Shatner Talks $#!* at TCA + A&E Airing Shatner Aftermath DC Sniper Special Tonight

William Shatner’s new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says has stirred up some controversy but at a TCA event yesterday the actor talked about the word not allowed on TV. And in other Shatner news, A&E has just announced an "Aftermath" special airing tonight where Bill gets exclusive new information out of the DC Sniper  Lee Boyd Malvo. Details below.


Shat talks $#*!

This fall William Shatner will headline the sitcom $#*! My Dad Says, playing a profane and politically incorrect dad, inspired by the @shitmydadsays Twitter account. The show’s title is censored in text, and when discussed referred to as ‘bleep’, but event that stirred up the ire of the Parents Television Council. However at the Television Critics Association CBS event yesterday, Shatner says that people should just relax about it, saying (via Movieline):

I wish [CBS] would call it ‘sh*t’ (clapping). What’s wrong with —you know, you say to your — I’ve got grandchildren. I brought up three girls. They’ve all got kids. Okay? And you say ‘Boopy doo-doo, you’ve got to make poo-poo. Come on. Make poo-poo in the toilet.’ Eventually, ‘poo-poo’ becomes ‘sh*t.’ ‘Go take a sh*t, and you’ll feel better.’ You say that to your kids. The word ‘sh*t’ is around us. It isn’t a terrible term. It’s a natural function. Why are we pussyfooting?

Bill also talked about how he has embraced the Twitter phenomenon (with some help):

Is [the character limit] 148? No wonder they won’t print my — but I don’t Twitter. I can’t even remember my password name. So I have problems with electronics. So what I’ve done is I’ve hired a young man out of college — whose very fingers are the extension of computer keys — and he Twitters. He does the mechanics, but I very carefully modulate what I say and have used Twitter to publicize stuff, to have conversations, instigate competition. It’s been an exploration in the immediate language of being short-termed and pithy, and I have had a growing and glowing experience with Twitter.

More of Shatners ‘5 tangents at TCA panel’ at Movieline.

$#*! My Dad Says premieres on CBS this fall, airing Thursdays at 8:30, following Big Bang Theory. Here is the show’s trailer. 


A&E Shatner Aftermath DC Sniper special tonight – show premieres next week on Bio

If you want to get your Shatner fix sooner, you can catch Bill tonight on A&E. His new show Aftermath, premieres on Bio next week. But tonight A&E is airing an "Aftermath Special" where Bill talks exclusively with infamous DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo.

Shatner talked about the special on Good Morning America, including clips. Watch that here:

The special airs tonight at 10PM on A&E, and Aftermath begins next week on Bio, premiering Monday August 2nd at 9PM. Full details in the press release below.

press release






New York, NY – July 29, 2010 – The D.C. snipers’ case shocked the country and sent our nation’s capitol into a panicked frenzy in October 2002. With a shooting spree like never before, local and federal law enforcement officials worked around the clock to put an end to the senseless shootings, which resulted in 10 people dead and three critically injured, before bringing the notorious serial killers Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammed to justice.

Now, two-time Emmy® Award-winner William Shatner rips open the D.C. snipers’ case nearly 10 years later by gaining rare access to Malvo, who has granted Shatner an exclusive in-depth interview. During a prison phone interview with Malvo, which Shatner conducted as research for a D.C. snipers episode of his new series “Aftermath with William Shatner” on BIO Channel, Malvo opened up, and shocking new details came to light that have never before been made public. Malvo admits that he and Muhammed committed approximately 42 shootings around the country and that in the beginning, they worked with three co-conspirators. More incredible revelations are unveiled to viewers who will hear from Malvo’s forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Neil Blumberg, who, with Malvo’s permission, goes on record to speak about him for the first time. Viewers will also hear Malvo’s taped police confessions from Virginia in 2002 and from Tucson in 2006, as well as Muhammed’s cross examination of Malvo in their 2006
Maryland court case, all of which have never been broadcast. The one-hour “Confessions of the DC Sniper with William Shatner: An Aftermath Special” premieres tonight, Thursday, July 29th at 10PM ET/PT on A&E.

“Getting the opportunity to speak with Lee Malvo is a moment I’ll never forget,” says Shatner, “He was only 17 when he committed these horrific acts, a monster forged by the only father figure in his life, and it was simply astonishing that he’s found the maturity and humility to admit so many new crimes in his effort to make amends.”

In the incredibly candid phone interview, a remorseful yet composed Malvo tells Shatner that the shootings in D.C. were just the final chapter in a long, deadly cross-country shooting spree. He admits to approximately 42 other shootings and to having three co-conspirators in the beginning with whom he trained with under the guidance of Muhammed. He claims that the three extra snipers were going to use silenced rifles to create terror along the entire Eastern Seaboard but they eventually backed out of the plan, which, according to Malvo’s forensic psychiatrist Dr. Blumberg, resulted in Muhammed commanding Malvo to kill two of them for not following through.

Throughout “Confessions of the D.C. Sniper” Malvo’s story is corroborated by his forensic psychiatrist Dr. Blumberg, who spent more than 50 clinical hours with the sniper and is able to fill in some gaps to Malvo’s story. As for the co-conspirators, Blumberg elaborates on what Malvo confesses, and according to him, there was a co-conspirator in New York who provided weapons, one in Florida who provided credit cards and false documents and a third in Arizona who provided explosives. Blumberg explains the death pact that Malvo and Muhammed had agreed on – meaning if Malvo backed out of their “mission” he would pay with his life. This was no different for the co-conspirators who backed out. Even though they helped in logistics, their unwillingness to become snipers resulted in two being murdered, according to Dr. Blumberg, by the hands of Malvo. The third co-conspirator’s whereabouts are still unknown. In his call with Shatner, Malvo also claims to have purchased weapons from a white
supremacist group in Arizona.

In addition to these shocking revelations, viewers will get an unprecedented amount of exclusive material stemming from the D.C. snipers’ case. For the first time, the audio tape from the 2006 State of Maryland v. John Allen Muhammed trial in which Muhammed, who represented himself, cross examines Malvo, will be heard. The special will also show previously never before broadcast footage of Malvo’s father in Jamaica pleading for his son, of Malvo’s 2002 Virginia Police taped confession and his 2006 Tucson Police taped confession which reveals specific details pertaining to several murders that were not previously connected to the D.C. snipers.

Malvo’s behind-the-scenes storytelling of what really happened between him and Muhammed during their killing spree, cut with interviews with survivors and family members of victims, law enforcement officials and others close to the case, help bring to focus how cold and calculated the snipers’ motives were – and the level of devastation and heartache they brought to the Washington D.C. area.

The special is indicative of William Shatner’s new series, “Aftermath with William Shatner” which premieres on BIO this Monday, August 2nd at 10PM ET/ 9PM CT/ 11PM PT. “Aftermath” takes an in-depth look at what happens when people are tragically or infamously transformed from unknown citizens into household names overnight. Stories like those of Jessica Lynch, Bernard Goetz and the D.C. snipers put previously unknown names on the minds of every American, and Shatner intends to find out how the lives of all those directly affected by these cases have changed forever. With exclusive access to the newsmakers at the heart of each story – heroes, villains, perpetrators, victims, family members and law enforcement officials – Shatner will dig deep in order to separate the fact from the fiction.

“Confession of the D.C. Sniper with William Shatner: An Aftermath Special” is produced by GRB Entertainment. Executive Producers for GRB are Gary Benz, Michael Branton, Ted Haimes and William Shatner. Executive Producers for A&E are Robert Sharenow and Andy Berg.

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“But tonight A&E is airing an “Aftermath Special” where Bill talks exclusively with infamous DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo.”

Huh? Amazing and totally random. I guess Shatner just does everything now.

Who is this guy? He looks like an old has-been Chris Pine. Am I supposed to recognize him?

I will be interested to see how the interview with Malvo plays out. At first glance it seems like it may be a little distasteful for a celebrity like Shatner to interview a monster like Malvo.

I am interested in what Malvo has to say and how Shatner handles the interview, but my gut tells me that this should be more in the realm of hard news rather than a celebrity interview.

I will be watching, but I hope that this isn’t sensationalized and I especially hope that Mr. Shatner is up to the task of doing the type of interview that needs to be done. After all this isn’t Raw Nerve where he is interviewing Jenna Jameson.

For the moment I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but I have some reservations about the entire concept… Should be interesting either way.

Next up: The Shat will interview the Zapruder tape…

Definitely watching that tonight. Even without Shatner’s involvement it sounds fascinating.

Blah- blech.

The Shat is realy getting ito hard core intervies. With 2 pieces of Crap that do not deserve to live. But at least we can hear there story on how utterly Stupid and pitifull they are in there Murders. But do I want to waist my time on those 2. I will give credit to the Shat. He is a great Interviewer.

Well you can’t fault Shatner for FLUFFY journalism. He’s going after hard stories. This can’t have been as easy project.

The SHAT is on the loose!!! Get this guy into STXII!!!

Sit down we didn’t accidentally kill a hooker!! Funny!

So, Bill is the new Larry King. News flash, Larrys ratings are in the toilet, it’s time to retire the softball format, not recreate it…

Great, another celebrity telling us that “everyone does it”….well, everyone dosent. What you do, or tell your kids in the privacy of your own home is your business, don’t make it mine. Thanks…..

Seriously, King is retiring. They should give The Shat his slot on CNN, at least on a trial basis.

“The Shat — Live!”

I’d watch that for a dollar!

Imagine how he could change the face of Trek in the eyes of softnews junkies. No longer would denizens of Entertainment Tonight-style fare turn up their noses at science fiction. A whole new world to conquer.

Now, if they could only pair him with Mary Hart, and our victory over Hollywood cheese would be complete… muhuhahahaha….

The show needs to be a more edgy! If it is more anti-PC the better! The “All In The Family” references are going to be coming out.

“I wish [CBS] would call it ‘sh*t’ (clapping). What’s wrong with —you know, you say to your — I’ve got grandchildren. I brought up three girls. They’ve all got kids. Okay? And you say ‘Boopy doo-doo, you’ve got to make poo-poo. Come on. Make poo-poo in the toilet.’ Eventually, ‘poo-poo’ becomes ‘sh*t.’ ‘Go take a sh*t, and you’ll feel better.’ You say that to your kids. The word ‘sh*t’ is around us. It isn’t a terrible term. It’s a natural function. Why are we pussyfooting?” – William Shatner, 2010

Really Bill? F bomb is a natural function too. Disappointing.

More ramblings from a 79 year old old man desperate to stay relevant. This and interviewing a convicted serial killer. Who cares what he has to say? Disappointing.

The snipers deserve the electric chair. I don’t care what they have to say.

Going around in a modified car and shooting men, women and children. Cowards!! all to extrort 30 million dollars.

As far as larry king?, I used to listen to his radio show in the 80’s and early 90’s. His TV show wasn’t as interesting. When larry retires, So will his TV show.

If bill wants a shot at a show on CNN. Good for him, It will only be a matter of time before one of bill’s guests turns the tables on him and rubs him the wrong way.

Shat my Dad says!

I am often curious about why some people react so strongly to certain words. What is a word? It is part written symbols (letters), part sound. If you say a word over and over and over, it really takes on the quality of just a sound. It has no inherent meaning. The meaning comes from what we bring to the table. Words aren’t just floating in the air, already full of meaning. The meaning comes from human beings. Words are invented. So, at some point around maybe the 12th century, some form of the word “shit” appeared in Old English, and the word is still around in the 21st century. Any idea why?
Many words find their way into our ordinary, everyday language. At one time the word “hell” wasn’t allowed on tv. Remember the episode “The City On the Edge of Forever?” That may have been one of the first times that word was uttered on tv, but I’m not positive (maybe Shatner knows). This was 1966, right? Today, you can say “damn,” “bitch,” and maybe a few others, and you can get away with a lot more on stations that are not regulated by the FCC, where you can say pretty much all of George Carlin’s seven words.
I believe part of humanity’s problem is the tremendous importance we put on words. The old children’s saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” no longer applies, and people are easily offended by words. This has led to much of the so-called “political correctness.” Don’t say that, it’s not nice. Well, are people nice to begin with, or are they just expressing where they are at, at the moment?
When people speak out of passion, or high emotion, almost anything can come out. This is because we are not always truly in control of ourselves. Is there a difference between learning to control oneself or being told not to say the word “(fill in your worst word)” because it’s not nice to do so. It seems to me, if human beings are looking for a basic, common sense of decency and respect, they’re looking on the wrong planet. IMO, as always…

I thought around here we only believed in the death penalty for visiting Talos IV. I think they repealed even that by the 24th century. Malvo was a minor when he committed his crimes and capital punishment is unconstitutional for minors as of 2005. Similarly, drawing and quartering, public dissecting, burning alive, and disemboweling is unconstitutional as of 1878. This is the historical course of civilization.

The older sniper who led Malvo was executed.

I love Bill, but he sure is full of $#*!

Is there anything the Shat doesn’t do?

There appears to be no end to Bills talents,the guy is a living legend!

I find it hilarious that people in this day and age could get so up in arms over the word shit. Just about everyone over the age of 5 has used it. It’s hardly the F-word, after all! I hadn’t even realized till now that it’s one of the words that can’t be used on television. Stupid.

Spock: Your use of language has altered since our arrival. It is currently laced with, shall we say, more colorful metaphors, “double dumb-ass on you” and so forth.
Kirk: Oh, you mean the profanity?
Spock: Yes.
Kirk: Well that’s simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word. You’ll find it in all the literature of the time
Spock: Such as?
Kirk: Oh the neglected works of Jacquelin Susann….
Spock: Ah, the Giants.

#23 … I believe Kirk’s line was:

“The collected works of Jacqueline Susann, the novels of Harold Robbins.”

By the way, that line was a good example of Nick Meyer’s intellectual snobbery (listen to his ST VI commentary for a good rant about how illiterate he believes most people to be), and it worked beautifully.

I always found it interesting that Nick wrote the 20th century portion of IV and Harve wrote the 23rd century bookends. Both men knew what they were doing, where their strengths as writers were. Only Harve could have written the great and heroic trial scene, and only Nick could’ve handled all the character commentary on life in the 1980’s. Terrific script and great movie even for non-Trekkies.

Oh, and needless to say…

#14 “More ramblings from a 79 year old old man desperate to stay relevant. This and interviewing a convicted serial killer. Who cares what he has to say? Disappointing.”

There is nothing disappointing about Bill’s life at this point. As many others have stated, this is one of the greatest examples of how to live life to the fullest you will ever see! Shatner is the definition of a WINNER, and some people can’t stand that. I admire him for it.

#26 AMEN!! Why are people so quick to demonize people who are successful? Its the narrative these days.

I love Shatner, but I’d rather he didn’t give a mouth-piece to a murderer like Malvo. It seems distasteful and just wrong.

Stick to pop culture and entertainment and stuff, but stay away from murderers. Whats next? Charlie Manson? OJ?

Anyone who can say some of the things Shatner says MUST be the epitomy of absolute truth where telling it about history is concerned. I suggest going to website, after Shatner decides to go much further back than just 20 yrs.

At the site address above is the story of James E. Files. He is currenly 68 years old, an inmate at Stateville Prison, Joliet, Illinois. Some basic facts about Files might help persuade you to at least look at possibly doing some sort of investigation into Jimmy’s story.

1. Most striking to me is the fact that Jimmy sought no public attention relating to his crime in Nov., 1963. In approx. 1980, while the Chicago FBI office was investigating Jimmy for auto theft and re-selling in Dallas, Texas, he, and a friend whom Jimmy did not know was also an FBI informant, drove a stolen car through Dealey Plaza. Jimmy told his friend that “if the American people ever found out what really happened here, they wouldn’t be able to handle it.” The informant was a younger man and was born after the JFK assassination, thus had no personal feelings one way or the other about what happened in Dealey Plaza.

The informant, soon after the trip with Jimmy, wrote Jimmy’s name on a piece of paper, dated it and signed it, and gave it to FBI Spec. Agent, Zack Shelton who put the note into a drawer and it stayed there until Shelton began investigating Files on charges of illegal use of explosives and firearms. He pulled the nine year old note out of his desk drawer, and passed it, along with other case materials over to a Dallas, Texas private investigator.

The private investigator had already begun a private investigation into the matter of the assassination of Pres. Kennedy. It turned out that the FBI kne of Jimmy’s presence on the grassy knoll and had since 1964.

The CIA has doggedly attempted to do everything it could to discredit Jimmy, to say conclusively that Jimmy was not one of three shooters on the infamous Grassy Knoll.

A bullet shell casing was found under several inches of dirt near the picket fence on the grassy knoll. It was found in 1987. It had Jimmy’s teeth marks in it near the open end of the shell casing.,

Jimmy’s story has never been told in the public mainstream media before.


The “piece of paper the informant wrote Jimmy’s name on also quoted Jimmy’ statement about what the American people really did not know happened on Nov. 22, 1963 there in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Tx.

The fact that the CIA has attempted, up til nw quite successfully, to discredit Jimmy’s well documented story is, in itself, one of the most important pieces of evidence to show that Jimmy, who gave many Chicago mob names to the private investigator, is telling the truth.

One half of what, from all the photos of Jimmy at the JFK Murder Solved website, appears to be Jimmy’s face and arms and his short rifle can be seen in the recently digitally enhanced Mary Ann Moorman Polaroid photo of the Kennedy assassination, taken one-sixth second after the fatal head-shot. He didn’ fully drop down behind the fence within such a short period of time.


Ron, I would assume that you agree when I say that JFK was killed by his own government, with LBJ being fully involved in the assassination.

Et tu, Lyndon?

The crime of the century and they got away with it!

For the simple proof to the above statement I would direct anyone to go to Youtube and type in “JFK assassination: Secret Service standdown”. A 2:56 video will show you how it was people within the government, not the mob, who killed Kennedy. After watching the video, ask yourself, would the Mafia have had the power to pull the secret service agents off of the president’s limo? The answer is no. Case closed.