CelebWatch: New Interviews With Pine, Quinto, Nimoy & Bakula

There are a number of new interviews with Star Trek celebs, but not really about Star Trek. Below we have videos of Chris Pine talking about the big 3-0, Zachary Quinto talking about magicians and comic books, and Scott Bakula talking about TV and Comic Con. Plus we have excerpts of Nimoy talking about his new photography show and the influence of his time on Trek. Check it all out below.


Pine facing crisis turning 30

Extra talked to Star Trek’s Chris Pine and they didn’t ask him anything about being the new Kirk, or even about his new movie Unstoppable or his upcoming turn as Jack Ryan. But they did ask him about his upcoming 30th birthday, and apparently Pine sees it as a milestone and is thinking about finally buying some furniture for his apartment. Watch the video.


Quinto on "ass kicking magicians"

MTV chatted with Zachary Quinto about the comic book Lucid, which is being published by a combination of Quinto’s Before The Door productions and Archaia comics.

Bakula talks to TV Guide

Star Trek Enterprise’s Scott Bakula visited the offices of TV Guide and he talked about getting head-butted by Burt Reynolds, his love of sci-fi, what is on his DVR and signing his Enterprise uniform.

Nimoy on Secret Selves

The final interview for the day’s round-up is from Star Trek’s original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, who spoke to the AV Club about his upcoming "Secret Selves" photography show, opening July 31 at the Massachusetts Museum Of Contemporary Art. Here is just an excerpt where Nimoy talks about the influence playing Spock has had on his art:

AVC: One of the major themes in your work—not only your photography, but your writing and poetry—has been perception, and the way one’s image is often controlled by other people. Do you think a lot of that stems from having played an iconic character for so long? 

LN: Yes. Obviously, I’m very curious about psychology and the makeup of human nature. I have been involved with acting ever since I was a teenager—even earlier than that in children’s theater, but in serious roles and character studies from the time I was 17 or 18 years old—and I taught acting classes for several years just before the whole Star Trek experience hit me. I’ve actually thought that if I had not acted, I would have gone into some kind of psychological work. So that’s a very much part of my thinking about what makes people tick. I’ve acted out so many various kinds of personas that I feel like I’ve acted out all of my secret selves. George Orwell had this wonderful statement: he said, “He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.” I find that such an interesting idea, that we make a decision about what we want to present to the world in the way of a persona. This is how we want the world to see us, to perceive us and to know us. It doesn’t
necessarily mean that’s what we are. There’s some whole other life going on with us that we don’t necessarily choose to present to the world. And that’s so much of what this is all about for me.

The New York Times also has a preview of the show with comments from Nimoy.

Nimoy at his "Secret Selves" preview



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Nimoy Rocks!

Wow, little Captain Kirk is 30 already. It only seems like yesterday that he was destroying his dad’s car. How time flies.

These guys do great work!

I’m sure Leonard knows what he’s trying to tell me with his photos- but I’m jiggered if I know what it is.
Still, he enjoys it, so more power to him.

LOL, that Scott Bakula interview kills.

Fascinating, but it occurs to me: How could you talk to Chris Pine and NOT ask him about Trek? I mean, that’s like talking to Obama and not asking him about his current gig. In the White House.

Fascinating why would they not talk to Chris Pine about Star Trek or being captain Kirk anyway aww he is turning 30 next month


Star Trek just doesn’t register with a lot of people in the mainstream media. Now if Chris Pine had been cast in a new Star Wars movie as a young Han Solo….

Is Pine losing his hair?

Pine may have asked them not to mention Star Trek since that was “last year’s project” for him. They asked him about the play his is working on NOW. He is trying to avoid type casting.

Enterprise needs a reboot. Bakula did a great job as Captain Archer

8, and that’s the shame of it, since we all know that Trek is about our future, and Wars is merely about some galaxy far, far away — and a long time ago, besides.

10, that’s possible. Typecasting can be a peril, and the man has a long career ahead of him. However, it could be worse than to be typecast as Captain Kirk from a blockbuster SF movie with a lot of potential in the years to come. Somehow I feel there are plenty of other actors who would “hate” to be typecast like that — enough to jump at the opportunity to relieve him of the burden should it become possible.

Of course, William Shatner did say, I believe, that at one point he was reduced to living in his car (or was it camper?) in the lean years after TOS. But, 1. the potential of Trek wasn’t quite clear at the time, and 2. didn’t this have something to do with his divorce?

Why was ZQ even in that interview? I mean, I liked watching him flip through the book and scratch his hand (take some benadryl, boy), but he said like 4 words.

Pine is really growing into the Kirk role. He’ll be 30-31 when they shoot the film, and with that hair, he’s really got the look now (grooming, receding hairline, etc.). He looks more like Captain Kirk now than he did in the movie.

#12 He lived out of a camper on a pick up truck. The only work he could find was a traveling play. Lets face it. The 70’s weren’t “The Best of Times” for Shatner. I’m sure Pine has educated himself on these matters. He wants to be a viable actor for years to come. Put it this way, who would you rather be? Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford. Enough said.

#15 – The 70’s weren’t “The Best of Times” for Shatner.

I remember Shatner doing commercial for a furniture store in my old home town. He’s say something like “shop at Johnson’s furniture, at the foot of the Shreveport-Barksdale bridge”. I kid, you, not. I felt bad for him but I figured, maybe it was a favor for a favorite friend in my hometown.

Actually, he also did commercials for Loblaws, the Canadian supermarket, in the 1970’s. He’s Canadian, you know. (Naturalized American citizen?)

What with his wealth from his subsequent roles, investments, and so forth, he’s become quite the one-man media empire. A true king of all media (apologies to Howard Stern). I understand he’s also a racehorse owner and breeder complete with a 360-acre farm in Kentucky. You don’t find your average Joe capable of that.

And complete with galavanting all over creation doing conventions and Hollywood stuff. Where does he have the time to relax? I mean, does he send a clone to do that kind of thing?

From Twilight Zone to Star Trek to Priceline and Boston Legal. All in all, he’s done pretty well for himself since those camper days. (BTW, thanks for the confirmation, Lore.)

i bought one of his shirts of secret selves autographed pretty cool addition to my collection cant wait to see him in vegas

Wow, the editing on that Chris Pine interview was abysmal! Terrible timing, poor choices – somebody really phoned that one in. I’ve had jobs that I would have lost had I turned in something that choppy! Thanks for posting it tho, Anthony.


So it goes from the Shatner Turbo 2000 hairpiece to the Pine 2000? haha

[Begin rant mode]

I just want to say that I hate my browser. It’s not letting me see either of the top two videos because of some kind of Flash issue. I cannot believe that after all the stupid updates I download because they are “recommended” or “highly recommended” I have to download YET ANOTHER THING and waste part of my life doing that and then rebooting my computer.

I do NOT have time to do this!

Thanks, all ye software gods in the sky! I really, REALLY love YOU too!

[End rant mode]

Now, that said, it seems like every one of the Star Trek actors is getting some serious non-Trek action (in Hollywood, I mean). This is good for them, but it also makes Trek seem smaller in comparison. Like that UGO guy in the story above, I am starting to fear that some folks might see Trek as some kind of “side project” while they pursue other opportunities full-time. This isn’t a good thing.

I guess this is what happens when the movie is so far off that it’s not really on your immediate radar range and you kind of focus on other things.

Not really happy to know this is happening.

As long as none of our new folks don’t fall into TYPECAST heck like the old guard did back in the day, these other projects are welcomed to avoid that particular trap, good for them to take on other things during Hiatus ;-)

Sorry to break it to you but Star Trek is just a job to these guys. That’s not to say Trek isn’t important but Pine is an actor, first and foremost. Personally, I don’t see what’s the problem is.

Kirk is just a role, a fantastic one, sure, but I don’t see why he should have to devote every waking hour to it just to please fans eager for any scrap of news on the new film. Its not Pine’s current gig. Doing other stuff doesn’t diminish Trek and to suggest otherwise is nonsense.

The movie is a year old. Why should every interview Pine and the others do have to refer to it? Is it not unreasonable to ask, you know, what he’s doing now? When the time comes, I have no doubt Pine and everyone else involved in the next installment in the franchise will put their heart and sole into it.

But for the moment take a deep breath and stop worrying. These guys are professionals. I think after the last film they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Haven’t they earnt it?

23, I think you make some very decent points. As actors, they are entitled to make a living and the reasonable person in me is proud that they are able to attract so many offers, since it means that Trek has attracted some extremely high-quality people.

The fan in me is worried, however, because, well, the fan in me is fanatic (irrational) about Trek. Hence the word, “fan.” ;-)

#17. I don’t think Shatner can relax. That is why he loads himself up with several projects at the same time to keep himself busy and keep himself from being bored with what people do when they get to be 79 years old.

Is it me or are Pine’s and Quinto’s hairline receding?


Now you know why I hate the mainstream.

The irony is that to make a successful StarTrek movie you need the money so you sell it to the mainstream but at the same time does the mainstream get Star Trek? No

It’s this reason why Trek fandom is split on this movie more so than others. Not here but I have seen it on other sites.

I do believe sacrifices to what we love about Trek where made to this movie to make it appeal to the people who don’t care about Trek. Just a bad thing about Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Now I liked the new movie but I would be lying if I said I had no problems with the changes JJ Abrams made in the film.

There is a double edged sword with mainstream.

There is a great article on Mr. Nimoy in today’s New York Times. Way to go, Leonard!!!


Nice interview with Bakula. The man’s a class act.

Thank you (28), for that timely info. What a fantastic photograph of Mr. Nimoy himself, and a very enlightening article. I was able to grab the last NYTimes available, before store closing :)

Would love to see that photography show.

Can I ask do people here if they prefer the mainstream or stuff that ain’t mainstream?

Chris Pine talked about Star Trek in another interview that he gave on July 23. This one was about the play he is doing NOW and what is happening with him NOW or in the near future, like turning 30 on 26 August.

What’s with these young female interviewers? She seemed quite unprofessional in that she was venturing her own opinions when she should have just been asking the questions and QUIETLY LISTENING to the answers.

Actually, Ms Sanchez, the only really “crazy” people are those women who leave having children so late that they need various invasive treatments to aid conception (which often end in miscarriage). It is almost certifiable!

Also, next time you interview someone, Ms Sanchez, perhaps you could dress more appropriately. You could start by wearing an outfit that actually fits you – ie not something that isobviously too short and too tight. You are NOT the subject of the interview, and nor are your legs or cleavage. Although a man like Chris may love those shoes (what normal male doesn’t), they also represent a chiropractor’s dream (if he’s a greedy, unscrupulous sort) or a nightmare. Duh!

What’s with the editing of this video? It cuts off just as Chris talks about his sister having a baby . I know that he became an uncle last year, but I still don’t know for certain, whether he has a niece or nephew. Be kinda nice to know, if only to appease us “crazy” parents who are also Trekkie/Pine fans!

It was an OK interview and he looks really great. I am looking forward to seeing Unstoppable, but I don’t know what the release date for NZ is yet.

Mainstream is only mainstream if enough people like the same thing. I don’t think about whether what I like or don’t like is mainstream.


“Can I ask do people here if they prefer the mainstream or stuff that ain’t mainstream?”

Uhhh……..No you can’t, as its really none of your business!

Isn’t mainstream the strong flow of urine as it hits the porcelain?



“Mainstream” is everyone’s piss travelling down the same pipe!

Thus the expression “go piss up a rope”!


To quote Meyer, “You can ask.”

I guess I am anti mainstream because what is hot today will be forgotten in a decade.

Look at the praise Pierce Brosnan got as James Bond when his first movie Golden Eye hit. And once Daniel Craig was on the scene, they were crtical of Pierce’s performance.

That is the mainstream attitude I don’t like, the mainstream only like the now, if fashions and opinions change they swithch sides so to speak.

I still like Brosnan’s Bond.

Bond rankings, best to worst:

1. Connery (except for “Octopussy”)
2. Early Moore.
3. Brosnan.
4. Craig.
5. “Funny” (late) Moore.
6. Dalton.
7. That guy — On Her Majesty’s Secret Service — whose name nobody ever remembers. Okay, it’s George Lazenby.
8. Barry Nelson (TV Bond)
9. David Niven (comic Bond — in the 1960’s cinematic mess with Woody Allen as Jimmy Bond, Casino Royale — not the serious one with Craig).


That’s all well and good, but how do you rank the 3 CASINO ROYALEs? ;-)

Okay, here goes:

1. Casino Royale (with Craig)
2. Casino Royale (with Nelson, on TV)
3. Casino Royale (with Niven).

Aside from one or two clips, I haven’t seen the TV version, but I feel that it must be better than the extremely icky spoof with Niven (and Allen playing Jimmy Bond).

To be honest, I haven’t read the original novel, and it may be better than any of the movies.

Niven’s Casino Royale was such a mess that it’s hard for me to believe it was ever released. I suppose it’s funny in an unintentionally “Austin Powers” kind of way. A product of the wannabe hipster late 1960’s sensibilities but made by people who just didn’t seem to get it. Everything about it, from the inferior special effects to the now-tacky end titles, to the weird and disconnected story itself, screams “Look away! Don’t watch me!”

Except that you do kind of want to watch it, in a looky-loo car-wreck kind of way.

David Niven is supposed to be a good actor, but I think he made the wrong choice to be associated with this movie.

And if you read about it on the Internet, you’ll see accounts of how Peter Sellers was somewhat written out of the movie at the end, how prior scenes they filmed with him were used when he was no longer on the set, and other fascinating bits of trivia basically telling you how bizarre this production really was.

It all started when the producer, Charles K. Feldman, couldn’t get what he wanted….


I have seen the Nelson. THIS-TV:


has it fairly frequently in its rotation.

I think you have the rankings about right. But I must confess I have a weakness for the Niven even though I came to it a bit appalled that my beloved Bond was spoofed. But I should note that THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E and GET SMART TV series had already exposed me to the notion of a more light-hearted approach so it wasn’t as if it I got my nose all bent out of joint over it. I suppose I’m admitting to enjoying it in the 60s as a spoof.

So, for me, the three are lot closer together for a lot of different reasons than I suspect they would be for you.

Interesting link, 43. Thank you for that.


You are welcome.

43, 44+45