‘Star Trek: Welcome Aboard’ Exhibit Now Open In Valencia, Spain

mccoyStar Trek: The Exhibition has finally ventured abroad. Last weekend "Star Trek: Bienvenidos A Bordo" (Star Trek: Welcome Aboard) opened in Valencia, Spain, which is the first European destination for the traveling exhibit of Star Trek props, costumes, ships and replicas. More details, pictures and videos below.


Star Trek Exhibit In Spain – El Espacio: La Ultima Frontera

On July 22nd the ‘Príncipe Felipe’ Science Museum, part of the Ciudades de las Artes Y Las Ciencias in Valencia, Spain,  became host to the "Star Trek: Welcome Aboard" exhibition. This marks the first time that Star Trek: The Exhibition has come to Europe.

Opening event of "Star Trek: Bienvenidos A Bordo" in Valencia Spain

The exhibit includes a replica of The Enterprise D bridge and models of the USS Enterprise and USS Voyager. There are also more models, props and costumes, including costumes from the new Star Trek movie. There are also episode scripts, posters, murals, artwork and Star Trek merchandise. 

Visitors on the Enterprise D bridge replica

The Star Trek Exhibit has finally come to Europe

Here are a couple of a news reports (in Spanish) from the opening event:

The Star Trek exhibit at the Museo de las Ciencias Princeipe Felipe runs through to February 2011. Tickets costs 7.50 Euros (with discounts). More information available at: www.estaciudadesotromundo.com (in Spanish), and www.cac.es (in English and Spanish).



Star Trek: The Exhibition Still Open in Riverside and Sacramento

The opening in Valencia now makes it so there are three ‘engagements’ of official Star Trek exhibits open. Right now you can visit Star Trek The Exhibit at the Aerospace Museum in Sacramento and Star Trek: The Exhibition at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. The Sacramento engagement includes a replica of the TOS bridge. The Riverside engagement is somewhat smaller and does not have a bridge replica. Both will remain open until early 2011.

So far the only known engagement for Star Trek: The Exhibition for 2011 is the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY, which is where the exhibit currently in Sacramento will go in January of 2011.

Many fans want to see Star Trek: The Exhibition come to their local town. One way you can help is to let them know about it. You can contact your local museum and/or go to a special page on the official site at:


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I want it in Scotland … :(

No, en serio. Agradezco 7 de 9 de su mente.

That’s in a great building designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, whose work influenced some of the production design in ST09. BTW, the building right next to it (the Planetarium, also by Calatrava) was seen in the 23rd century San Francisco skyline).

Oh wow! Will it ever come to Germany? Speyer Technical Museum perhaps, where they have the Buran test shuttle (same task that the shuttle Enterprise had)…?

How is this thing in Europe before it got out of California?

Carry me, Caravan take me aways
Takes me ta’ Portugal, takes me ta’ Spain
TOS Enterprize bridges full o’ bright jellybeans
I have to see ye’ agains and agains
Takes me, Spanish Caravan
Yes, I knows you can
Takse me whar’ Starry Trek’s at…

Awwwwwwwwwk! Tha’ rain in Spain is mainly on Spock’s brain…


I admit I’m happy for the Europeans who get to see it, but still, I have to agree with Phaser Guy. I also would like to know how AND why it is Star Trek: The Exhibition is in Europe when it cant even make its way to the East Coast of the damn US! Come to someplace like NY, and then start railing about how you almost made it to the other side of the planet, because there’s no way I’m flying to California, let alone SPAIN, from NY where I live, to see this damn thing!

#1 did you get to the Trek Exhibition that they had, oh around 1994 I think, in Edinburgh? I trekked from deepest England to see that- and to visit my brother in Hawick (though mainly to see the Trek stuff!)- and I really enjoyed it. This one looks better. I hope both the Spanish Trek fans enjoy it!
Lets hope it gets to these shores soon.

@ 1, I’d like to see it come to Scotland too.

I want it in Northern Ireland, but London is good enough for me.

I want it in the ass…but Scotland will do!

Always a reason to bring back “Estrella Viaje!”


I wonder what the origin of the models and props is?

#10 & #11 Do we need to have a cooling off period here.

#8 Fraid not…at that time I was 8 .. so long ago. In fact, by then, I’d only spent 3 years in the UK (dad was in forces so spent much of early life moving lol).

I think it should come to either Edinburgh (though there’s not many places for it here…) or Glasgow (where the SECC would be ideal!!! It has the Irn Bru theme park thing there every year, I’m sure they could fit it in there!).

1 & 9 I want it to come to Scotland as well. Do you remember years ago we had the Star Trek Exhibition at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh. That was awesome. I sat in Picard’s Ready Room chair (even though you weren’t supposed to!)

Is it coming to the uk?


I hope you didn’t shed too much fur while sitting in the chair, or any claw marks on the glass!

i meant

“I hope you didn’t shed too much fur while sitting in the chair, or LEAVE any claw marks on the glass!”

Not THE exhibition, but a small STAR TREK exhibition in the little spaceflight museum of Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgenr%C3%B6the-Rautenkranz) in southern Saxonia, Germany. More information (with pictures): http://www.deutsche-raumfahrtausstellung.de/
I am planning on going there in September. I’ve been there before, but without the STAR TREK presentation. It’s very well done. The place is not far away from the Czech border, if you live there.

UK, London, Wembley!!

The only thing that could rival Star Trek in Spain is the newest Princess Diana show with her amazing dresses and artifacts from her life. We have it opened in Branson and the crowds love it.

For folks who complain this Exhibition has not made it to the US-East Coast–it was there last summer in Philadelphia.. but the attendence there was low (according to what I’ve heard).

The problem with splitting up the exhibition into many parts is that the quality of the experience is somewhat limited…put it all back together to get more value of out it…in any 1 of these 3 exhibitions, you can go thru it in about 30 mins or less..whereas when it was together (@Long Beach, CA originally)–you could spend 2-3 hours.. much more fun.

As a citizen of California, I am outraged. There is an unwritten rule that ALL star trek exhibits are to only be held in cities in California. These folks in Spain obviously “did not get the memo.”

Bob Orci aboga por una Exhibicion en la Ciudad de Mexico. ;)

Lol, from what I hear most of the Trek Experience stuff is fake anyway. I’d rather go to a Christies auction to see the real stuff.

I’m a Spanish Trekkie and am tired of hearing in our country there are bullfights, flamenco and paella. Here we have Trekkies as well!!!
It was time to show to the world that Spanish trekkies exist and Spain can be too a part of the worldwide Trekdom circuit.
On past Spanish trekkies had to move out to visit expos like the London’s “Star Trek: The Exhibition” or the Italy’s “ST World Tour”. As a Spaniard I feel proud to see this exhibition in our land.
To those who are complaining, I’m highly sure that this exhibition shall arrive to your countries, but firstly be patient!!! We’re waiting for this Trek event for decades and of course, we feel honoured to have this expo in Valencia!!
Star Trek Vive!! Star Trek Lives!!

20 – I was very well behaved just chewed the table leg a bit

In the first picture you can see the current president and vicepresident of the Spanish national fanclub in uniform (They are also in most of the pictures at the exposition’s website)

The website of the Spanish national fanclub is http://www.clubstartrek.es

Regarding the exposition, I was there yesterday. It is great to have something like that in Spain, and everything looks very beautifull and detailed. I had a blast searching for all the jokes Okuda placed in the buttons of the Bridge Lcars (Like initials from cast members), and showing my wife the windows of Tuvok’s room at Voyager (the Enterprise and Voyager models are enormous and very well detailed).

The only pity is that there is very little merchandise, and that it is not allowed to take pictures. (It is almost obscene not to let people take a picture on the bridge, and most people does it nontheless when noone is looking).

It is a great visit, but a bit too short.

Our ships… our beautiful, beautiful ships…

I saw the experience in La Vegas over 21 times…it was worth every hour I spent there

Saw it today and drooled. I am on a Cruise Trek cruise and we just happen to have visited Valencia so about 50 of our number did our own shore excursion to the exhibit. Well worth it!