REVIEW: New Star Trek Captain’s Log iPhone App

Today Paramount Digital Entertainment announced their new iPhone application, Star Trek Captain’s Log. The new app is designed to look like a communicator from the new Star Trek movie, but instead of making calls with it, you use it to make create "captains logs" which you can share with your friends. I have been playing with this fun app for a few days – the TrekMovie review is below.


REVIEW: Star Trek: Captain’s Log
iPhone Application – from Paramount Digital
Available at Apple App Store – $1.99

Two weeks ago CBS released an iPhone app which makes your iPhone resemble an original series communicator, allowing you to make phone calls old-school Kirk and Spock style. That application is cool, but it is essentially a skin for your phone or can be used for cosplaying. The new Captain’s Log application from Paramount also looks like a Star Trek communicator, but this time based on the new look from the Star Trek movie. The interface comes complete with sounds and animations from the movie as well.  

Star Trek Captain’s Log app uses "Star Trek 2009" communicator design

But when you pop it open (with a flick of the wrist or by sliding open the ‘lid’) the similarities between the Star Trek Communicator app and the Star Trek Captain’s Log app end. This application is designed to be an "exploration tool" where you can record "Captain’s Logs" as you go about your daily travels. Click the big communicator button and you get to the Log Entry screen which allows to create a log with a title, audio, a picture and text. You can also add some built in Star Trek sound effects and images. If you have an iPhone 4 you can use either the forward facing camera or the regular camera for your log.

Captain’s Log lets you create logs with text, audio and an image

Once you record your log it gets placed on a map using your GPS coordinates (each log is placed on the map with your choice of Starfleet Command, Science/Medical, Engineering badge, or Klingon or Romulan badges). You can then choose to make it private or available to be seen by any other "captains" who view the map with their Captain’s Log app. Your log is also updated to a website and (via the application) you can share a link to the log via Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler or email. But if you are concerned about privacy you can keep your logs to yourself.

Captain’s Log map with icons for each "log"

This weekend at the Star Trek VI screening I was moderating with George Takei I created a couple of Captain’s Logs with my iPhone. The interface is easy to use and recording my own voice log, with my sighting of "Captain Sulu" was fun (see the log w/ photo and audio). It was easy to then share the log with the TrekMovie followers via Twitter (see tweet).  

My "Captain’s Log" on an away mission in West LA

The design, sounds and animations with the app are well done and evoke the new Star Trek movie well, but you can turn off the sounds if you want to be more discreet making your logs. The app even comes with an ‘easter egg’  if you click on the ‘dome’ on the communicator you can explore a 3D model of the new USS Enterprise (see below). 

USS Enterprise explorer on Captain’s Log iPhone app.

The Star Trek Captain’s Log app works on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS and requires iOS 4.01. According to Paramount, they are also taking a close look at the iPad and Android platforms for possible Star Trek applications as well. They are also already talking about future enhancements to the Captain’s Log app, so hopefully the app will continue to grow over time and add new features, like possibly video or a ‘friending’ feature to follow other "captains". 

Overall, the Captain’s Log app should be a fun addition to any Trek fan’s iPhone. It can be a great way to share sightings of strange life forms as you travel around your strange new worlds and for just a couple of bucks this app is more than just a toy, but can also be an interesting extension to your social networking, but now with a Trekkie twist. 

Star Trek Captain’s Log is available now at the Apple App Store for $1.99

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Personally, why can’t they make a simple cell phone where the antenna cover is a solar collector so we cut down on the recharge time and make it for simple texting and phone calls?

Already tried to d/l it, but is not available on the Canadian market yet…

Now that I learned that it’s based on the new movie, I think I’l pass…

hey that looks pretty cool actually

Being based on the new movie makes me want it more. I might just fork over the two bucks.

Boo…I’d much rather it be LCARS than the new stuff.

That is pretty cool:0)

This sounds like an awesome app. I’d already read about it on another site, but TrekMovie’s account is much more thorough.

I’ll probably download it on my 3GS, which runs iOS 4.

Pleased to see that the Android platform is being considered, as we owners want to play, too.

EDIT: Pleased to see that the Android platform is being considered, as we Android phone owners want to play, too.

Anthony, your Sulu log entry was done on my birthday I notice. What a cool gift for you though. I may have to get Iphone. My Android’s not as cool. Sorry EVO.

Nice, I guess.

But i’ll take the TOS communicator over this any day.

Now we need decent TOS game for iPhone & various Tricorder & computer skins from various series, that actually overlay the entire iPhone operation menus.

I’m using a Symbian phone and I feel left out :(


okay, my birthday is in spetember, 16th. if someone wants to send me a present …. ;)


I like it better because it is from the new Star Trek movie & that is because to me the new movie rocked & nothing against the Star Trek movies from before ,but to me this 2009 was the best at least for me. I loved it & I am sure I will love this app, but I tryed to download it here in the USA & no go, it was not even showing up in the Apple App Store.

I second Cye’s comment on liking it from the new movie

“Captain’s Log…. Stardate 201007.28….. I’m walking through Wal-Mart trying not to look like a total dink making a Captain’s Log into my phone.”

“Captain’s Log… Supplemental….. so alone…… so very alone….”

Cute little app. I’ll have to try the easter egg!

It sounds really cool what you can do with this.

Can I ask if there will be an LCARS 24th Century app coming along?

I just cant seem to like the new Enterprise as much as the original movie refit. It’s not as beautiful to me.

Guess you think I am weird for still preferring the original more.

The original TMP refit was, to use the vernacular, totally awesome, especially with the metallic sheen on the hull. It really looks like a super-starship, and I remember how I thought it was the embodiment of supertech. Not just high tech — supertech.

However, to me it’s really cool that I’ll be able to explore the NuEnterprise using this new app anyway. Just because I love the original refit doesn’t mean that I can’t also love the NuEnterprise.

Star Trek: So Much to Love!

19, i love the refit Ent as well, and would honestly like the JJ Enterprise better if the neck was slighly more forward on the secondary hull, but it’s still a pretty ship from many angles.


“Captain’s Log… Supplemental….. so alone…… so very alone….”

Funny stuff!

S’pose one would need to master the art of Stealth Captain Logging after getting this app… if one didn’t want Wal-Mart customers sticking their royal noses up at a lowly Trekkie in action.

“captain_neill – July 28, 2010
I just cant seem to like the new Enterprise as much as the original movie refit. It’s not as beautiful to me.

Guess you think I am weird for still preferring the original more.”

Not at all. Totally agree.

19, I agree as well. The original and refit Enterprises are much more beautiful than the JJprise. It looks clunky.

The term Captain’s Log was given new meaning in the early days of shooting TNG. It quickly became apparent to cast & crew that the British weren’t big on flushing after using the restroom. It got so bad no one would enter after Patrick Stewart exited.

25 – Going into 7th Grade this fall are you?

#19, 23 – Agreed.

But i like this app… looks fun.

Sorry, but I just wasn’t inspired the design and look of the new props or ship. I don’t really dislike them, they’re ok. I just think they could have been better. The Art of the Movie book has some preliminary designs that I would have preferred to see on screen. I still loved the movie though!

I suppose, no surprise that Windows Mobile is not included in the fun! Ah well.. (and I also second the wish for an LCARS interface) ;)

Looks like the app has been pulled from the app store at the moment. I wonder if it’s due to not being able to link to Facebook or Twitter, which it’s supposed to be able to do, but I couldn’t figure out how. Is there anyone else who got that feature to work?

Cute app, but it should be noted that he CGI Enterprise easter egg does not work on the iPod Touch.

It’s been pulled?! Damn! I haven’t had a chance to buy it yet!

@ 10

Whats wrong with the EVO?? It has been the best phone I have even owned bar none. I literally made a girl with an Iphone 4 cry when I video called her and kicked it back on the kickstand. She had to hold hers in her hand, and then she lost reception and the call ended.

True story, no lie.

How do you log out and log in?

I too can’t figure out the Twitter function. Anybody else unable to use it?

hey that looks pretty cool actually. nice post . thanks for sharing .

i had tried an iphone for 2 weeks and downloaded the captain’s log app. i loved it. i can’t wait to get another iphone so i can reinstall it and use it again. i’m almost 50 and its the first time in my life i started writing a journal. i think its the best star trek app for the iphone! call me a geek but i love it! mike v

This app looked a lot cooler then it turned out to be…really a waste of $1.99. And I LOVE Star Trek!


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