Video of the Day: Star Trek Made By 70’s Kids

The video of the day is actually from way back inthe 1970s, when some kids got together and shot a Super-8 Star Trek short film. In 2009 some of the same kinds, now all grown up, added the voices, music and sound effects and uploaded their short film to the YouTube. Check out the final result below.


Star Trek by 70’s Kids
(from capecodshorts on YouTube)

Check out capecodshorts for more Alien by 70’s Kids and King Kong by 70’s Kids.

Thanks to DidiMcG for the Twitter tip

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Cawley, eat your heart out!

LOL! When the kid gets the spear thrown at him.

LOL um…. the terrible thing is – that was kinda fun!


This is ten million kinds of adorable. I wish I was that cool when I was a kid.

i enjoyed that more than Phase II for sure. captured the adventure and pace of the original series much better than some other fan films.

Good production values. Totally enjoyed it!

that – was – AWESOME.

GREAT stage fighting for kids! I hear JJ and the Court are considering “Nightmare Planet” for their sequel. I’m just saying.

James Cawley….the early days….

Everything looks so much better in Super 8.

#5 – agreed!

the last boys say ,,,,,”I’am Tuvok” ??? Wooow the 70’s im ground in this time;) good fanfilm(Boy Fanfilm).

That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me wanna’ dig up my old 8mm home movies my brothers and I shot of our own Star Trek episode and add sfx and music!
I used to get the transporter effect by scratching on the film with the sharp end of a protractor during the fade in/fade out time…

Nicely done, little sirs… and your bigger selves.

No school like the old school!

Ohh, laws yess. I’m gonna have to find my buddies and dig out the Super8’s we did back in the late 70’s. Theres Youtube gold there….once we update the sound and special effects :)

Very 60’s Trek!

Really good fight sequences, surprisingly.

Agreed! The fighting stunts were a big surprise. Well done!

Better than an epsiode of Voyager

Fun stuff. I especially like the fight stuff. Well done. I really like the patented Colonel-Green- Kirk Fu- knife- make -you- fall -on- your- own- knife move. Always one of my favorites.

This reminds me of something I used to do. Be creative Got start doing that again.

I really enjoyed this clip, it captured the spirit of TOS better than Trek 09.

That had better fight scenes than the real TOS — much more realistic connections!

There was A LOT of good Trek story
telling in 2:48. Now those were real fans
(and I imagine still are).

OMG, I award you guys 1,000,000 internets!!

The fight was awesome! Good judo flips, and the ‘Kirk’ actually threw punches & chops that were spot on!

Bravo, fellow 1970’s Xers, Bravo! I loved the fight scene’s choreography – looks like they studied martial arts in their spare time. Great blocks and throws. (To the “boys”: Which discipline did you study?)

Certainly my brothers and I play-acted our share of these, with rather impressive home-built props and uniforms, but we never made a film of it. I’d love to see more from those earlier posters that mention their youthful efforts. These have a charm and an entertainment quality quite unlike the three-act/52 minute fanflicks of our present time.

The other popular form back then was the radio play (anyone remember CBS Radio’s “Mystery Theater”???). I made at least one recording based on an original script (not Trek related) and I’d be surprised if there were not many Star Trek radio plays sitting on old, slowly degaussing, C-60 cassette tapes in a shoe box in some closet somewhere.

Anyway, this film was wonderful. Thanks to the “Big Three” for sharing it with us.

C.S. Lewis

Bravo on the fight choreography!

The “bare-knuckle action” of Kirk vs Krell was really well done given the age and technology available.

Well done!

That was great. And really a really nice fight, too.

Those kids did a pretty dang good job!!

Fantastic. These kids were real trailblazers.

That has got to be one of the FIRST Fan Films ever produced. WELL DONE!

Click on the link to Youtube. There, on the related videos section you’ll find ’70s kids versions of King Kong and Alien. Both are equally awesome.

That kid’s a better actor than Cawley.

And at least these kids know to overdub their audio in post.

So not only did they do Star Trek before Abrams, they beat him to the punch on Super 8 too?

That was sixteen kinds of awesome and way better than *Fill in ‘the Star Trek Spin Off or Reboot or Other Project You Hold in Low Regard’ Here*

Killed a Blueshirt instead of a Redshirt……sheeesh, where is their respect for canon???

Their King Kong is equally great. Better than the Peter Jackson remake!


So, this is the “Super 8” project J.J. was talking about? ;-)


Dang that was good and takes me back to my youth in the 70’s. :] I remember playing Kirk and my bro would play bones, but eventually he quite because he thought he should be spock. But then alas Star Wars came out and all that went out the window, I made a light saber and was Luke Skywalker from then on! lol

Entertaining enough but not Phase II standards. maybe some inspiration for the next jjverse movie?

God I miss the 70’s!

Wow – JJ Abrams cd learn something abt continuity from that ;)

There are dozens of Star Trek Fan Film shorts. In addition to this, you can find some here: (This one is listed at (R), but check out (G) and (H) in particular.

To those of you attacking fan filmmakers, I await your superior fan films. Fail to produce said film, and these attacks show you to be talentless tactless Neanderthals.

#43 they did seem to be better than the cynical times we live in now.

#46 – Cynical doesn’t even begin to describe the FUBAR times we are now living in. In the 70’s we may not have had the internet or nifty iphones but we at least still thought the future was bright. Now, I dunno…

I don’t think that fro is within Starfleet regulations.

That was chocolate covered awesome!

Reminds me of many, many, many summer days running around the neighborhood with our AMT landing party gear and whatever other gee-gaw we could find and having adventures in the fields by the river.

Better than chocolate covered awesome. Chocolate covered awesome with sprinkles.

Well, I guess every generation looks back on their youth with the same fondness. But there really as an *excitement* an *energy* to those days that is lacking today. The music was better. TV was more fun. Things like space travel (Skylab etc) still carried more than a hint of the excitement and wonder left over from the halcyon 60’s. I wish I could get excited by UFO stories the way I could i the 70’s. These days even the kids can’t suspend their logical minds long enough to even contmplate the idea that they exist. That depresses me. Shutting your mind off so completely to the possibilty. I even mocked up a flashing light on a helium balloon to try to get my 9 year old boy to open his mind to the possibility. He just wouldn’t give an inch even though there was ‘proof’ floating over our house!
Personally i’d happily give up the internet and iphones and all the technology to walk for an hour or two back in those days.