Parents Group Warns Advertisers Over Shatner’s “$#*! My Dad Says”

Star Trek’s William Shatner is starring in a new CBS sitcom called $#*! My Dad Says , and the show’s title continues to face controversy coming from the Parents Television Council. And so today they have called for action against advertisers who sponsor the show and are threatening boycotts.


PTC is not taking $#*!

Shatner’s new show was inspired by the popular Twitter account @shitmydadsays, but CBS opted to call the show $#*! My Dad Says. Back in May the Parents Television Council, a watchdog group which professes to be the "nation’s most influential advocacy organization protecting children against sex, violence, and profanity on television", warned CBS that if they did not change the name  of the show they would take action. CBS has not changed the name of the show, so today the PTC has made good on their threat, calling for a campaign to target advertisers associated with the show. In a statement PTC president Time Winter stated: 

The Parents Television Council and its members want to know the names of each and every advertiser that chooses to associate its products and services with excrement. The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use; yet CBS decided to use the ‘s-word’ in the title of this show, putting its blatant contempt for children and families front and center.

CBS has vowed that the show will not contain any profanity and that it will be a family-friendly TV series, however that is just not good enough for the PTC. They just can’t get over the title, noting in their statement "Their reliance on symbols as a veil is feeble at best."

Assuming that CBS sticks with the name, the PTC will inform its members which advertisers are associated with the show and call for members to boycott their products.

So far CBS does not seem to concerned about the fuss. As for his part, just last week William Shatner was talking about how they shouldn’t even be using the symbols, saying "I wish [CBS] would call it ‘shit’…The word ‘shit’ is around us. It isn’t a terrible term. It’s a natural function. Why are we pussyfooting?"

UPDATE: Co Creator responds

Max Mutchnick, co-creator and executive producer of $#*! My Dad Says, tells EW there is no plan to change the name of the show, and he notes:

As a parent, it is my opinion that the Parents Television Council has much more important s–t to focus on than the title of a sitcom called ‘BLEEP My Dad Says’

More info on the at

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This is good free publicity. More people than ever will watch.

lol. Oh Bill..

Oh, yes, the word “shit” is bad bad bad. Now let’s see some more ads about erectile dysfunction.

They should just call the show what it is– “Shatner & Son”

In all fairness it seems we are a culture in moral decline if the word “SHIT” becomes a common word used in converation with people of all ages. I mean, what words are guys supposed to use when their away from their wives, or pre-teenagers when their parents aren’t around. This is considered a “BAD WORD”. If we lose our bad words to normal conversation, are we supposed to invent new BAD WORDS and then watch them get CO-OPTED.

“the s-word” ? You’re 12?

“In our century we’ve learnt not to fear words.” – Lt Uhura, The Savage Curtain

Just another group that knows better than you what you should see and hear.

All i have to say is Butt out!! If the Parent Television Council is against this, then it is $#*! i need to see and hear.

the Parent Television Council actions offend me

Profanity shows a lack of both intelligence and vocabulary, only children think it’s funny. Frankly there is no shock value to it anymore and I find it offensive. If using curse words is the only way you can make your point and get attention, I feel sorry for you. I for one will not be watching this show (my mind is over 12 years old) and will boycott it’s advertisers.

Gotta love idiots like these people who have nothing better to do than make a big deal out of something that isn’t. Do these people seriously have that much free time on their hands that this is all they have to do? As the Shat once said, “Get a life!” In the free world there’s this great concept where if something on TV offends you, don’t watch it.

if they called it B.S. My dad says would they be a problem?Or even worse as it would mean bullshit!or Trash my dad says.I mean whats the problem.If it gets people of the sponsors backs!
Load of shit if you ask me!


#10 Not true taboo words can be used as an artistic expression, just as much as clean words. Comedians have been making a living for decades using profanity as a means to give their jokes more colour and more comedy value. The comedy of taboo and embarrassment is very popular.

Offence is not an emotion. People choose to be offended. It’s not an automatic thing, it is a choice you make. Babies are never offended. Animals are never offended. Children are never offended. It’s an artificial construct created by adults, usually so they can feel morally superior to another set of people who don’t hold the same values.

If you allowed yourself to not be bothered by harmless words such as the one in this comedy title, you would be in effect disarming people of a weapon they can use against you. All swear words should be abolished and assimilated into common parlance. A hundred years ago the word “blimey” or “bloody” would have been frowned upon. In a hundred years time the F, S, and C words will be seen to be just as harmless. As we evolve so will the way we perceive words, which are just a collection of letters.

Why is poo/poop fine, but s*** not. Means exactly the same thing. It’s ridiculous.

Any South Park fans who are reminded of Sheila Broflovski? Just get over it!

I find the overuse of profanity offensive and agree that such behavior reflects a lack of brain power on the part of the speaker. However, I find censorship far more offensive. I also hate expressions like “the s-word.” It’s infantile and, worse, it adds power to the very word you wish to avoid using. (Same thing for the n-word, which I will not post here and do not use. But, I hate the expression “the n-word” for the same reason I hate the expression “the s-word.” It just gives your opponent more power.)

It’s called “parenting.”

If you don’t want your children to watch this show or know about it, turn off the tv every once in a while instead of using it as a babysitter.

If we can’t have that, they have to give up Palin. It’s only fair, both make baby Jesus cry.

Also, “profanity” differs from culture to culture.

Apparently “crap” in England is pretty much the worst thing you can say. While they use the C-Bomb (yes, I know, I’m censoring myself on a board about censorship, go figure….) on a fairly regular basis without blinking an eye.

I wasn’t too surprised when, one day, my teenage step-sons and several of their friends were hanging out in the back yard, and (as I stood by the back door listening to their conversation) every other word out of their mouths was the F-bomb. Why wasn’t I surprised? Because this is how they talk to each other at school. Of course, I would tell them to watch their language, but it was certainly impossible for me to be around them 24/7 in order to remind them about their language. And, besides, they hear that word — and every other curse word — in movies, from other adults. Every sort of broadcast that has a curse word bleeped out was immediately filled in by their own minds. They do not live in a vacuum.
The fact is: human beings have been using various curse words since they began to develope vocabularies, far longer than any of us have been alive.
What people actually find offensive is the feeling they get when certain words are used. Words are just sounds. Their meaning and value comes from humanity. Every different language has its own collection of curse words. Every different language has its own version of the word “s**t.” Why is that, I wonder? Some common denomitator amongst human beings, perhaps?
This nonsense of being offended over words is what I find immature, and it has led to more arguments, conflicts, and fights than lots of other more significant things. A word is just a sound, if you let it be. It doesn’t have to be a dagger in your back, or something that sends you into a frenzy.
Being offended by things simply gives one an excuse to be righteous. Lord knows, this world has far too much of that already. IMO, of course…

Tell the parents not to have their stupid kids watch it. It’s not meant for them anyway. The control has to come with parents. I am over this crap already.

How completely goofy is it to be offended by a word? A word that, in other forms, is completely acceptable…despite the fact that it describes the exact same thing! As was mentioned earlier…it’s ok to say poop, or crap, or No. 2….and everyone knows what your talking about….but shit is forbidden. This stuff makes my brain hurt. I hope the squeaky wheel these parents are spinning never sees a drop of oil.

@10. NCC-75010 – August 2, 2010
“Profanity shows a lack of both intelligence and vocabulary, only children think it’s funny. Frankly there is no shock value to it anymore and I find it offensive. If using curse words is the only way you can make your point and get attention, I feel sorry for you. I for one will not be watching this show (my mind is over 12 years old) and will boycott it’s advertisers.”

And I’m really offended by you using “it’s” when it’s supposed to be “its”.

Isn’t America a great place? You can say WHATEVER you want. if you don’t want to see it – change the channel.

Planned Parenthood and PTC and all associated fascist censor groups need to be deprived of all political power and influence if this country is to abide by its First Amendment constitutional guarantees.

Shit=poo, poop, crap, feces, no.2.

I have to ask: What the hell is the problem? I can understand people not wanting to hear words like f**k and c**t since there is a sexual reference to those words, but c’mon PTC, grow some balls and grow up!

What a load of crap!

You could NEVER get another “All In The Family” on the air today.

If they are so upset about “sex etc” get rid of Jersey Shores and the rest of these stupid dating shows.

The PTC should have heeded the lesson that Terry Rakolta learned the hard way. Remember her? She was the Michigan woman who made a huge stink about “Married… with Children,” the result being that a show that might’ve stayed on the air a few seasons became Fox’s biggest hit, lasting 11 seasons and generally making a complete fool of Rakolta. (I’m still ashamed that she’s from my home state.)

Personally, I’m not interested in “Shit My Dad Says,” but I’m hoping that the puritanical fervor of the PTC ensures that the show has a long, long run, if for no other reason than to give a giant middle finger to those overzealous asshats.

Just call it, “The SHAT My Dad Says” !

PTC “president” calls William Shatner into his office to discuss title of “Shit My Dad Says”

PTC PRES: As you know Bill—

WILLIAM SHATNER: —-My friends, colleagues, and fans can call me Bill, but you will address me as Mr. Shatner! You’d better remember that if you want to talk to me!

PTC PRES:—Now let me make myself clear, “Mr. Shatner” —-if that is your real name—I have a duty to protect the people of America from your “filth”!

WILLIAM SHATNER—I think we are all aware of your incessant need to impose your “politically correct” ideals on everybody! Its because you have no balls and therefore you feel the need to remove mine! Not going to happen, dammit!

PTC PRES: Oh yeah, aren’t you Canadian anyway? I don’t take advice from foreigners like you!

Anyway, I’m NOT changing the title to suit little slimy bastards like you!
If you think otherwise then it is YOU who is FULL OF SHIT!

PTC PRES: (Shocked and disgusted, turns red in the face) HOW DARE YOU USE THAT LANGUAGE HERE!

WILLIAM SHATNER: And weren’t you the one who pissed and shitted in his pants over the “Super Bowl” boob incident? I smelled you from a thousand miles away! AND JANET’S BREAST WASN’T THE ONLY BOOB WE WERE EXPOSED TO!

PTC PRES: (GULP) I WAS DOING MY DUTY…..I was upholding the decency standards on which this great country was founded!

WILLIAM SHATNER: This country’s strength is that people can express themselves without fear of being censored! If you can’t see that, THEN TOO F**KIN’ BAD!

PTC PRES: OOOOHHHHHH……You are really pushing it! By the way, I happen to also be offended by your name,”Shatner”. It includes the word “shat”, which is a variant of “shit”. I suggest that you change it to “Shotner” to……

WILLIAM SHATNER:….I WILL…DO…NO SUCH THING! ITS MY NAME AND I’VE USED IT ON SCREEN FOR MOST OF MY LIFE! I’ve acted longer than you’ve been alive. I’ve won awards. I’ve got millions of fans who I’m grateful to and for! I have a life! You on the otherhand, are a lowlevel cardigan wearing, pencil-pushing, mint-munching, Lysol-drinking crackjob bug who thinks he is the almighty moral supremacist know it all!

(pounds desk, a fragile statuette falls and smashes on floor)




WILLIAM SHATNER: (becoming angry) Oh no, you DIDN’T!

Does Kirk-fu, PTC PRES smashes through window and grabs onto Shatner’s leg to keep from falling ten feet to lawn.


PTC PRES: TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE! (tries to pull Shatner down with him)

WILLIAM SHATNER: Kicking PTC PRES in face repeatedly

I…(Kick)…HAVE…(Kick)….HAD….(Kick) ENOUGH OF YYYOOUU!


If the PTC was interested in doing anything productive, they would educate parents on how to program the V-chip in every television. $#*! My Dad Says will probably be rated TV-14. No one with a TV programmed to block TV-14 will ever see it.

Asking broadcasters not to air something because you can’t figure out how to avoid it is stupid.


“You could NEVER get another “All In The Family” on the air today.”

And yet I don’t recall ever hearing Archie Bunker use the word in question. I may be wrong, but, despite the strict censorship in those days, I can’t imagine Norman Lear ever including an expletive for feces in one of his scripts–even if he’d had the chance. Furthermore, I can’t imagine a class act like Carroll O’ Connor saying it over and over until small-minded creatures like preschool children and network executives were wetting their pants with laughter.

Just because television is a common household fixture doesn’t mean television programs must continually lower themselves to the lowest common denominator. Just look at Star Trek: The Next Generation. “Resistance is futile.” There you go. A nice short catchphrase, clean and literate.

Somehow I don’t think “Resistance is f***ing futile, you s***head Federation p**sies,” would be quite as catchy. Though, again, I could be wrong… ;)

@7: Bravo! Bravo and well done. That quote is the only addendum that this article requires, as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you! Honestly this group should be attacking shows like The Jersey Shore or the GGW ads. And they haven’t called it “shit.” They censored themselves according to FCC regulations and therefore do NOT deserve this attack from the PTC.

“That’s simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word.”

–James T. Kirk (with a noticably derisive tone)

Man, I’m so sick of our puritanical society. Why be offended? WHY? I don’t get offended over words, they are just sounds or letters. Who cares? There are bigger problems in this world. All the self-righteous moral police need to shut the hell up.

$#*! My Data Says

When the Enterprise was crashing in Generations :)

I personally don’t swear.. um.. ever, really, but if other people do that’s their business. As for a swear word being part of a TV show title? Okay, whatever, why all the fuss? It’s not like kids aren’t hearing cussing since they were in first grade anyways. I sure was and that wasn’t too long ago at all.

I think the PTC needs to realize that the world ain’t a perfect place and swearing is just part of the language. Their kids don’t have to watch it.

Oh, Christine, if only it was that simple to not watch a show any more. With advertisements now covering nearly every square inch of Earth (coming soon to your dreams), it would be nearly impossible to keep a child from seeing something about this show, particularly the logo.

And to those who are offended by the people who are offended by profanity, I suggest you take up all this protocol nonsense with the Victorians– oh wait, there’ll all dead. Sorry…

These people obviously have nothing better to do….

but um, did they ever hear of the channel up/down button… or the on/off button?

Might I suggest to William Shatner to change the title to something that the Hanar in the videogame Mass Effect 2 would say. Here it goes,

“Solid Waste Excretions My Dad Says.”

Catchy, isn’t it. Get it? What? You guys don’t play Mass Effect 2?

I watched an ABC Family show with my niece recently. It was all sex, adultery, teenage pregnancy, etc. This was on the so-called ‘Family’ channel! So, again, I’m amazed at all the hoopla over the word shit. What a joke!

They should call it Shat my Dad Says. Also, why are Parents Groups so damn hyper over this. It’s on at 9 pm. Most kids are either sleeping by then in the fall. Or they’re just getting home from all the school activity crap they have to go through.

Somebody please think of the children!

There was a wonderful study y Mick Foley in his book Foley is Good about the evidence gathered by the PTC against pro wrestling. Or more specifically, WWF/E. By the same standards, the worst and most filth ridden TV show in history was Cheers.

Shatners right in his statement – besides, it’s not as if three year olds are going to be watching and running round screaming profanities.

Is this the same parents group that complains about Family Guy every week?

Would never happen here in England.

LOL # 3!!!

“Parents Group” need to “get a life”. :P

If only the late, great George Carlin was around to be part of this argument. What a big kick he’d probably get. God (or Joe) bless him.

In the meantime I recommend listening to the first track of “FM & AM”, the final track of “Class Clown” and the first track of “What Am I Doing In New Jersey?” for further enlightenment.

From what I have seen of it, the show actually has a positive ‘family values’ theme with a crusty old dad at the center. They’re hypocrites, the PTC.