VIDEO: Star Trek Gags from This Week’s “IT Crowd” and “Psych”

This week two comedy shows on two sides of the Atlantic went to the final frontier for gags. The more elaborate of these was the finale episode for the fourth season of the UK’s The IT Crowd, with a Star Trek sex tape. USA Network’s Psych also dipped into Star Trek, using Geordi’s VISOR.


Star Trek Sex Tape on the IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is a hilarious show that airs on the UK’s Channel 4 about an IT department in a big corporation. In the final episode of the fourth season (or ‘series’ as they say in the UK), the plot revolved around the boss (Douglas) of Reynholm Industries being sued by his wife. The scene below is from a court scene where a sex tape is being shown as evidence that Douglas is wasting the company’s money.

Geordi’s VISOR on Psych

The USA Networks dramedy Psych is about a guy (Shawn) who pretends his observational skills at solving crimes is a psychic ability. His partner is his best friend Gus. In this scene from this week’s episode Shawn and Gus consult their old friend for help on a case involving UFOs, and it turns out their old friend is keeping his nerd-ness and room full of sci-fi memorabilia (including the original Geordi VISOR) a secret.

Later in the episode Shawn and Gus borrow some of the memorabilia, here is Dule Hill with the VISOR.

Geordi’s VISOR helps solve crimes on "Psych"

Thanks to io9 for Psych clip and OfficialSpud for Twitter tip

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i love “psych”. great show. in older episodes they had lots of star trek jokes/references in it. even george takei played himself in a convention-based episode. and for insiders: i was laughing so hard when they visited the security company “star tek” because of shawn´s joke :)

Not knowin’ much aboot’ “Psych” I did happens ta’ see this eppie-sode and it rather delighted me.

At one point, whilst wearin’ Geordi’s visor, someone stops tha’ gent fur’ his autograph, mistakenly thinkin’ LeVar never leaves home wit’oot’ it.

Another funny moment is whens they be chasin’ thar’ own client dressed as such above and tha’ client calls them yellin’ “Some guy in a football helmet and that black guy from Star Trek are after me!”

Oh, and tha’ son of tha’ star o’ “Chico And Tha’ Man” be in it, apparently not carin’ if these blokes break his memorabilia…


HA! Awesome.

Actually, the company in The IT Crowd is called Reynholm Industries. Denholm was the name Douglas’ father, played by the comic genius that is Chris Morris.

“I think I’ve watched another Star Trek to know when Geordi La Forge is talking to me!” — Mission Hill (greatest single line of dialogue. ever.)

I meant “enough star trek”, not “Another star trek.”

gonna slink away now.

2- please get a new schtick. yawn.

I reckon this is worth a mention, too (maybe adding to the original post?) – it’s a brilliant ‘Gilbert & Sullivan’ sketch from last week’s ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’.

It was a great recurring gag that popped up several times – as well as a wicked Trek moment, there’s also a similar (and equally hilarous!) take on ‘Dirty Harry’ – it’s all collated in the YouTube vid (bear in mind that, for some inexplicable reason, the third part is repeated twice).

Enjoy! :)

I’ve seen every episode of Psych and that show never gets old. :D I think the folks in charge of this show and “Leverage” must have a thing for ‘Trek references ’cause I keep hearing them. It’s wonderfully funny.

If you’ve never seen Psych, it is the BEST. Awesome writing, Hill and Roday are great, and even the rest of the ensemble cast (including Corbin Bernsen!) are fantastic.

I don’t know which one I love more, Geordi’s VISOR or the old-school Colonial Warrior helmet.

it crowd is hilarious, great series!


To thine own self be true.


Woooooooooooop! I found the IT Crowd tip-off for TrekMovie and got a mention!!! YEEEEEA!!!!

12- Bad robot!


IT Crowd Clip:
“This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

Weird that, me being in the UK….. :-)

Classic episode as well. Great end to a disappointing season.

7- I’ve been wantin’ a new schtick fur’ awhile, but tha’ “rm10019” model be too bloody small… gotta’ wait fur’ them Swedish doctors ta’ invent tha’ “Adama 5000.”


Love IT Crowd and Psych both.

Anthony- Now where is that ‘ignore’ button… looking… for the…ignore…button….. It’s the only thing, other than spell check, that could improve your great website!

It seems that the built in Corny Guys Who Do Lame Schtick Filter needs some recalibrating.

Love Psych & that last episode was funny. Love seeing the VISOR again.


@ 2, 13, 15, 17:

Dude, I get about two words into your posts and immediately skip the rest. Ok, we get it, thats your schtick, but I doubt many people actually read what you say because of it. I’m not having a go, just saying….

Anyway, beset bit of this weeks Psych for me was in that scene where Roday has the BSG helmet on, Hill is wearing the Geordi Visor and their chasing the suspect. Some little old lady stops Gus for an autograph and he obliges while another fella looks around as he walks past and does a double take with a massive WTF face… Classic…

I dunna’ read me posts either cuz’ I canna’ read nor write.

West- ye’ spoke o’ tha’ same Psych scene I dids. Now that be funny.


CW & BND — you two should just go ahead and do it.

R.E people with a problem with B.N.D

All have a right to free speech? A staple of the American ethos i believe?

Your comment hardly reflects the tolerant vision GR gifted us with.

I hate cyber bullying.

B.N.D , I dont get you half the time, but if you’re happy, sail on my son!

Back to topic, I would love to see this Psych.

Any idea if it is/will be shown in the UK?

BND, I love you sweetie, even if SOME people who will remain nameless do not get your humor brand.

Rock on, matey!


The IT Crowd! I think I shall have to watch this show. I love the Brits. Sunday night as a kid meant watching Python and The Two Ronnies. Haven’t watched anything from there since.

Ah, the IT Crowd: one of the best sitcoms ever: about an IT team consisting of a very, very lazy guy, a super-intelligent, socially backward guy and their department manager who knows nothing whatsoever about computers (oh, and the sociopathic head of the company and occasionally the goth who lives in the server room too).

Three short clips of total brilliance.

Female Spock and Female Sulu look hot :P

BND, I stand with you, and I choose the danger!

BND. Stay strong my brother.


Thanke’ ye’ all!
I appreciate it more than free gin.

We should all be one big happy fleet…

Shat Hands- I gives ye’ me unexpected thanke’! Appreciate it I does.

Now then, wasn’t this thread aboot’ blokes runnin’ around in BSG and TNG gear? All I gots is me S&M gear… I won’t tell ye’ whar’ tha’ visor goes… but ye’ sure get an eyefull.

Actually, ‘cuz o’ this eppie-sode, I will start watchin’ that thar’ Psych.


The people slamming BND only WISH they were that clever!

35 lol. You, sir, are clever. Let’s agree to disagree, on this other one :) I just get tired of scrolling past posts I would rather ignore. I’m all for a freedom of speech, her and everywhere, I just want a better way to ignore those that I find their manner and content of speech annoying.

Just wanted to say BND happens to be one of the most original commenters I’ve seen on Trekmovie. I think his posts are a nice little deviation from the norm, at the least. But to each his/her own, I suppose.

And people saying they want to watch Psych, I’d try,, and Pretty sure it’s on those sites. :D


Thanks Christine I’ll give them a go


Well, uh, thanks!

It’s certainly hard to argue with someone while they’re busy complimenting you! :>)

BND is a force of nature. What nature remains to be seen. But, it’s definitely interesting, albeit incomprehensible.

Hmmm. Am I doing any better complimenting BND than rm10019?

BND is a true classic. What would we do without him?

I remember once, long ago, when BND broke character in a comment and my head just about exploded. Never again! BND FOR LIFE!


lol, what fun we have here at Trekmovie :)

Ah, yes. There are many a genius not appreciated in their own lifetime. } )

……and sometimes IN their own lifetime! :>)