Ships Of The Line 2011 Gets Animated In Doug Drexler VideoBlog

The yearly Star Trek Ships of the Line calendar edited by Trek veteran designer Doug Drexler is a big fan favorite. And today Doug has posted a new video blog about Star Trek, including a series of animations from the ship on the 2011 Ships of the Line Calendar..


Doug Drexler TV – Starship Love and more

Go to The DrexFiles to see the new video (the animations from SOTL 2011 are at the end). The video also includes an interview with BarBara Luna, some behind the scenes video of Paramount construction crews, and an exploration of Andy Probert’s Sphinx Shuttle:

Click image to see video at DrexFiles

The new Ships of the Line calendar is available now at Amazon and book stores.

Note: cover shown at Amazon is not the final cover.

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did anyone else get the calendar and notice that the USS Aventine was missing? or did i get a different one?

The Aventine is in this month’s calendar. Check October.

^^^ make that this *year’s*.

Doug — beg them to release a 6″ edition of the calendar. I only own my own bathroom. That’s the only spot I can hang a Trek calendar. Sad, but true. My family invaded my life and now they have dominance.

RE: Aventine
When we did our 2011 calendar preview we were sent various images from the publisher including the Aventine spread, After realizing it was actually from 2010 cal, it was removed from the article. Not sure why they dropped the Aventine image in with the other files they sent.

@6: Thanks Mr. Pascale, it makes sense now.

The animated footage is awesome!!

A audible gasp escaped my lips when I saw the NC-01 refit leave drydock. The entire video on Drexler’s site is wellworth the time. It lasts nearly 10 minutes and it leaves you wanting much more!!!



The construction video is from the NX Engineering build, NOT TNG

The calendar vid was awesome, except shouldn’t Enterprise J be flying in slipspace? Keep us posted on more vids like this Anthony.

It would be cool if the future calendars included a DVD of such stuff. I’d gladly pay extra for it!!! No questions asked. This is truly beautiful stuff,

How I wish I knew how to do this kind of animation myself. Does anyone know what software they utilize for such work?

Pure beauty!, thank you for posting this :)


NERDGASM!! I love it!

NX refit looks fantastic. Enterprise season 5 direct to DVD? :-)

I want more NX refit in action.

I. Am. Amazed.

Seriously, seeing those ships take flight made me go “woah, that’s amazing!”.

Just stunning work!


Wow. Just… wow!

I absolutely *loved* the shuttle doing evasive manuevers. Very cool!

My favorite was seeing the NCC-1701 in Spacedock. That was AWESOME.

Every part of me is covered with goose bumps!

That was some truly awesome stuff!!!!!


Hope they get Andrew to do a few tweeks on the new Gigantaprise
Nothing major but she needs some belly on that too skinny secondary hull and the connecting dorsal needs to be moved forward a bit

I wouldn’t mind seeing that shuttle/Klingon battlecruiser chase in the next movie. I mean, it’s just wild to finally see one of those old Starfleet birds taking evasive instead of traveling in a strait line like we saw so many times in TOS.

Truly awesome, Mr. Drexler!

It is a well-known fact that Doug Drexler is made of concentrated awesome.

Very very good .Second vote on a disk with video shots of the ships of the line included with the calendar.

Beautiful work!

You know those shuttle shots are from Star Trek Phase Two !!

AWESOME! You know what I would love? A whole two hours of Doug Drexler’s animation of various starships flying through space accompanied by various Trek themes on dvd. One could just sit back and enjoy the NX-01 refit leave spacedock or the shuttlecraft evading a Klingon Battlecruiser to the tune of the TMP, TWOK or FC themes.


Even though the vid freezes up before all the ships are shown I am still gasping and out of breath (hyperbole much? probably).


More, Drex. You gotta give us more of that. Hours and hours if you like. With all that fantastic music. I’d pay good money for it. And I KNOW that I ‘aint the only one.

Now I’m going to back to your page to see if I can get the whole video to load this time.

I just soiled my Depends. That video was effing awesome.

That video was great! They should publish future SOTL-calenders with an extra DVD showing the calender motives in action!

Finally! The Enterprise-J in motion!

I’ve been going to Drex Files for a while now and I too am impressed by his new video blog. Seeing the NX-01 Engine room being constructed and the SOTL: Active Duty segment were truly amazing to behold. I look forward to more in the future.

Saw this vid as it was posted on facebook yesterday and I thought it was fantastic. I’d also throw my weight behind a DVD release with the calendar – a great idea. I’d actually imagine posting the video up might have been some way of testing the water among fans to see how popular such an idea might be.

Will the Ships of the Line book be getting an update any time soon? I’ve already got the one you can buy now, but there’s since been so much new work to add to it, I’d gladly buy another copy of it to ogle over for many hours.

Very interesting, although I didn’t see NX-01. I think that was the Enterprise-J with the indentation in the front? Or is Enterprise-J the ‘flying wing’ design?

The Klingon/shuttle stuff I remember seeing in the New Voyages/Phase II episode “To Serve All My Days”, their Chekov episode.

The animation is simply epic. Great job!

Perhaps in some future life time, these beautiful ships that we create will be an actuality. That would be a kind of paradise, and if so, Drex has been a prophet!

very very cool

The thing with computer imaging is that sometimes it doesn’t seem real, for example the future Enterprise looked very animated. But the one scene that stands out is the Klingon ship versus the shuttlecraft, it looked fantastic!

@40: Jerry, Doug Drexler’s upgraded NX-01 was the very first animation in the “SOTL: Active Duty” sequence starting at 8:21. Doug has stated in numerous interviews that the modified starship would have been seen at the start of the fifth season of “Star Trek: Enterprise”, had the show not been canceled.

I just want to give another shout-out to Douglas “Deg3D” Graves on the excellent job he did with Andrew Probert’s Sphinx shuttle. I wish we could have seen her in action, but the 360 rotation was pretty cool.

@44: That info alone makes me wish “Enterprise” hadn’t been cancelled. Of course, if I’d have had my way, we would have had that upgraded NX-01 with Trip in command, because Archer would have been promoted into the Admiralty.

“How I wish I knew how to do this kind of animation myself. Does anyone know what software they utilize for such work?”

Just about any high-end 3D package can deliver such results in the hands of someone with the essential technical skills and artistic talent: Maya, 3ds Max, Lightwave, Softimage, Cinema 3D, etc. I believe most of the artists who work on the SOTL calendar are Lightwave users–but again, it’s the artist, not so much the particular tool used.

That was great material on the video. Loved the Enterprise 1701 in Spacedock in particular, but even the designs from the 2009 movie were made to look wonderful: Tobias Richter really knows his stuff, and viewers of the forthcoming New Voyages episode “Kitumba” are in for a real treat.

To quote George C. Scott’s Patton:

“I love it…God help me but I do love it so.”


Geek heaven! I am in it!
Just fantastic work, guys.

Wow! Phenomenal.

Agreed about the DVD to go with the calendars even though it would have a greater cost. Totally worth it.

Hail Drexler.

Building the NX01 was amazing. And the animated scenes from the calendar – WOW!!!