Chase Masterson Voices Leeta For Dabo Mini-game in Star Trek Online

One of the new features of the big Season 2 update for Star Trek Online is mini-games, and one of those mini-games is Dabo! Yes the roulette-style game seen in Quark’s bar on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. And to make it even better, DS9’s Chase Masterson has herself voiced the holographic Leeta for the game. More details, photos and video below .


Dabo! — Chase Masterson Featured In Star Trek Online

Chase Masterson, Deep Space Nine’s Leeta the Dabo girl, has joined the cast of Star Trek Online, the MMORPG set in the 25th century of the Star Trek universe. She is the third Star Trek actor to join, following the Spocks, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. Masterson plays a holographic Leeta who runs the Dabo table inside of Deep Space Nine in the game. On joining the game Masterson said:

Fans have always asked when there was going to be a game of Dabo. Cryptic’s version is everything I had hoped it would be – fun, strategically challenging, and rewarding on many levels We’ve recorded some fun little extras, as well. I’m looking forward to hearing the fans’ response.

Masterson recording for Star Trek Online

The mini-game of Dabo in Star Trek Online plays like a mix between roulette and a traditional slot machine. Players gamble on the result of a spin of the wheel; they choose regions of the circular board where they believe the wheel will stop. If the player wins, he earns gold-pressed latinum, which he can trade for special prizes exclusive to the Dabo mini-game.

Here is a video guide to Dabo, voiced my Masterson:

And here are some screenshots of the Dabo min-game inside Star Trek Online:


Start Playing  – STO now $20

If you want to start playing Star Trek Online (and Dabo) you can get the game for just $20, and that includes a one month subscription.






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Aye, and she sounds goood in-game.

“Hey! Hands off the hologram!”


“strategically challenging”

It is a random spin game, hope you get lucky. There is nothing straegic about it. It is fun, however.

Wow. She’s still one of the hottest women on earth. Jeez.


Hands off the hologram? Defeats the point of having her also available in the holosuites on the upper level!

Wow, she’s gorgeous!!!

#4: That’s what she said!


also ewww she’ll do anybody cryptic ewwwww

Basically I’d just play and ogle saying, “Homina, homina, homina, homina – DABO!”

Love it, though the virtual Leeta doesn’t do Chase justice appearance-wise! Da-boooo is right!

Adam C, I don’t get it… Nimoy and Quinto “did” the game, too… what’s wrong with Cryptic?

I hope this means the more Cast members will be making appearances soon.

Ya know, I love my wife deeply and forever.

But … dang ….Ms. Masterson sure is easy on the eyes!

@11 haha I know!

wait a minute she’s almost 50!!!!!!!!!

and she still looks that good????


Chase Masterson is such a nice person. I had the chance to say hello to her when she happened to be at Star Trek: The Experience in Vegas. I’ve forgotten what the specific occasion was, but she was really terrific.


Chase always brightened up the gloom of DS9. Too bad she had such little screen time. She was easily the hottest thing on that station. She should have been with Sisko, instead of that wretched little gnome.

The gnome being Kasidy Yates?

Unless Leeta had a relationship with Yates, I would think I was referring to Nog. Although now I can’t quite get the image of the Leeta/Kasidy affair out of my mind. Thank you for that :-)

Sometimes I think Hollywood is utterly unfair to someone like Chase Masterson, who is so clearly talented and beautiful. I have not seen her star in many mainstream productions; instead, we get people like Linsday Lohan, whose lives are constant fodder for scandalmags. (I think the remake of Herbie would have been much more appealing with Chase as the star instead of Lohan, for example.) I don’t mean to single out Lohan; there are plenty of equally (to my mind) undeserving “stars” in Hollywood.

I think Chase would be excellent in a romantic comedy, for example, opposite someone like Hugh Grant.

If they ever make a DS9 movie, she should be in it in a good and substantial role.

And no, I am not her publicist. Just a fan of good characters and actors who play them.

I’ve met Chase Masterson at Fedcon. She was really nice! Very friendly and cheerful!

Funnily enough, there is a new campaign to “Draft Tuvok” in game.

Whats more, Tim Russ is apparentlly interested!

STO, Full of Win :-D

Chase Masterson would be a good person to play a chick from the 1940’s. her sultriness is just that great!

22 – Newsflash, there are sultry women in 2010!


Not Nog, but his father Rom.

Leeta married Rom who ended up as the new Grand Nagus.

Chase Masterson: Proof that age is just a number!

Chase Masterson. That has GOT to be a fake name! : )

What a MILF!!!!!

Her original name was Christianne Carafano according to Wikipedia. We need Terry Farrell to voice Jadzia again if they make a STO version of tongo.

I busted out laughing at

“Dabo is certified by the Ferengi Gaming Commission. So, you KNOW it’s fair.” (wink wink)

LOL I can just see Quark’s gnarly grin at that :)

#19 Rick, I agree with you that Hollywood is unfair, but who said life is fair. There is a certain level of type casting once you’ve worked in SY FY. Probably the reason Pine wasn’t asked about Trek in his interview earlier this week. Luckily the SY FY community is loyal to actors who give us our favorite shows, so maybe it balances out.

22 – Did you see the noir movie she did last year? Yesterday Was A Lie – verrrry sultry!

I have both her CDs and she is fantastic as a singer. When I first heard her sing at the Captains Chair dinner in 2008 before STTE closed down. I had no idea what she would sing, but her songs were all the standards, she sang Sinatra songs and that had me hooked. I was sitting at the bar in Quarks eating my dinner while she sang on the platform at the back of the room, I stopped eating to listen to all her songs. My meal may have gone cold and my Borg Sphere warmed up but she was worth every minute of her set. I have pleaded with my internet radio station to play her standards CD as she is that great.

Since that time we have got to know her more personaly and she is just as fine a person you could hope to meet. She really appreciates her fans a lot. She spent last years ST CON in Vegas with The Interglactic Bartenders booth (former Quarks bartender Darren) where she was a hit selling her CDs and photos….which I had to buy.

Chase is great! Make sure to check out her recent film, “Yesterday was a Lie.” Now on Netflix!

Plain to see that Chase certainly hasn’t lost her charm.

#24 – Thanks for the correct. It’s been a long time since I saw DS9, and the Ferengi episodes were often my least favorite, so I only watched them when Chase was on screen.

What they really need is three dimensional chess, and Nimoy telling you your game is off.

Chase is an awesome of the most accessible stars in trek and she always has a smile for her fans which are legion….

She is in the front row on the closing day of Star Trek The Experience closing ceremony…she has been there from the beginning and one of the biggest promoters

As others have mentioned she has a great singin voice and hearing her at the Hilton Vegas con was wonderful….

Anyone who hasnt seen Star Trek of Gods and Men she plays a green skinned orion slave girl in that one….YUM heheeheh even tho the makeup wasnt that great or quite right Chase certainly was …..

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who likes Chase Masterson!

She’s so fat. Eat a rice cake!!

(just kidding. The Zoe haters really bring out the worst in me. I have a new fantasy. Me, Zoe, Chase, bed!)

lol #40 – I’d buy that for a dollar!!!

Chase looks absolutely gorgeous and is a credit to her craft!

I want that transporter thingy in my living room.

to change the channel or beam in some beverages and whatnot.