Comic Con Videos & Photos: Spiner Staredown + WTF Trek + Trekkie Cosplayers + Headline Fail

Comic Con wrapped up in San Diego today. Although there were no panels on Star Trek, we have been sharing the new Trek merchandise and comments from Trek celebs from the event. To wrap up we have some more Trek celeb and product video of the less than serious kind, plus lots of costumed Trekkies and a total Trekkie headline fail. Check it all out below.


Brentgolina? + Spiner Staredown

Next Gen alums LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner attended the Tweethouse event Friday on the USS Midway, and gave an interview to EA talking about the fun of Comic Con, and Brent spun a yarn about hanging out with Angelina Jolie. (video from lucidelusion)

Also fan Metapunker dropped by the Lightspeed booth which had various Trek celebs signing and doing paid photos. As Metapunker was not paying to shoot Spiner, he got the android staredown from hell.

Sulu Cologne rates a 10 on G4’s WTF scale

G4TV combed the Comic Con floor for ‘WTF’ items for sale, and their favorite was Genki Wear’s Sulu Pour Homme, here is the video.

Trekkies Hit Comic Con

Lots of Trekkies Trekked to Comic Con this year and of course many of them were in costume to show their love for the final frontier. Here is a collection of some of the Trekkies in and around Comic Con from Flickr and other sources (all sources noted for each).

Star Trek
[via Docking Bay 93]

Star Trek Cosplayers
[via uncle shoggoth]

[via San Diego Shooter]

[via San Diego Shooter]

[via San Diego Shooter]

[via San Diego Shooter]

[via San Diego Shooter]

Comic-con 2010 - IMG_5643.jpg
[via Thomasthanes

[via merhawk

Is There in Beauty no Truth?
[via Joe Wilcox]

Red Shirts
[via homie bear]

Star Trek
[via Docking Bay 93]

Star Trek
[via ComicsAlliance]

Trek Wars Headline FAIL

Finally, there is this headline from the Daily Mail’s coverage of Comic Con.

Star Trek

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How could you NOT be delighted,

Yeah, God hates the Jedi and especially the Jedi from Episodes I, II, and III.

I LOL at the headline fail. The researcher for that should be feeling ashamed…

Re: the “God Hates Jedi” photo, at the risk of going a bit political, a friend of mine sent me the following item from the New Republic magazine, photo included. Not exactly Trek, but priceless. I think most folks here will enjoy a chuckle.

Brent Spiner is the best.

Wow. Brent was possessed!

I was at SDCC this week and saw the Baptist folks.

The funny reaction from Con-goers made my weekend; it was great to see that no one was going to let a hate group ruin their fun.

Love the “God hates Jedi” sign!
Those Westboro Baptist “Church” fools got absolutely owned, geek-style. Bravo, Comicon-goers!

Love all those uniforms and the girls in them. Love the fact the emphasis seems to be on TOS. Anybody hear what the new news Rodenberry productions was supposedly unveiling yesterday?

There seems to be a lot of Red Shirts (and skirts) at the convention. Hopefully they all made it out alive!

Serious hottiosity at Comic-Con. I hope they come to DragonCon.

Does that mean that God hates the Sith?

I mean, does that mean that God hates the Sith, too? Or does God love the Sith because they slay Jedi?

I guess that would confirm that Christianity is the Dark Side of the Force….

Did Sulu ever say “Oh My” in TOS or the movies?

4 8 15 16 23 42

That comment is totally uncalled for there are christians in this room you know

Come on, the whole comment is a joke… clearly not to be taken seriously.

Will someone tell Adrienne Curry we don’t care? There’s far better looking Slave Girl Leias than her.

Spiner giving that camera the stare down was a little creepy. As far as the Sulu cologne goes…I’ll pass.

What happened with the Spiner staredown, anyway? Update, please.

While the headline may cross the franchise wires, I doubt it’s actually incorrect … similarly, the “As Trekkies well know …” line in the article is probably demonstrably true. You’d be hard-pressed to find many Trekkies who _don’t_ know that.

So, no fail, not really. I like to think the writer was just yanking a well-known chain, going for the easy rise (insert your own Slave Leia joke here).

The Bajoran Prophets hate Jedi, too. Look it up. The Great Bird of the Galaxy sayeth it, and it is so.

Hey, #15… lighten up. Let the poison out.

#14 — I’m pretty sure Sulu says “oh my” in response to some good-looking ladies (maybe some of Mudd’s) in TOS….

Cool! I was once a Trekkie and a Warsie.

What does God need with a Jedi?

LOL! :p

There were some cute Trekkies at Comic Con!

I was at the Lightspeed Booth a few times during the convention and tried/almost paid for a photo with Levar Burton..below are some key notes:

a) On Wed night/preview night–u could walk by and take a quick picture of all 3 of them with your camera..then told to move along.

b) During the rest of the show, the ‘staff’ of Lightspeed took active measures to prevent people from taking pictures of them with your own camera when walking by…at times, they seem to suggest that doing so was ‘illegal/improper’— Joke..

c) My friend asked one of the reps from Lightspeed if he paid for an autograph (with Levar Burton), afterwards, could he take a picture with his personal camera…the rep said: probably, but ask first..then after getting his autograph from Levar, he asked and he said ‘no’…

d) Many fans wanted to just say ‘hello’ or wave to the 4 of them (Brent Spiner, Levar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn)–and at times they were dismissive, arrogant altitude, rude–Unless you paid–boy, they must be desperate.

e) After I saw what they did to a few fans, I changed my mind, and put my wallet away (and I’m a big Trek fan)–walked away.

f) At one point, Marina reached out to a guest-fellow actore from the crowd–the gentleman asked if he would be getting in the way, and she said ‘no’ that we were “nobody”-

g) Another person I know, paid to have a photo taken with Marina and when he showed up, the first comment from her–arrogantly was something like she knew she was hot (and he should worship her)—he almost cancelled the photo -try to get a refund (which they probably would not have offered)—*shaking head*–recommend avoiding this booth at Comic Con2011..

could it be marina was joking? Hard to believe they were all that rude–at creation vegas paid for a breakfast with sulu,chekov n rand–they allowed cameras when they first came in–we asked grace lee whitney if we could take a pix she said creation wont let them cuz of the paid photos–n she wasnt even one of the paid photo ops-we asked george takei he said sure n we got a awesome pix with him at the breakfast-later we also had pic with him n uhura n chekov he remembered us from the bfast–sulu became one of our faves for his gregarious kindnesses towards us-

Well, sometimes actors are caught in the act of being human. It must not be easy to sit around signing autographs all day in the face of a constant parade of somewhat overexpectant fans who want a piece of your fame and feel quite entitled to it through payment of lucre.

Whether or not the negative comments about certain actors are true or false, it should not tarnish our image of the characters they portrayed.

The “Star” in “Star Trek” refers to actual stars, not the human beings who once inhabited the characters who trek among them.

You couldn’t pay me enough to sit around waiting for fans to look at me.

…. Well, that’s not actually true. You COULD pay me $200.00 an hour, net. But would you?

Sulu never said OH MY

Takei said it on Howard Stern as a guest before he was a regular.

Ever since then, it’s been a catch phrase.

No one ever said “Beam me up, Scotty” either. That was a bumper sticker.

I think what Brent did was kinda dumb. I mean, you’re at a public place with tons of people. No kidding someone wants to take your pic. How can you not take a pic at comic con?

@27– Jim:

The difference (and I have noticed it–when I went to Comic Con 2009 and then went to the Creation Convention in Vegas– is that @ Comic Con–the TNG actors are not that ‘special’–not the center of attention of ComicCon –they don’t present in Hall H..

but at Creation Con–they are the main ‘stars’–and their persona just changes..

–BTW-last year at ComicCon Nicole DeBoer– Ezri Dax and Nimoy were there..very nice people..but these 3–sad– very disappointed in Brent and Marina…and it seemed they didn’t want to be there (except to collect $)
but I was

My memory must be playing tricks on me: I did the research, and found no TOS reference to “Oh My”. I do seem to recall a scene where Sulu kind of ogles a woman in TOS, but all I can remember definitely is that he’s wowed by Ilia in TMP, just like everyone else….

Is the one red shirt girl with green paint on in the second photo Jessica Corbin from The Screen Savers?

VERY nice to see special emphasis on TOS, and I must say “These are hot chics”…

@ 26 LL. I’ve met Marina on a couple of occasions and found her very funny but also very, very sarcastic. Maybe she was trying to be funny, or maybe she was having a bad day, I don’t know.

26 – LL

dude Brent Spiner, Dorn , Marina etc are GODS amongst men! its almost like their come down from Mount Olympus to allow mere mortals to look upon them and have photos taken along side them

what do you expect them to be like? do you seriously think they gonna sit and chat and lets fans look at and touch them?! for free?!!

dude you were sharing oxygen in close proximity to COMMANDER DATA, LT WORF, CONCELLOR TROI AND GEORDIE LA FORGE for christsake!

get some perspective here!

Paying or billing for a photo or an autograph is just wrong, isn´t that enogh that we supported all these guys for so many years?

PS: George Takei and Walter Koenig did attended to da Star Trek convention down here in Brazl and were true gentlemen, and at the end they didn´t charged for any autographs, and yes, they did signed hundreds of autographs in there.

So that´s why i find surprising and shocking that they´re charging for something that should be given as a gratitude gesture.

LOL! God hates Jedi!

Gotta love the Trek/SW rivalry.

I have to think what Spiner did was in jest. Right? Right?

Oh well.

Data still rocks.

If Brent Spiner were human, his response would be, go to hell. If he were human.

Metapunker is lucky Brent didnt come over and stab him

After watching the video, I think Spiner’s just messing around.

And the behavior of the Trek stars at Comic-Con reminds me of the old saying, “You can tell a lot about a person’s character by the way they treat people they don’t have to treat nice.”

someone shouldve worn a suit and an official Paramount badge and gone over to Brent and Co said they were from the Paramount film division and started dropping hints that the guys had ‘best get their spacesuits ready’ cos anyday JJ gonna be acallin and they needed an idea of ‘who wanna get paid’

As a “true” christien I say love thy neighbor trekkie,Jedi and all others including gaters too. As for the celebs I don’t think they were speaking completely for themselvies but more creation paranoia. At Dragon con they were wonderful and charming and sincere. Somehow Dragon Con brings out the best in everyone. Be it trek, SWs, Gaters etc. We just have good ole geek fun. And creation has nothing to do with us. Nor will they at our 2nd trek stand alone con on President’s day weekend. The celebs will feel a lot more at ease with no external pressure from Creation. And they will have fun just like the rest of us.

“And the behavior of the Trek stars at Comic-Con reminds me of the old saying, “You can tell a lot about a person’s character by the way they treat people they don’t have to treat nice.””

Well said, and that’s not just true for Trek stars either.

41, that is classic!

43, I tend to agree. In fact, I think Spiner has a great sense of humor and is completely unlike the android character for which he is known.

If I were to channel Spiner in response to the video, I would come up with something witty like, “I was hoping Metapunker would make my day.” (Clint Eastwood / Dirty Harry reference.) But I’m not channeling Spiner and I’m not nearly as witty as he.

Fans need to keep in mind that these actors don’t attend these events out of a burning desire to connect with complete strangers – they are there to make money from autographs and photographs – to earn a living, just as you do not drag yourself to work everyday out of a sense of charity to whatever company you work for. Having worked with a few such celebrities who have to make a living this way, and having sat behind the booth with them on a few occasions, I found it shocking how often fans would expect something free from them. It can get very frustrating for these celebrities after a while, the sense of entitlement from the fans, who seem to take the attitude that they have been charitable to the actors by watching their shows and are owed something. And when the celebrities insist that the fans must pay for the privilege of a picture or autograph, the fans respond like petulant children who can’t get what they want. All the while these actors are just trying to make money to pay their mortgage or put their kids through college, and they would much rather be at home with their families than to be thousands of miles away at conventions. Acting is a spotty business; while they may make good money while doing a series, after it ends they are essentially unemployed, save for the occasional job. So the gig really isn’t as lucrative as it seems when you consider they may have to live off of that money for some time. That is why you often see actors playing hardball to negotiate substantial salaries; they realize that might never have steady work again. As for the Next Generation cast, with the exception of Patrick Stewart, they are all journeymen actors who have never repeated the consistency of their seven years on the series, and they count on the convention money for a large part of their income. Frankly, you might be surprised to find that you are living better than some of these celebrities behind the autograph booths.

I also cannot help but wonder if the fact that trek did not have disscussion panel for them. Like other celebs from their shows might have a lot to do with how they felt. They may have felt more at ease with open disscussions with fans the just hanging loose at autograph booths hustling pics and autographs. Signing pics are important yes but a seated panel affair would have aloud more dignity and a creature comfort or two.

The first photo of people in costume, the woman in blue…my heart stopped. WOW! Such beauty…..