Ensign Sue Must Die #20

For strip #20 of the Star Trek movie themed webcomic ‘Ensign Sue Must Die’ (by Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk), Spock has just had it with Ensign Sue! Check it out below.



Ensign Sue Must Die 20: Spock Stops Fooling Around
story by Clare Mosley, art by Kevin Bolk, written by Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk

(click to see full size)


Ensign Sue Must Die brought to you here at TrekMovie courtesy of strip creators Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk. All of the Ensign Sue can also be seen at at Pot Luck Comics.

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Damn, that’s cold Spock.

Seems more like the kind of thing Mirror Spock would do!


LOL I just had the theme from the end of the 1st part of TNG’s Best of Both Worlds after Riker says fire and the To Be Continued… appears. Wow that is one green blooded inhuman Vulcan.

Title Drop!

Pocket death star setting….how come my phaser doesn’t have that one?

Meant to say I had the theme in my head after the end of the strip.

Shouldn’t that be “Pocket Type X Phaser bank”???
What is a “death star”? Is that some cultural reference I don’t know about?

Star Wars? No, no, I am sure it is TREK and not wars…

…what? George Lucas? Hummm…. I have a vague memory, a night mare really, of an Uncle George who told me wonderful stories of space opera…

…only to be crushed when Uncle George RAPED my childhood and I found out his true nature as an adult…

My childhood between TOS and TNG was LIE… a filthy stinking LIE!!!

…my shrink says I have a bunch of shield memories and baggage and stuff from that time…

….but I think it’s all just a bad dream…

Anyhow… Tea?

Yes. Tea.

It’s like Ensign Sue is the JJVerse Gary Mitchell!

He-He! I LOVE this comic!

Loved the settings on the phaser…Stun, Kill, Overkill…

Pocket Death Star!


I’m betting Ensign Sue is gonna turn-out to be some geeky fan-girl who’s writing her own ‘Trek fanfic & has somehow taken control of the real ‘Trek universe.

It’s all in there, the ability to control the narrative, the subtle implications of slash between Kirk & Spock, even the way that her mirror universe alter-ego was bi & had bigger boobs (quite a few hormonal girls are bi-curious & have issues with their bust-size, Mirror-Sue was an ‘idealised’ uninhibited version of Sue), and just the name “Mary Sue”, the archetypal, put-yourself-in-the-story character name.

This is just too great! Not to fear Sue will somehow prevail! Mary Sues always do Hehehehe!

#4 As it’s a cartoon, I heard the end to “Stewie Kills Lois,” which is pretty close to Best of Both Worlds.

Ensign Sue is really Ensign Sue ELLEN! — As in “Dallas.”

And so….

It was all just a dream….

In which the last panel shows the traditional TOS (non-Nu) Enterprise warping away, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, going boldly where no man (yes, man — that’s how it was) has gone before!

I f**king hate ensign sue! she (and her strip) really MUST DIE!! =(

Star Trek used to mean something, now it’s just populist crap…

Pocket Death Star…

Once again proof that Star Trek wins over Wars. Superior Technology!!!


#16 Curious, what did Star Trek used to mean?

Cold hearted and blooded just like in the movie boy is he mean and not like the original Spock


Shut the hell up and go away. Just because don’t have a sense of humor doesn’t mean you get to ruin the fun for everyone else.

Out of all the strips I have seen so far, this one is my favorite!
Cliffhangers are a lost art. :-)

errr it should read “Just because YOU don’t have a sense of humor doesn’t mean you get to ruin the fun for everyone else.”

This is the best comics cliffhanger since Opus the penguin was about to meet his mom…

16. Star Trek was always a rorschach test, people always saw what they wanted.

This comic strip is no less valid than any episode, or pocket book or game or movie.

The funniest thing about this to me is that the very first original Star Trek novel was written by James Blish and it was entitled, wait for it, “Spock Must Die”.

So, to have Spock deliver that line here is just hilarious!

Encore! Encore! Keep it coming!
Mr Paschel next you need to call on the fans to recall the fanfics. We all wrote, as teens to discuss their “Mary Sues” we created in our youths bet it would be a lot of fun to read and remember!

21. Red Dead Ryan: “Shut the hell up and go away.”

…i have been considering that lately… though there is MUCH to this site that i would miss… Anyone know where all the intelligent progressive Trekkers have gone? (so that i might join them?)

Red Dead Ryan: “Just because don’t have a sense of humor doesn’t mean you get to ruin the fun for everyone else.”

I’m sorry that i ruined it for you. …also sorry that you can’t tolerate dissenting opinions. CHILL a little, and try not to take it personally.

..ooooo….pocket death star….

Wait a sec….Esnign Sue and the strip REALLY must die, then can’t toleratedissenting opinions, all from the same author?…what’s a casual fan to do….can’t we all just get along??

….now that I think of it, what tends to irritate me about progressives is that their embrace of tolerance only extends to people who think like they do. Everyone else is an idiot.

That explains a lot, really…..

“Intelligent progressives”??? Where does that leave the rest of us…unintelligent, I suppose. Yeah, IANH has touched a nerve here….

Pocket Death Star for the win!

Unfair generalizations are unfair, Phil. Elitism and intolerance can rear it’s ugly head in just about any ideology.

Wait. What were we talking about again?

Wait- how is this not like the original Spock? Did anyone catch my Gary Mitchell reference? You know, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”? Sometimes logic dictates you have to whack someone… Needs of the many and all.

BTW- anyone ever see the book “Startoons”? It was full of Sci Fi cartoon shorts, including a lot of work by Phil Foglio. Published right after Star Wars came out. Or perhaps the idea of Star Trek humor from the 70s is too populist for some.

Write/draw your own comic you will be satisfied with.
Don’t just take take take, and then criticize.
Go and comment on DA as well. Give your thoughts in detail to the creators.
I thought give and take was one of the things Star Trek was about.

Thank you for another fun read.
Too bad it’s gonna end soon…

Is this supposed to be funny?

@26 … Sir, I’m all about dissenting opinions, and you sharing yours here is fine … but if Ensign Sue bothers you that much, there’s a simple solution … just don’t click it.

i’ve held my tongue about ensign sue until now, but today she’s just the cherry on top of the sh*t pile. sorry i unloaded on you guys. =(

@36: You realize Ensign Sue is parody and not canon, right? It’s really no different than an SNL skit, or when Kate Mulgrew led the Frasier cast on stage, or Picard’s ABC song.

Hell, the title itself should be agreeable with you: “Ensign Sue Must Die.”

I love this strip…which why I ordered the two copies of the “complete collection” booklet a couple of weeks ago.

This strip takes place on page 25, you guys have two more strips* to go before the end.

* Depending on how much they show week-to-week; the next one should be 7 panels and the final strip should be 18 panels.

So hopefully there will be volume 2 soon.

Well…the phrase “populist crap” should be a tip off….those “intelligent progressive” themes being dragged in the mud among the common folk….it’s wnough to make one weep on their autographed Obama photos..
Christ, give me a break, it’s a TV show, or in this case, a comic strip. If it’s really become a s***pile to you, go find a poetry reading somewhere. Most fans are casual, at best.

I wish there was a daily Trek comic strip that was serious and based on either the new movie, or a Trek series. I’d read that.

Does this lame strip really warrant a new trekmovie.com article every fracking time???


It is YOU who is taking this personally! Your post (#16) proves it.

“I f**king hate ensign sue! she (and her strip) REALLY MUST DIE!! =(”

“Star Trek used to mean something, now it’s just populist crap…”

Post #26

“CHILL a little, and try to not take it personally.”

HA! Good advice! I suggest you take it!


“Does this lame strip really warrant a new trekmovie.com article every fracking time???”

Does this FUN article warrant your bitchy comments? NO IT DOES NOT!

And I suggest to those who don’t like the “Ensign Sue Must Die” strips that they should just not bother with the article and not BOTHER US with your trolling!

#42 and #43 — fine, we get that you really like the Ensign Sue strip…I can deal with that. Some of us happen to find it boring, silly and not worth all the attention is is getting on this website…your turn to “deal with it”

@44 I found that you can come to the page and not click on the articles you don’t want to read, and then they don’t load in your browser. I haven’t had a Trekmovie Voyager article appear in my browser in two years! All I had to do was stop clicking on them. Surprisingly effective.

Um Red dead Ryan who are you tellin to shut the hell up look like you need to shut the hell up loser you do not know me to talk to me like that sounds like you need some antidepressant drugs or some lithium for your crazy stupid little pea brain you psycho get off the trek site you don’t like it loser get some anger management classes while you are at it and go to church satanic bastard

RED DEAD RYAN really is DEAD he needs a straight jacket the loser

Man, this comic really brings out the haters, doesn’t it? :D

Please calm down. Everyone. No need to fight over a comic strip. The strip is done in fun. Let’s have fun. See it for what it is. Fun parady. Ensign Sue is not supposed to sensible.

This only proves Spock’s observation that Ensign Sue is altering the spacetime continuum of MULTIPLE universes. Including ours!