July 2010

Reminder: See Star Trek VI w/ George Takei Tonight in West LA + Series Continues w/ TNG movies & ST09

Tonight the Summer STAR TREK Simply 70 Spectacular-Spectacular Saturdays wraps up the original series movies with a showing of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 70 MM at the Royal Theater in West L.A. with special guest George Takei. And due to popular demand the series will continue with the TNG films and the 2009 Star Trek movie. See below for the upcoming film schedule.

William Shatner Weighs In On Khan In Star Trek Sequel Debate

Another voice has weighed in on the issue of Khan in the Star Trek sequel, and it is the same voice that made the "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" yell immortal in Star Trek II. At Comic Con William Shatner was asked if he thought that JJ Abrams and team should bring Khan back for the sequel. It turns out Bill has an opinion on that. Also, the man Bill is playing in his upcoming sitcom $#!* My Dad Says has an opinion of Shatner. All that below

UPDATED: Orci & Kurtzman On Star Trek Sequel Progress + Broadening Focus + Listening To Fans About Khan

Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci are at Comic Con today doing a panel on their new Hawaii 5-0 series, but they took time out for a couple of interviews with to give a progress update on the Star Trek sequel. They didn’t drop any spoilers, but did talk about how the second film allows them to broaden the focus to the whole crew. They also implied we would see Pike back and more McCoy. Orci also said they "will listen" to fan input on if Khan should be in the film.

Star Trek Guide To Comic Con Friday

TrekMovie has the definitive guide to anything Trek-related going on Friday at San Diego Comic Con. Star Trek celebrities will be on a number of panels for other projects. Plus a number of Trek celebs are doing signings. There are also giveaways and some special Trek related events. See below for all the wheres and whens for your guide to Comic Con.

UPDATED: Karl Urban On Star Trek Sequel + Confirms Judge Dredd Talks + First Look At Urban As ‘Priest’ Vampire

Karl Urban, Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy, was at San Diego Comic Con today attending the Panel for RED, when he made news confirming the rumors from yesterday about Judge Dredd. See below for video, pictures and details of Karl’s day at Comic Con, plus a first look of Urban as the vampire villain in Priest. [UPDATE: Urban talks about Star Trek sequel start and Abrams directing.

JJ Abrams Talks 3-D Movies & Super 8 At Comic Con – Full Abrams/Whedon Panel Report

Today there was a Geek Summit of sorts with an Entertainment Weekly hosted panel with Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams at San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately there was no discussion of the Star Trek sequel, but there was news from Whedon on The Avengers, and Abrams confirmed the start date for Super-8 and also said some interesting things about 3-D. More details below and a full report below. 

Cool Limited Edition “Trouble With Tribbles” Poster Goes On Sale Friday

Last month the Alamo Drafthouse/Mondo released the first of their limited edition Star Trek posters for "Space Seed". That poster sold out in just hours. Tomorrow they will be putting their second poster in the ‘Trek episodes envisioned as movie posters’ series, this time taking on "The Trouble With Tribbles". Check it out and get more details below

‘Khaaaaan! The Musical’ In Kansas City Next Week + Trek Comedy Shows in NYC & Dallas This Wkd

The Summer of 2010 seems to be a great time for live Star Trek. We now have news of three more live Star Trek comedy shows. Starting next week fans in Kansas City, KS will tremble in fear to "Khaaaan! The Musical". And there are also Star Trek comedy shows happening this week in New York City and Dallas, TX. Get all the details below. 

EXCLUSIVE: Director Confirms Free Enterprise 2 In Development – but not ready for Comic Con

In the last few weeks there have been a number of hints (coming from William Shatner and others) that a sequel to the Trek-themed cult comedy Free Enterprise was in the works. So far the guys behind Free Enterprise have kept mum, but TrekMovie finally got director Robert Meyer Burnett to go on the record to talk about the project.

Night of the Living Trekkies Mashup Novel Out Now + Comic Con Signing & Free Posters

Back in March we first reported that Quirk Books (publishers of mashup fiction like "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies") were working on a Star Trek fandom/horror mashup "Night of the Living Trekkies". That book has just started shipping and Quirk books will be selling signed copies at Comic Con and giving away posters tonight. More details on this fun book below.

Video of the Day: Klingons Take Over San Diego Trolley Station

Is the Klingon invasion real? A few days ago we reported that a sculpture on a mountain bike trail in Scotland warned of the Empire taking over Earth. And yesterday the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System claimed that they have "met the demands" of a Klingon invasion force and replaced all the signage at one of their trolley stations for signs in Klingon. Check out video and photo below.  

Dress Like Spock – First Look at Anovos Star Trek 2009 Science Uniform Replica

At San Diego Comic Con this week, high-end costume maker Anovos is going to be showing off a prototype of their first replica from the 2009 Star Trek movie. And as we are doing all week long, we are bringing Comic Con to you with a first look at their Starfleet Blue Science Uniform Tunic. We have details and pictures below.

VIDEO: Walter Koenig On TOS Movies, Contrasting Nimoy & Shatner, Star Trek 2009, Davey Jones + more

Over the weekend Walter Koenig was the guest for the screening of Star Trek V in 70MM at the Royal Theater in West LA. The actor and I had a fun discussion with many humorous moments, talking about the Star Trek movies, the TV series and more. See below for highlights from the event plus full video.

Bruce Greenwood ‘Hustling’ For Star Trek Sequel + Starts Production Rumor (Sequel Still Starting Spring/Summer 2011)

Bruce Greenwood won high praise for his portrayal of Capt. Christopher Pike in the 2009 Star Trek movie. As he is not part of the main crew of the Enterprise, it isn’t certain that he will be back. But in a couple of new interviews the actor said he doing what he can to return to the final frontier. He also started another production start rumor.

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At QMx Star Trek 2009 Replica Stunt Phaser & Academy Class Ring

In the run up to Comic Con, TrekMovie is bringing you previews of the new Star Trek items that will be debuted at the show. Today we have an exclusive first look at two QMx replicas from the 2009 Star Trek Movie. The replica Starfleet Academy Class Ring and Replica Stunt Phaser look pretty good and both are pretty affordable as well. Details and pictures below.

Sci-Fi TV Monday: Stargate Universe, Chuck, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Smallville, True Blood + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week we have details on the Stargate Universe / Stargate Atlantis crossover episode, a first look at the LOST Blu-ray/DVD-only feature “The Man in Charge” and the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Details on Dolph Lundgren’s guest spot on Chuck and details for the new seasons of Supernatural and Smallville/. We have all that plus all the new previews and more including the latest television ratings and casting bites.

William Shatner Reveals More Details On “Captains” Documentary + Talks Star Trek V

Star Trek’s original Kirk attended the London Comic Con over the weekend and in between autograph signings yesterday he did a Q&A to a group of around 500 enthusiastic fans. His talked included some interesting details on his new "The Captain" documentary as well as some discussion of Star Trek V. Details below.