Best Idea Ever: William Shatner As Next American Idol Judge?

It is a well-established fact that Star Trek’s William Shatner is the true king of all media. Bill is busy these days with his two shows on the Bio Channel and a new CBS sitcom, but a new campaign has just started with the most awesome idea of all: William Shatner as judge on the Fox juggernaut American Idol. The show is in search of new judges and one big town paper is pushing Bill.


Judge Shatner?

The 10th season of the Fox music talent show American Idol starts in January. The show, which actually has been seeing a dip in it’s huge ratings, is in search of new judges. Ellen DeGeneres just announced she is leaving the judges table after just one season, and the famously mean Simon Cowell has left as well. According to reports, Idol will return to a three-judge format, with Randy Jackson staying. AP is reporting that Jennifer Lopez has been offered one of the spots (see below), which would leave one opening. There are rumors with many famous names possibly joining the show, including Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Steven Tyler and more.

AP report on American Idol

Now Seattle Post Intelligence Big Blog has weighed in with their suggestion that the replacement for Cowell should be none other than William Shatner. They are asking their readers to submit videos to YouTube with your "best impression of Shatner as an American Idol judge. They have got things started with a submission from famous geek Chris Pirillo. 

Chris Pirillo as Shatner in Idol

Of course in addition to his careers as an dramatic and comedic actor, spokesperson and more, Shatner has a long music career. Shatner’s first album, The Transformed Man, came out in 1968 which was followed by more album the excellent Has Been collaboration with Ben Folds in 2004. And Bill has said that he has been at work on a new album as well, and what better place to pitch that than on American Idol? And who can forget his 1978 performance of Elton John’s Rocket Man?

Shatner’s Rocket Man

So TrekMovie joins The Seattle PI in this campaign for Shatner on American Idol, what say you? Is Bill the best candidate for the new judge on the show? If you are really motivated, upload a video to YouTube and it can be featured here and at the Seattle PI.

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The Shatner impression sucks. It sounds like someone doing an impression of a Shatner impersonator from the 60s.

There’s only one decent impression I’ve heard of the post-Boston Legal Shatner (no one does older Shatner), and it’s this guy:

His Christopher Lloyd sucks tho!

Is there no end to this fantastical mans talents

Bill Shatner’s warped sense of humor would definitely bring the ratings up. He would be the show by himself.

If the Shat is a Judge. Then I will start watching Idol as I have never realy watched it. Go SHAT!!!!!!!!!

I love it! Great idea!

I think Shatner as an Idol judge could be interesting, but let’s face it:
No one can ever replace Simon Cowell.
He was part of a video.
About owls.

if he does end up being a judge,
I might be watching Idol for the first time.
So I can fly with that, for sure! Shatner and “Idol”.. haha.

I doubt CBS would appreciate Shatner doing their show (Shat my Dad Says) and being on another network weekly show. The Biography Channel doesn’t count. Fox is a major network.

Hell of an idea !!!! Can I say that here ? Heck of an idea !!!!

You know, I mean as long as it doesnt interfere with him being in the next Star Trek

I have a better idea lets just get rid of American idol. its a stupid show. If i want to listen to karaoke I’ll go to a bar.

Even with the Shat on, doesn’t mean I’d watch mindless crap like American Idol. I like Shat in Trek not drek.

Shatner would be epic, but the question is would he have the time? I mean he has his new show coming up, and I’m not sure if he’s still doing raw nerve but if he is there’s more time. Would be awesome to see, though, and would be the only reason I’ve ever had to watch the show.

The Science Fiction Film Awards, hosted by William Shatner is now available at YouTube in 12 parts.

Shat as the new co-judge on ‘AI’. In the immortal words of the alternate reality James T. Kirk: ‘It’ll work.’

At the very least get Shatner on Dancing With the Stars.

Go watch the Brad Paisley video of his song “Celebrity”. Shatner plays a Simon Cowell type judge in that video to Brad Paisley’s aspiring contestant singer. Jason Alexander is in that one too. Hilarious! Especially the END!

The Shat + Idol??

Yes, please.

Not even Mr. Shatner’s presence would motivate me to sit through an episode of “American Idol”.


That would make me watch american idol.

20 – Ditto.
(I hate getting to these strings so late that all the good comments are taken.)

Not even Shatner could get me to watch “American Idol”. Heck, despite the fact that I found Simon Cowell a breath of fresh air, I still couldn’t get myself to ‘tune’ in to every episode.

I can’t even believe FOX is considering the no-talent hack Jessica ‘Bumchin” Simpson. A no-talent “singer-actress” judging the so-called talent show. AAhhh, the irony! Reminds me of when David Hasselhoff was a judge on “America’s Got Talent”. I guess FOX just wants to be ‘Proactiv’!

Probably the best idea in terms of that show I’ve ever heard

Definitely YES!!!!

I would start watching Idol again if THE SHAT were to become a judge!

and you think cowell made a hunk of change doin that show? there’s no tellin’ what they’d have to pay bill to do it. and if i was him, i’d milk it for every penny i could get. heck, make fox run priceline spots during idol at no cost and cross advertise his other projects on bio!!

#1: Nobody does old Shatner

Two words: Ben Stiller

Shat would be PERFECT!

Hmm. If I’m supposed to be banned it’s not working. And if I AM banned — why?

Sometimes my posts appear — other times not — strange.

Shat has already been Simon Cowell….

Nuff said.

Reality check: No television network in their right (corporate) minds would hire an 80 year old for a show that’s aimed at the youth demographic!

This should have a poll.

30. What about Betty White? She seems to be doing fine.

Yes yes yes yes yes for Shatner as Idol judge! They should give to him ASAP! He would be a killer judge. And by the way, the bast Shatner impersonator is William Shatner; closely follower by Seth Mcfarlane.

@#7 Lore

I believe that Bio is owned by News Corp. who also owns Fox.

However entertaining this would be-dont think shat has much music talent experience-talking acting songs yes but not singing them-so i reluctantly vote NO—and i live only 1 hr south of the seattle paper–

Heres the two of the best Ideas I’ve ever had:

Fire Simon Cowell

or if you can’t do that…

Cancel American Idol.

Biography Channel is owned by A&E Television network, which is a joint venture between Hearst Corporation, Disney-ABC Television Group, and NBC Universal.

Please, Anthony, don’t let logic and common sense interfere with all the furious masturbation that occurs every time someone even mentions Shatner’s name. One must not question the total awesomeness of the God Who Walks Among Men, after all.

As for William Shatner, I think Bill would be a great way to go for their current judging needs! Sounds a lot better than JLo, or god forbid, Elton John, or Steven Tyler, etc. etc. Current and/or aging pop stars should be careful being too cruel to their budding counterparts. It would look bad. But in Bill’s case, I don’t think he needs to worry about that aspect. And I don’t think he’d be too cruel anyway–he’d be mostly funny. It would be a total hoot!

Talent competitions have been popular for as long as there’s been television (and before!). I enjoy them a lot. I remember watching Star Search as a kid and a young adult. I’ve liked American Idol and have caught the majority of the seasons. I think AI gets knocked a lot because there is a flaw in the system: the voters choose the wrong contestent to win pretty consistantly! I call it the 12-year-old-girl vote. It mucks things up. They dominate the voting and chose pretty boy Kris Allen over powerhouse talent Adam Lambert. And most recently chose another teen idol type over another powerhouse talent, Crystal Bowersox.

I don’t know how to fix that except to somehow bestow more power on the judge panel all the way to the end.

Shatner as a judge? Horrible idea. He has no concept of ‘the show’. Everything is all about HIM. He will turn every second he has onscreen into something about him.

…since I never have or will watch that POS show, doesn’t matter to me….

Good lord… what a BAD Shatner imitation.

That said, #1, the guy you linked to… awesome Crane-Shat!

Absolutely not!

Shat appearing on the mindless cr@p that is Idol would only further accelerate his decline into buffoonery and irrelevance.

Can you imagine Shatner, who tortured us with “Rocketman” in the ’70’s, actually having the gall to judge other people for their SINGING talent?

Why, that would be like Erica Durance judging an ACTING competition!

Technically, the Shat has already been a judge on Idol…watch the video and see for yourself…

@44 “Why, that would be like Erica Durance judging an ACTING competition!”

Or like a one-hit wonder like Paula Abdul doing the show..

Now, now, MJ, at least Paula had some kind of a singing career!

Paula Abdul had no less than six number 1 singles on Billboard Hits 100! That ties for the fifth spot for all female recording artists of all time.

MJ, I ask you to retract your comment at post #46.

Bad idea. The Shat is 80, as the other poster said above.

If it were possible to ask Captain Kirk (if he were real) the question, I’m sure he’d say that he’d like to be William Shatner. Shatner will always transcend the characters that he’s played. He is the greatest actor/entertainer that has ever lived.