Trailer For Patrick Stewart’s Sinbad Movie Fails To Impress

Last summer it was announced that Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart had signed on for the film Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage. Not much has been heard from this production since, but now the first trailer has been released featuring a voice-over from Stewart, check it out below, and check out the not-so-favorable reactions too.


Stewart in Sinbad movie – reaction not good so far

Here is the new trailer for Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage:

The film is a low-budget production and instead of CGI, appears to be using stop-motion animation in an homage to the legendary Ray Harryhausen. Stewart’s voiceover suggests he is playing an older Sinbad, thinking back on his youth and fifth voyage. The younger Sinbad is played by Shahin Sean Solimon.

Reaction to the trailer has not been positive so far. WorstPreviews calls it "Terrible", Cinebland calls it a "crappy knockoff", Blogomatic wonders if Stewart did the film "as a favor", and Entertainment Weekly suggests "it’s supposed to look kinda bad"

More information on the film at

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Oh, I don’t know. I think it looks perfectly fine… cool, even!

I look forward to it as Sinbad was always a childhood favorite of mine!


Damn, and I put all my money into Real 3D.

Maybe Sir Patrick needed the money.

Personally, I am really over the over-usage of CGI in today’s films.

Particularly, I am really missing the beauty of handmade model spacecrafts in our space-oriented science fiction films.

This is not to say I do not appreciate the technology of CGI, but I defy anyone to tell me the spacecraft models in STAR TREK and STAR WARS look better in CGI than they did in the “old” model days. I just don’t buy it.

Hey man…a check is a check and I’m sure he took it….

Well, it’s obvious that Entertainment Weekly is absolutely right –it is “supposed to look kinda crappy”, as the visual clues were all over the place, not only in the very dingy and imperfect film countdown to the Trailer’s opening, but even throughout the trailer itself, with lines running through the video like old film artifacts.

This film is not going to go anywhere in theaters I don’t think, but it may do some business on Home Video. I think there are enough people who will be fascinated by the novelty of it, particularly fans of Ray Harryhausen’s work, prompting them to want to see it, and the animation itself really wasn’t bad, and if anything looked superior to the stop motion animation that Harryhausen used in his movies.

“Maybe Sir Patrick needed the money.”

Highly unlikely.

Less is more? Is that the theme here?

#3. MC1 Doug
“Personally, I am really over the over-usage of CGI in today’s films.”

Me too. They’ve taken a great tool in a filmmaker’s arsenal and have overused it to the point of provoking nausea rather than fascination and appreciation.

“This is not to say I do not appreciate the technology of CGI, but I defy anyone to tell me the spacecraft models in STAR TREK and STAR WARS look better in CGI than they did in the “old” model days. I just don’t buy it.”

Well, I agreed with the first half of your post at least. They can now do things that look more natural and seamless than was possible with models, and just think of all the overhauls and makeovers George Lucas felt it necessary to give his first “Star Wars” trilogy to make it more “acceptable” and realistic looking for modern day audiences and future generations. And consider how the FX work in ST II compares to last year’s Trek movie –the FX in ST II aren’t bad mind you, but the bar has been considerably raised since then, and it’s for the better in terms of what can be achieved, but not necessarily in terms of how heavily a studio and/or director choose to rely on the technology. All too often nowadays they’re more interested in providing eye candy to “Wow” their audience with rather than giving them a solid story to enjoy, and that’s unfortunate.

There is a fine art to stop motion. Harryhausen did it right. If you can’t be at least as good as that, you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

I cite the use of CGI in ‘Star Trek Insurrection.’ The Enterprise looks flat. Mind you, the film was made 12 years ago, but I still prefer a model any day.

Even citing last year’s TREK movie, I think a physical model would have looked better than the CGI, which yes, were impressive, but I still could tell it was CGI. A model just has more depth… but

I guess it is a matter of personal taste.

Im a big fan of Ray Harryhausen so this seems right up my ally. I like CGI, but I also like models, animation, Stop Motion, miniatures ect… So I dont think the above trailer looks all that terrible.

Looks interesting to me.

Well, I think Sean Connery has a few clunkers under his belt since being knighted, so Sir Pat is allowed….

Can you say CRAPTACULAR?

Those old Sinbad movies are still entertaining to me.

I’ll put my vote in for the physical model starships. Even the giganto-budget CGI in ST09 didn’t measure up to the real thing, even if it did allow them to do things which would’ve been more difficult (not impossible) with model photography.

To blazes with your CGI, Hollywood. The stop-motion skeletons in “Jason and the Argonauts” are a true example of artistry in film.

Looks great to me. Can’t wait to see it.

Model makers, however impressive, lack one thing that CGI artists can do: create an object, citiscape, terrain, etc, in full size detail.

The Enterprise was always a model trying to pass off as the real thing. In ST09, the Enterprise was real, albeit only in the computer.


The movie looks horrible….no lens flares!

The CG in Trek 2009 was great. The Enterprise looked awesome. Insurrection was just a cheap looking movie all around. That village set looked so fake.

Also, people slamming movies just cause CG is used in to irritate me.. If the movie was good, do you hate it just because CG is in it? Really.

When a trailer begins with wretched typography, I always worry a little. There are limits to how much you can horizontally squash a font before you just have to ask yourself: why didn’t I spent a couple of minutes picking out a narrower font? I mean, duh.

On the other hand, at least it’s not that same “Dull CGI brushed-steel Bank Gothic” that it seems every third movie has been using in its trailers for the last couple of years :/

Was there anything in that trailer? 2 shots of a fake looking monster make this movie look like something on the SyFy channel.

I thought models were used partially in the st09 movie?

Dynamation is what Ray Harryhausen does. Yesterday he turned 90. Happy Birthday Mr. Harryhausen!

#24: At one point, there was a guy slowly walking. Then he sat down Then we saw someone else briefly. She didn’t have to sit down, as she was already sitting.

Awful, whether trying to be or not. I loved Sinbad as a child as well, and… well… I guess since I REALLY don’t want them just to make a “Clash of the Sinbad 300”, this movie is their only option. I’m mean, come on. It’s not like anyone can make an originally good sword and sandals movie these days. That’d just be too hard.

I don’t think many of you realize what he’s done. This actually has me excited!

Makes me even more impressed by “SHARKTOPUS!”

I think it looks ….. ok. What struck me was how old Patrick Stewart sounds. Or is that dramatic inflection, or intentionally trying to sound old? Or is he just old?

I dont know… doesn’t look that bad. I’m not familiar with Sinbad (other than the comedian) but I may see this!

The effects are not the problem, the actor and the music is. This guy sure is not Kerwin from seventh voyage of Sinbad.

3 – Amen!

I never really enjoyed Sword and Sorcery movies. They always seemed like someone filmed it at a Renaissance festival.

Actually, I feel bad about making fun of the trailer. I have no idea whether that guy can act. I mean that bald guy in the trailer. I mean that bald guy we see in the trailer… Oh hell, not Sir Patrick, the other one.
It kinda looks like the emphasis is on making this film look more ethnically authentic than the Hollywood or Harryhausen ones. And I agree that the old Harryhausen ones are still great fun to watch. I doubt I’ll pay money for this, but I’ll Hulu it someday and give it a shot.

That just made my night.

Best. Cyclops. Ever.

Thank you

Could this be Bollywood? by any chance?

I hope so.. I hope they all break out in song… like this!

ignore the inevitable Xbox ad, the vid will commence

Its obvious its a tribute ot the Harryhausen flicks and traditional film making. I don’t see what the fuss is to be honest. We see virtually none of the acting of the movie in trailer so how can people determine if its actually bad?

I get it now the guy they chose is supposed to be a god of war, kratos wannabe. Would rather see a true sequel to the HarryHausen films.

Stink-O-Vision technology is finally here!

If they included flares, lots of them, I’ll, nah I still won’t see this.

Ok, I take back what I said above.

I did some digging and this film is made by the lead actor, Shahin, who, it seems, is also responsible for one earlier effort called Djinn, based on Middle Eastern myths (Shahin himself is of Iranian origin), which he wrote, directed and starred in (vanity project anyone?).

Djinn is absolutely trashed on IMDB, save for its first two reviews, posted by one time reviewers who, lets face it, are likely to be Shahin himself. I say this because if you read his IMDB bio its reads as if he’s some kind of celebrity (which clearly he isn’t)…..and it reads as if he’s written it himself. As someone who has spent years moving in Iranian upper class circles I can say this dude comes across as one of the modern era expat Iranian richkids who lives in a little fantasy bubble where he is talented and a noteworthy individual. I hate to come down hard on someone I don’t know, but I’ve seen it all too often before. He seems to be one of these people who thinks he’s a skilled film maker, making grand masterpieces set in the back drop of middle eastern legend, when in reality it seems he’s thus far only managed to turn out less than average schlock generated through a lack of talent.

Now, with this backdrop I am even more curious as to how in the hell Sur Patrick has come to be involved with it???????????

It seems a bit tough to hammer the film on the strength of that trailer, which looked interesting to me.
And Ray Harryhausen was a genius. I have so much respect for his work.

Anthony this is one time I am disagreeing with you. I thought the trailer looked great, and the stop motion is lovely.

I would actually see this.

So this guy is kinda like an iranian Ed Wood? hahaah…What a concept!

I also dont know why the trailer is being so trashed…Not the best trailer I have ever seen but it doesnt show much that is bad…I agree Patrick does not sound like his best….was he trying too hard to sound old or not Captin Picardish? I dunno….

Lotsa hints the scratchy countdown plus the IN DYNAMATION line is big time hints/tributes to the Harryhausen Style and dynamation is a copyrighted word that Harryhausen and his produceer Charles H Schneer used–Plus those Harryhausen trailers always went way outta their way to act like it was the most spectacular movie you will ever see coming right at ya…Obviously this is a homage to all that….
As others have said the quick shot of the cyclops/whatever doesnt look looks smoother than hand animated stop motion….did they use go motion maybe?

Harryhausen is a genius….Clash of the Titans the first one was his last work…In some ways technology aided Harryhausen too much his last works while still brilliant were so clear they just doesnt look quite right…the older work like Seventh voyage etc…worked better I think cuz of less focus….less smoothness somehow it worked better…

Anyway yah nothing in this trailer to show the movie is great or bad or good…its just a homage to older movies…and I wonder if they hadda pay Harryhausen to use the term dynamation…either that or its owned by whatever movie company owns the old movies now…

Golden Voyage of Sinbad, the wood Masted Figure that comes to life from the bow of the ship and fights the crew was some of his best stop motion…that which is not alive much normally looks a lot cooler when animated..Same movie the Kali Goddess statue fight was Brilliant with kali holding 6 knives etc….Choreography in those two scenes also done by Harryhausen of course Is brilliant..He understood movies and animation like no one else…Its all too easy on computers these days but the New Clash is not nearly as good as the old one….
I will wait to see more for this movie…looks like someone who appreciated Harryhausen…I liken him to Jack Kirby who worked for marvel comics….both mostly unsung heroes with more creativity and genius than anyone ever gave them credit for…Still think Disney/Marvel should be paying Kirbys family millions for making movies based on thor, avengers, hulk, Fantastic Four, captain Ameria All created and or co created by Kirby…Harryhausen..also a genius…many of the top filmakers today grew up on Harryhausens monster movies loving them and decideing to do films thanks to them…

@33 Ditto. It’s the actor. Fascinating how Sir Patrick could read the phone book and give it gravitas with his voice.

For me it’s not about cgi vs. stop motion, it’s about having a great story.

I think it looks neat.

Ok, there’s the grand total of nothing in the trailer and people are up in arms?

for the love of god.

at least it looks better and more real than a new george lucas star wars effort…

stop-motion FTW!
Yet still the trailer looks kinda crappy…

I don’t think that’s Patrick Stewart’s voiceover. I heard instead that it was done by the guy who plays the head of the CIA in American Dad.