones).

Tom Hanks is an intriguing idea. A true geek who would be sure to nail all the details geeks love, and a big name with some but not a lot of directing credits to date. It would be interesting if he did not act in the movie but used this as an opportunity to further any directing ambition he may have.

I’ll throw out a choice who would be sure to make a grown-up, quality film: Clint Eastwood. Yes, he can do movies that have tech jargon and special effects: Firefox and Space Cowboys come to mind. Who knows, he might even do the music.

I think Stanley Kubrick is busy.

I have to agree with #26. Its J.J Abrams or no one. Paramount knows it because it was Bob Orci who wanted J.J to direct “Star Trek”. If J.J Abrams becomes busy directing his other projects (which is his right by the way) Paramount will release the film in 2013 instead of 2012. Which is probably what is going to happen anyway. Which I don’t mind at all. Summer of ’12 is getting crowded. And then there is the impending strike.

Please, not Nicholas Meyer. I won’t have another pair od BIG BOOBS in my face watching one of his movies. Yes, they were good but he’s obsessed with the BAHZOOMS!


I think the only ‘big boob’ is you!

Kubrick has been dead since 1999…


This reminds me of the film, “Color Me Kubrick.”

The guy really was reclusive. So much so that his death escaped the attention some people.

33 – Did someone say…. BOOBIES!?

Who’s obsessed with boobies? Nic Meyer? I know I sure am. So, get him back in the director’s chair and let’s have us some big guns on the screen.

Jon Favreau would be my top pick for directing, writing, producing, and redesigning the Enterprise for the next movie. If only he could break away from the Marvel sweatshop and step onto the bridge for a few months… sigh.

Anyway, is anyone else disturbed by the apparent lack of razors in Hollywood? I knew the economy was getting bad in California, but I had no idea that personal hygiene had regressed back to the Great Depression. C’mon, even Woody Guthrie shaved once in a while.

Doesn’t Zachary Quinto ever shave??

Do Orci & Kurtzman ever shave?

That’s the problem with the Don Johnson look–if you’re not Don Johnson in 1986, it doesn’t work.

I have a fantasy list of directors for Star Trek like Guillermo del Toro, Julie Taymor, Clint Eastwood, Ridley Scott and James Cameron

I think directors who might be actual possibilities might be Matt Reeves, Brad Bird, and actually Steven Speilberg because he’s working with Abrams on Super 8.

It might be interesting to see what Hayao Miyazaki could do with Star Trek.


Chris Nolan would be my top. As much as JJ did a good job rebooting the Star Trek franchise, I don’t think anyone’s rebooted a franchise as well as Nolan dead, and Batman was a good deal more dead than Star Trek was.

some points

– Whedon is directing Avengers for summer 2012 – i think hed find directing Trek 2 as well abit too much

– Kubrick would be an awesome choice for director! let the petition start here!

45 – how would Nolan direct it when hes doing Batman 3 for summer 2012?!

some people here need to check whos directing what and when!


Christopher Nolan is a great director. What he did with Batman was amazing. Even though I am still a huge fan of Tim Burton’s Batman films, I still love what Nolan did.

ive a feeling after batman 3 Nolan will end up directing the next Bond for sometime in 2013/14

he’ll offer his services and the notoriously A list declining Bond producers wont be able to resist

Do not let Mr lets screw Superman Singer anywhere near Star Trek, look how Superman didn’t take off and now Nolan has try again after Singer’s mess. Do you want the same for Star Trek, I don’t think so.

And you can bet if he does do it, it will be nothing but a remake sequel mess like Superman Returns.

As for everybody else listed above go for it!