Australian Caves To Offer Tours In Klingon

There is more and more evidence that there is some kind of Klingon invasion going on. Recently a Klingon warning was found in Scotland, and last week the Klingons took over a San Diego Trolley station. Now a cave tourist attraction in Australia has come under the thumb of the Empire and will soon be providing self-guided audio tours in Klingon. Find out how Star Trek goes underground below.


Caving with Klingons

The Jenolan Caves is a National Park and tourist attraction in New South Wales, Australia. Regarded as Australia’s most outstanding cave system, the Jenolan has 11 different show caves, along with underground rivers and a variety of "amazing" formations – Jenolan Caves is among the finest and oldest cave systems in the world. The first connection to Star Trek and the caves came with the Next Generation episode "Relics" when Montgomery Scott was found in the 24th century locked in the transporter of the USS Jenolan, which is a "Sydney-class" vessel.

USS Jenolan crashed on Dyson Sphere from "Relics"

Jenolan offers a series of different guided and self-guided tours. The self-guided tour takes visitors through “The Nettle Cave”, which is visited by over 150,000 visitors a year, making it the most visited cave in Australia. And apparently it is popular with Klingons as well, as today they have announced that they are going to offer the first cave tour in the world to be available in the Klingon language. Visitors take the tour with a digital audio device and as of August 22, it in Klingon (and 10 other terrestrial languages).

Take a guided tour at Jenolan Caves in Klingon – just like having your own personal Worf

In July Klingon scholars, Michael Roney Jr (aka naHQun) and Tracy Canfield flew in from the USA to make the translation and record the Klingon audio tour. According to Jenolan, Tracy and naHQun experienced the Nettle Cave first hand, with naHQun exclaiming, “lH, qar’a’” (remarking on the beauty of the cave). Jenolan Caves staff will attend OzTrek3 in Sydney, on August 22nd, to promote the launch of the Klingon tour.

Here is a video from Jenolan Guide to the Nettle Cave self guided tour (in Terrestrial English).

Visit for more info on the cave tours.


With all this Klingon activity, I for one just want to say I welcome our new Klingon overlords.

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Last time I wuz’ in a cave I found me Data’s head…

Klingon- a language that keeps showin’ up everywhar’s. Except Arizona.


could this be an early viral campaign for the new movie??? :D

Good one, BND!

no wonder these guys like reboots.

Hopefully, the emperor has ordered new music to replace Al Caiola.

Would love to go down under… down under.

Klingons would never immigrate to Arizona. They would TAKE IT!


Haven’t been to Jenolan Caves in a while, so just might check this out… maybe.

The Klingons are definitely invading Earth, no doubt about it.

As NuKirk would say: Buckle up!

Here they come, Next we will have to deal with Romulus and Gorn!

I think that should say “long-time Trek Movie reader Michael Roney, Jr….”

And no, neither this nor San Diego had any official ties to ST XII.



Nice try naHQun, you’re not fooling us that easy :P

Wouldn’t it be better to have the wreckage of a crashed Sydeny class vessel? Unlesss the Jenolan was attacked by Klingons before it crashed on to the Dyson sphere then it’ll be appropiate.

“lH, qar’a’” should be “’IH, qar’a’” – there’s an apostrophe before IH (means: it’s beautiful, isn’t it?)

@13 Um, who’s fooling?
I admit I don’t frequent the site as often as I used to, but I still read the articles when I get the chance.

@16 Absolutley correct. I translated for the Caves, not the article…